I Saw You

Week of October 27th

Post Falls Walmart I saw and met you at Walmart in post falls, selling candybars with my daughter. We had an amazing conversations for hours, then you walked me to my car and it was so nice. I was amazed when you came back Tuesday, I was like ok this guy is for real, and I was so so happy. We talked again for awhile, but unfortunately never for to the point of exchanging phone numbers, etc. I kick myself in the rear everyday since then. I think we had some sort of miscommunication on Friday selling, and we haven't reconnected since, I regret it everyday. I think about you often, I sure hope you remember where my daughter and I told you I work. I keep hoping and praying you will show up. I had some amazing connection with you that I've never had before. I hope we reconnect, it would be remarkable. Your truly none of a kind nice gentleman, that is would love nothing more than to see you again. Your a nice guy who made me laugh and smile so much my cheeks hurt. I know your busy due to your job, but I really would like another visit or more.

You touched my soul with those big beautiful eyes It was October 18 at the valley winco at around 3 pm. Our eyes met and you smiled at me and I must say I haven't felt a feeling like that in a long time. I know you were with that guy with the walking stick, but I was just wondering if you would like to get a cup of coffee or something sometime? I was the guy in all black with black boots and hat, with a reddish beard.

Farmers daughter We chatted on bumble and you sent me your number. I was texting you back, but my clumsy hand swept you away..ahhh. Your not a bot, nor I'm I!

Unforgiven counselor I was having a bad day, you came from nowhere to help. I remember your name but not how to find you for more help. I do remember you and what you look like and what you where wearing. I want to thank you and talk more. I have driven around the area that I can remember you told me about but can't find your office. How do we meet again friend that showed up like an angle? If you respond give me some details so I know it is you!!

Love Always Only For You I saw you waiting for me to change, hoping I would do something spectacular, seeing me fail over and over again, shutting down and trying to move on when all you wanted was some sign that I cared. I have always cared, I have always loved you and always will. My life is empty without you. I want to move on from the horrible things I have done and share a life with you, I don't want to move on and continue this chapter in my life without you. Please don't give up on me, please know that I love you and appreciate you every day and I only want you to be happy. Please understand and know that I care and I always will

After the Presidential debate There you were scratching your head and wondering why do we have to pick between these two fools. Why doesn't the ballot give us the choice of none of the above and if none of the above gets the most votes none of the above wins. Seems like common sense to me but the corporations don't want you to be un-American so vote for those who you are told to vote for, don't do your own research into the policies of those who we are forced to vote for. Just check off the box we tell you to and all will be fine for us and our friends, but you can go back to complaining for another election cycle after we break every promise we gave you and how we will blame the other side for all the wrongs that are still happening. Get educated people and Vote for your candidate, not someone the media promotes.

Lost Engagement Ring Cheers to anyone who finds my wife-to-be's silver and jade engagement ring. It has a green jade oval-shaped stone with a wide band. On the band are two quetzal birds, one on each side with long tails wrapping around the band. It is of great sentimental value, and I have nowhere left to look! Last seen at the Chinese Lantern Festival 9/17. Any info is appreciated! seyman12@my.whitworth.edu

Please help me find Love letter in home Hello. I am wondering if anyone out there knows of a home Greenacres Wa that left a love note behind. Supposedly its in the heart of the fireplace. The home was built in 2004. I have looked everywhere and I really would like to find it. If anyone knows anything please send me a e mail at s123456878@hotmail.com Thanks so much.

Happy Birthday, Inlander! Congratulations to you for so many years of excellent journalism! May you have many more years! It's celebration time!

Jeers to the Corporate Dogs Attempting to Weaken Public Education... More rich-assholes trouble, and I'm pissed off: "Choice for Teachers" is a branch of an organization called "The Freedom Foundation." This is funded by mega-wealthy corporate interests including politicats closely affiliated with the billionaire Koch brothers. The foundation's agenda is clear: weaken the ability of educational professionals to stand together in order to swing the balance even more in favor of corporations and wealthy CEOs. These groups have been leading the efforts to outlaw public sector unions both in the courts and through the legislatures in the US as well as all public education. These groups do not care about us, our students, our families, the taxpayers, or public education. They only care about weakening our ability to join to together to speak with one voice. By standing together in the community and the political arena is how we advance our interests and reach our goals for ourselves, our children, and our society. Big money MUST NOT be allowed to further control our futures in this country. JEERS to the corporate slime trying to totally privatize that which our founding fathers (and mothers) fought and died to uphold.

Crabby Old Man I hope that one day if your cat goes missing, you don't encounter the kind of heartless, cruel, unreasonable types I encountered when I spoke with you on Saturday. I'm the type that would have helped you look for your pet instead of threatening a totally harmless, normal person. May karma be with you and may those around you continue to see who you really are. Believe me, it's not becoming.

I just wanted Godzilla Shin Godzilla just finished its very limited theater run, one week in select locations. It is being distributed by Funamation which normally dubs over anime, I'm a fan of a few of they're shows. Checking they're site they say Northrown mall is the theater it will show in Spokane. Fast forward to the second day of its week long run and I can't get info on when this movie will be playing. After going to Regel at Northrown I was told Funamation stopped responding to the theaters calls and they have been asked the same question at least five times a day. So jeers to Funamation for writings us off without giving us a heads up. Because as a hardcore Godzilla fan who got the privilege to see Godzilla 2000 in theaters as a 4th grader, I feel like I personally let down the King of the Monsters. ♦

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