I Saw You

Week of October 20th

North Spokane YMCA Two weeks ago on a Friday afternoon we were talking in the hot tub after you went swimming and before I went to swim laps. Should have gotten your name and number. Such a great personality and attractive. You mentioned you live in the country north of Spokane. If you aren't otherwise committed, I would like another chance to meet with you. If you respond to this I will put an e-mail address in the I SAW YOU column.

Mr Spokane wants you, Miss Idaho I keep seeing you, you beautiful red haired gorgeous lady driving around Spokane in your white Tucson with the Idaho plates. My eyes peer into yours, but you shyly smile but look away. How can we meet? I must hear your voice and look into those great green eyes.

Ultra-Successful Spokane Podcasters Every Thursday I listen to your "Ultra-Successful" podcast and I recently saw you on the Gonzaga campus. Thanks for 30 minutes of brightening my week! I always look forward to the latest releases and love the "I Saw You" segment.

ALL MY SINGLE LADIES I was born on Guam on Thursday June 20, 1996 and I have lived here for the last 17 years. And some of the most beautiful women I have ever seen hail from this majestic city. So why is it impossible for me to become friends with a lady who is MY OWN AGE?! Most girls I see in a day already have a boyfriend (or 195-thousand-750), or have kids, or WANT to stay single. Most boys I see in a day are hanging all over the girl, being profane, or grabbing the budding parts of her body. This is why women are becoming increasingly independent on men. I thought about this and realized if that keeps happening, the human race will die away. Which makes women literally one of the most powerful forces ON EARTH. To all my single ladies: is this the kind of man you really want to spend the rest of your life with? Ask yourself this question and apply it to your current guy. If the answer is "No" or "Not really", you might have to look somewhere else for a good man. You shouldn't have to wonder if he is good for you. Just something to think about.

To our two friends, allies and 'family', P & S Thank you so much for ALWAYS being there for us; always standing up for us; always showing love, care & concern. Thank you for keeping an eye on our business and home while we were overseas. We are so grateful and blessed to have you two in our lives. Both of you did a superb job of defending us when someone mentioned that many in the LGBT community were selfish. We didn't even know about this until someone mentioned it to us. We know you would have never told us as you don't like the limelight but we would have found out anyway. :) So thank you to both of you for EVERYTHING. You are truly what 'family' represents. We love both of you so very much. And surprise! We booked you two a suite at the Davenport Grand. Why? As a 'thank you'; your anniversary is nearing; and just because...- T & G

Jenny from the ER Jenny from the Holy Family ER on Saturday night at the intersection of Euclid and Creatine ... You saved our lives. Thank you for your extended kindness and immediate response to the situation. Don't ever stop.

If I still thinking about your voices...... The mornings in Spokane are just not the same. Sure there are others, but there will never be a replacement for you two. It has been almost three years and I still hope that when I climb into my cold truck in the morning that your there to greet me. I miss my Radio Men....Radio Men Family.

Beautiful Country Homes Boulevard What lovely landscaping we have now on Country Homes Boulevard. It has become one of the most beautiful streets in Spokane. Way to go, Spokane! I love how this city is constantly re-inventing itself. It just keeps getting better and better!

McDonald's on Third Fast food has always been a weakness of mine; some would even call it an addiction. So you can imagine how grateful I was to whomever posted that flagrantly racist, wannabe fascist message on your reader board. Now, every time I even look in the direction of your store, I completely lose my appetite — saving me quite a bit of money and countless empty calories! My wallet and my waistline thank you for your callous and offensive proclamation. Now, if only the other fast food establishments in the area would follow your example, I'd be in swimsuit shape in no time!

Nice guy, Nice truck Thank you to the man driving the truck on Tuesday who offered to cover me as I took my life in my hands to cross Division and Fifth. You blocked the cars heading north enabling me to get across safely. I was startled, as a fat woman when I hear someone yell at me in traffic it is usually something rude regarding discrete body parts or suggestions on how to make them smaller. Genuine kindness is, I am sorry to say never expected, but most welcome Sir. Thank you.

To Trish at SFCU I called about some fees in my account, and you helped me sort it out with no judgement or condescension. I actually have terrible phone anxiety, and getting up the nerve to call took a couple days. You were beyond helpful and kind, and it was such a positive experience for me. But then I got a little note in the mail from you, with such bolstering and encouraging words! I keep it pinned next to my desk now, and it makes me smile every time I see it. (I love the turtles on the front!) Your kindness is extraordinary. I can't thank you enough... Thank you! Let me send you off with a quote to answer your own. "Sweet, cheerful words, coming from a kind heart, are worth more than gold and gems."— Rosella Rice

Good Samaritan Last Monday coming home from Vancouver Wa. (my great grandsons 1st birthday) we ran out of gas on Hwy 90. Kudos to Jim from Moses Lake — retired fireman, who took lots of time to take us to a gas station and return with that much needed gas. (about 20 miles). He wouldn't take any compensation, sad to say we didn't as Jim for his last name. We hope he knows how appreciative we are. Sharon from Coeur d Alene.

It isn't only when money is in danger! This is in response to the person who misused her hold up alarm button and complained that the police department doesn't care. (Oct 6-12 edition) As a person with 30 years of law enforcement dispatch experience, I can assure you we care. I can also assure you that you were trained to use that button only in the case of a robbery. When law enforcement receives a hold up alarm, everybody comes running, including any near by unmarked police cars. There is a greater risk involved to officers speeding to a scenario like this. 911 was the appropriate number to call to get the appropriate response. By pushing that button you wasted resources from other citizens who needed assistance, too. You are not the only person in the city that had an emergency at that moment!

Dishwasher eviction Giving an eviction to a tenant for a noise complaint over running her dishwasher at 5:14 in the evening. Really? She has disabilities. You did not even investigate what the other tenants said. Since when is it an evictable offense for running a dishwasher at 5:14 pm? There were witnesses who saw what happened. Still you issue an eviction to a disabled lady for doing her dishes in a dishwasher you provided in her apartment. Maybe you should investigate the lies that other tenants told. ♦

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