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I Saw You 

Week of September 29th

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Too Nervous to Ask At EWU's card services, we had our photos at the same time. We started talking, but I got nervous when we obviously had a connection, I want to buy coffee for you. Same time and place next week?

Love of My life Husband, There are no words to describe how much I love you and thank you for sticking with me. No matter what. You truly mean for sickness and health, til death do us part. Thank you for loving me, for taking care of me when I can not take care of myself. You and our Day are the only 2 people keeping me going. I love you, so much. As long as I am living, I will love you. Even after that. P.S. I love you more, Wife

My Kiddo DayLynn, I love you so much! I am so glad that I get to be your mom. Thank you for being a great kid. You are beautiful, smart, kind, funny, and most importantly, you are giving. Thank you for the love and the snuggles. I love you Buttnuggett! Xoxo, Mama

Brown Eyed Girl The first time I saw you was way back in elementary school when I started going to your church. I remember not knowing what this feeling was I had for you. You didn't bother me or annoy me like most people, I remember just wanting to see your face anytime I could. The minute I saw your smile and heard your laugh I was hooked. You brightened up my life no matter what was going on. As we grew up I realized that feeling I had for you was a big o'l crush and wanted nothing more than to be yours and for you to be mine. I'm so proud and happy to say you are my fiancée now as of this last weekend of September. I'll never let you live down that you ignored me the first time I talked to you in the 3rd grade but that's okay because I love you to infinity and beyond. And not in some lame pinterest way but in a ToyStory kind of way.

My little one I was recently in a very bad wreck on my bike and you were there for me. I don't remember the first couple of days but you never left me from what I'm told. We have been together almost a year though I've known you most of my life this has been the best time of my life. You care for me like no other you give up things you love so that I have what I want we have so much fun together even we were doing nothing.

Pac Ave Good Samaritans Cheers to the two guys (I think your names are Damon and Steve?) who were willing to intervene outside of Pacific Ave Pizza when a car tried to follow me home on Sept. 20th. Thanks for offering to call the cops and comforting me when I was really scared. You guys are awesome!

Joyful Whitworth Students I signed up for some apt. cleaning by some Whitworth students, but I never expected to laugh & praise so highly the work that they did at Cathedral Plaza. On 9/21/16 I opened my door to see 3 smiling faces with Windex etc. & cloths in their hands. Oh Morgan, she did such a nice job of vacuuming & Christian & Christy did everything else. I had such a rewarding experience, hope to see all of you again.

Grotesque Inlander bias Jeers to the person who slammed commentators who were voicing their opinions in the part of Inlander that allows political opinions. Maybe they're not so much anti-white as anti-white males only. I don't see what you think is so anti-Christian. Your comments about Hillary seemed not very Christian. Their comments are a breath of fresh air after hearing so many racist and bigoted talk I have heard too many times. I would never join a group like yours because, in my opinion, you are a bunch of snobs who think they are better than everyone else and are the only ones who know what's right - Happy to Vote for Hillary

"Nurse" Kim What kind of a person only works at the VA hospital so they can brag about it and make themselves look good? You're everything wrong with the VA that all the rest of us are trying so hard to fix. We all hear how you talk about your patients behind their backs. You are fake and shallow and not even half the person all your patients are! You're an embarrassment to nursing and your days at the VA are numbered, but I hope you read this and feel so guilty that you leave so we can replace you with an actual nurse that will give our Veterans the care they deserve!

Concert Etiquette I received Dolly Pardon concert tickets for Mother's day. I had been looking forward to this concert for approx 5 months. To the couple who sat in front of me with your phone trying to record Dolly, that was so rude. I got to watch Dolly thru your camera. You only had to look at your camera phone to see you could not record Dolly she only appeared as a while spot on your video. This did not keep you from trying, there was another woman in section 7 who was doing the same thing but her phone was even higher. Please sit down and put your phones away. You did a good job in ruining my evening. :(

car thief Jeers to the dirt bags that stole my friend's 93' plymouth acclaim Lic# AAZ8161 You not only stole from my friend, but her elderly aunt and her brother who have no car. If this was the wild west you'd be strung up. I'm all for bringin' that back. My friend just wants her car back. She's a hard worker and like I said she helps people with her car. VZ

Jeers to me To the gentleman walking a golden retriever off leash in Comstock Park about 10 days ago: I am sorry that I yelled at you (and worse) because your dog was off leash. You were right: it was not the end of the world Unfortunately, my golden retriever (who is on his leash) gets upset and difficult to control when he sees loose dogs. Many people do not respect the leash laws in this park, which makes it difficult for those who do. You were kind enough to put your dog on the leash when you saw mine was leashed. Again, I am sorry that I was verbally abusive.

Thanks to Spokane international airport. For attempting to monopolize parking at the airport. Your fees finally forced one parking company to close after 25 years, leaving some 18 or so people out of a job. Another company on the bubble not to mention hundreds if not thousands of loyal customers upset over the closure. ... P S ... watch for the parking rates to rise, as well as parking shortages, especially around the holidays.

To those in the LGBT community who are nothing but self-righteous, self-centered, attention seekers who play favorites CONSTANTLY to get ahead; who NEVER have time for their supporters. Shame on you!!!! You have supporters yet when you act like this, your supporters are bound to say 'I'm done with this'. (This isn't everyone in the LGBT community. But I've witnessed a MAJORITY who are this way). One supporter just told me he became unsupportive for these very reasons above. Now you know what doing? Going back to religious freedom; pro-life and Republican. That is what will KEEP happening if most of you keep acting this way. Please tell me there are more of you than the VERY FEW I know who really do care that they have supporters and will take and have time for them. ♦

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