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I Saw You 

Week of September 15th

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Fall Fest Sandpoint Fall Fest, Sandpoint- You: Newly purchased beanie and a quick introduction as Karen as I was running to the bathroom. Me: Blonde hair with a blue SnapBack on. I came back for a proper introduction and we chatted for a moment. I headed for another beer. You were with your family but I should have asked you to join me... Grab a cider sometime?

American Recycling Girl You: beautiful young lady that helped carry my 2 blue recycling totes of cans over to be weighed. You were wearing pink pants & when i left you hopped onto a forklift. I wanted to ask for your number. Lunch/Dinner sometime?

Flammin Hot Cheetah You, in your Cheetah pants at Usher's! Me, in my Pineapple jeans! Your friend hit on me but I don't swing that way. You two laughed when I used my Flammin Hot line. It's not easy being cheesy, ok so for me it is, not gonna lie! Hope to see you there soon so we can kick it up to Xxtra Xxtra HOT!

Geno's Open Mic You were sitting with your boyfriend or date when I walked in. Exceedingly lovely, flawless youthful smile, radiating the very essence of joy. As I placed my guitar on the table, you seemed to take notice of the friendly banter between the host and I. As I prepared to play, you playfully urged me not to disappoint you.... I feel pretty confident that I didn't disappoint. Later that evening you spilled your drink and I helped with clean up.... any excuse to get closer to you. I would really like to see you again. The host knows how to find me.

In a dream land I saw you in a dream the other night. I was laying beneath a sky full of blue, and then you appeared. It wasnt really you, only a likeness so to speak, but none the less, I saw you. We were walking through the dusk, lights flashing. All the signs seemed as if they were pointing my heart straight to you. An inception come true as life itself. My soul awoke as your soul fell asleep. And when I awoke to grey skies, my heart knew only rain from my eyes could drown the sorrow of my heart.

Standing on the corner Heres a shout out to the most kindest people Ive met in a long time. Homelessness or not, some people are still talking about me, but hey, gossiping is a form of communication. So Lets all talk, help eachoyher, and feel like a real city again. Or whatever this small town wants to be! Thanks again friends of Spokane!

BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS Cheers to all of you good people and I would love to meet you! I have been inspired by the podcast Beautiful Anonymous and would like to take my own spin off of it. Come meet with me at a coffee place around downtown Spokane and we can talk about whatever you want for an hour. Share your beautiful story whatever that may be and have some good coffee and company. E-mail me to find a time and place - Alyssa,

Lot "AA" pass A huge "cheer" to the anonymous man who handed us a lot "AA" parking pass at the EWU/WSU game as we were about to turn around and find general parking. If you are a Coug, I apologize for the outcome of the game but you absolutely made the day for a couple of Eagles!

THANK YOU I want to thank the Spokane City Transit for all that you do and for doing it with kindness and Grace.

Happy 10th Hoel P.P., I cant believe how quickly 10 years of marriage has gone by. Seems like just yesterday I was just hoping you'd ask me to be your wife. Here we are 13 years of love,10 years of marriage, 2 crazy, handsome boys, lots of tears from every surgery, every loss, but oh so many happy moments that fill my soul. You are the most spectacular and peculiar man I know and love. Here's to us side by side for the rest of this ride. XOXO Kitty

Russ and Judy Thank you so much to Russ and Judy at Northwest Tire and Automotive for your amazing kindness and generosity! Your timing couldn't have been better, I was really in a tough spot and instead of struggling with yet another expensive "surprise", you made it possible to (safely) keep moving forward towards the future! I will definitely pay it forward! May good things always come your way!!

Give us a Wink! Give us a wink! Or at least a smile. Thanks to all you ladies who are brave enough to give us old gents a wink or a smile. I am an old gent who saw you juggling several bottles of one particular wine onto the store checkout counter, so I asked you if it was that good and you highly recommended it. I went back to the wine area and brought a bottle back to the counter where you were finishing checking out. You saw it and shot me a wink. What a great feeling! Later I realized I was still feeling really good just because a woman had not winked at me in decades and lots of memories of laughs and good times kept popping up. Ladies, you can make the world a better place with just a smile, much less a wink. Please loosen up, we won't stalk you, smile and realize it can change our world

Grotesque Inlander Bias Wow. Just wow. No wonder the Inlander is free. Please allow some dissent from the Inlander's anti-white/anti-Christian class-race warfare commenters, will ya? It's become a progressive freak show of major proportions. Not all of us will vote for a morally bankrupt, seriously ill pathological liar with an impeached sexual predator husband. Thank you.

Truckers Suck I just spent half a day on I-90 and again Semi-Truck Drivers suck. Growing up Truckers were the white knights of the open road now they are a bunch of jerks. They will cut you off hold up traffic for miles to pass a truck that is going 1 mph slower than they are and honk at you if you are slowing them down. They don't follow the speed limits and follow no traffic laws that don't help them. I will now cut them off and slow them down any time I can. Truckers suck and don't deserve anything other than contemp. Rise up and slow a trucker they suck.

Disrespect on 9/11 Jeers to the local businesses and buildings in the greater Spokane area including the downtown building of Spokane District 81 and the Paulson Center who neglected to lower their flag to half mast on the 15th anniversary of 9/11. Shame on you.

Police Brutality Reigns supreme Courts of law are there for a reason. So are the police. But whst the hell happened to actual reality. I mean where the hell is justice. I hope the Suprememe Court can fight for civil tights. Cause Spokane can is as slow are cheese on a balonie sandwich, melted at my job at subway. Jeers to the Justice system - thanks a lot Mayor Vondon! Hope you are up for Re Re election

Spokane Vermin Jeers to the vermin who threaten families as they pass by on the streets and trails of Spokane. I am tired of hearing selfish drug addicts scream and/or threaten families as they pass by them in downtown Spokane and along the Centennial Trail. Spokane has much potential, but it's horrifying when out of town family is visiting Pig Out in the Park and they must witness these disgusting pigs hurling profanities ("mother f----r") at them. Can't the city do something to get rid of these vermin? ♦

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