I Saw You

Week of September 1st

Twigs Summer You were at Twigs in the Valley, sitting outside in the sun, on your first free day of the summer, drinking some foo-foo rum drink while I downed Mojitos and watched your contented smile as the sun washed your hair and legs. There's still some summer left girlie — lets do it again!

I was too scared to speak I saw you Wednesday, Riverfront park at the big red wagon. You were wearing an olive green shirt, shorts and sandals and had the most beautiful mocha skin and you were playing with 2 small children. I was playing with my 4 year old son and couldn't take my eyes off you. My son went to chase the ducks and you brought your kids closer to the water too. Were you following me? I was wearing a black T-shirt with a yellow Army logo on the front. My son was wearing a Batman t-shirt. You took your kids to the Iron Goat and my son pushed the button for them. Your son fed the goat a plastic bottle and I finally built up the nerve to speak "I didn't know it could do that" I said. You snickered. I asked "Two and Three?" You told me they both just turned 3. My throat went numb and my mind went blank. My son headed for the carousel and I thought you were following us. I then watched as you walked towards Riverpark Square and out of my sight. If I only had the nerve to ask your name. Next Wednesday? Could you possibly be there again next Wednesday? I can't stop thinking about you. Please let our paths cross again someday!

Pickin' on the Prairie I tried to drag things out so we could "run" into each other, but things didn't quite work. Seems like you are always on my mind. I am working on figuring this out. I know there has to be something between all and nothing that works for us. I am not sure where I stand with you but ... I miss talking to you. I miss seeing with you. I just miss you.

Lingerie section at Shadle Walmart You were fingering the lace on a racy little number. I peeked around the corner checking you out from the rear. I was surprised to see you there as you had told me you didn't even know Walmart had a lingerie section... nice view from the top of your curly head to the bottom of your aching feet. Love ya babe. Party on!

That smile though This was a while ago... BUT!!! I saw you at Safeway in the Valley getting out of your black Scion wearing black skinny jeans and white shirt. I was standing next to my black Mazda. The first thing I noticed was your smile. You have the most amazing smile I have ever seen and those dimples!! The way I felt when you smiled at me... It is an undescribable feeling. I wish I had the guts to make my move, but you probably already have yourself the luckiest person in the world who would do anything to make you smile. If you don't, I'd love to meet up and get a tea.

My Rose I saw you about 2 and a half years ago. It was an impossible mission to make you mine but I went for it anyways.A year and a half into it we shared our first kiss and it was one of the best moments in my life. We spent 10 months together and in that time and made some bad mistakes and lied to you. I feel so ashamed that I showed you my worst side to the best thing that has ever happened to me you fought for my life and now I'm fighting for our love again I've apologized countless times but the best apology is changed Behavior and I want to show you I'm a changed person the real sorry is when you hear the sadness in the person's voice and you look into their eyes and you can realize that they have hurt themselves just as much please forgive me and come back to me I promise if it's not too late I will give you a beautiful fate. Love the Thorn

Goddess in the black dress Saw you at Minnehaha park on August 14. You were in a black dress. I was with a group rock climbing. I was drawing and saw your music note tattoos. You were headed up the trail to meet a couple of your girlfriends. Would me interesyes in getting to know you more. Reach me at reptarn9ne@gmail.com

Reading the Inlander At the Coffee Shop I saw you there in my hot cup of green tea as I read beneath the gaze of Heaven above. I see between my unblinded eyes words with which only friends can understand. And it is in that moment I can see you for tomorrow morning can never come soon enough in my time. Your oceans away as I sit ans walk for a time in which your watch will be at work once more for maybe more than just neighbors, but for true friendship.

dog got home Cheers to the staff of Kings Vet, "Terry" and St. Francis who combined forces to get my stubborn old Aussie home on Aug 22. Racked up good Karma there. Blitzen's mom

Oh My Sweet Sweet Rainbow Man I swear you have always been my guardian angel in disguise. You are so warm and yet cold at the same time. You are the future and the past, and eyes that can see through both. Interchangeably channeling both times with your kind and compassionate heart, to inspire me and everyone who has ever known you, in ways that has changed our lives forever, thanks for teaching us how to fly! You were God's voice to me at a time when i couldn't hear him, and i didn't even know it! I saw you carry me to safety when i fell that day, thank you, i love you, always and 4ever. ~Gg~

Native American Eyes This is just to remind you that you're the most beautiful, funny, and super great mother. That I will always love you for you. Love your Man, circles and squres.

Wise beyond your years Happy Early Birthday to you, my friend. Thank you for your friendship all these years. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding. Lots of lemon cake with frostings to you.

Uber/Lyft Riders When you get a ride from an Uber or a Lyft driver, it is more than polite to tip them. I know that they tell you it isn't necessary, but in the long run it really makes a difference for them. They are getting paid an average of $6 per hour after gas and other expenses. So, please be polite and tip the people who are dedicated to getting you where you need to go safely.

Take better care of your fake service dog Your fake service dog got hurt at Costco because you wernt watching her. Real service dogs stay by there owners side. You let yours wonder off. She wouldnt have gotten run over with a cart if you took better care of her. The cart was full of stuff and piled high. They didnt see your little dog. Maybe leave your fake service dog home next time

City Hall Circus Four years ago Mayor Condon disregards everyone's advice and hires Frank Straub for Police Chief. As they all predicted, Straub is a disaster. The fallout has left the City with two lawsuits so far and we're nearing one year without a Chief. Now it's deja vu all over again. Disregarding the recommendations of his search committee and interview panels, Mayor McCheese appoints a Chief who never even applied for the job. Say what? And now Condon unappoints the guy so he can be vetted with other candidates. If any of those original candidates say they're still interested in being Spokane's Chief of Police, I'm not sure we even want them. Condon, you have embarrassed the Lilac City. Please just resign and save us the trouble of recalling you.

Park Morons You think it's cute to spray-paint the N word on rocks in our Minnehaha Park, along with your other wretched "artwork"? You are pathetic losers, not representative of good people of this town. Do you not realize children pass by on this trail? Plus I am sick of picking up your trash on the park and Beacon Hill trails — pack it in, pack it out. Park workers have enough to do as it is. You are disgusting, stupid, ignorant nobodies who only feel big by spoiling things for others. Go away. Far, far away. ♦

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