I Saw You

Week of November 3rd

Best Year Ever Guacamole — thanks for an amazing year full of love, laughter and shenanigans. I couldn't ask for a better person to spend my days with. Here's to many more years to come — CHEERS! Love, Cinnamonizy.

You are handsome, BTW To the complimentary gentleman that made my day. You averted a 6 pack on the floor disaster in the beer aisle at Rosauers on 29th. 400ish on 10/26. You ended up behind me in the checkout line... with " you're pretty by the way". I just hoping I answered graciously as I was really caught off guard. I thank you kindly! If you would like to reply-fdm@dennisuniform.com

The Real Spokane Celebrities Nico and Joey, you often speak of Spokane celebrities on your podcast, but you two are the real Spokane celebrities (Matt too). Your podcast will put Spokane on the map in the podcast world. Even though the sound quality isn't always the best, your podcast is and will continue to be "Ultra Successful" in our hearts.

South Hill Laundry Mat I saw you at Thompsons Laundry Mat next to Huckleberrys Saturday morning 10/29. You were doing laundry while your daughter waited patiently. I was the long haired guy who sat by your daughter while we were waiting. Anyway you had a really pretty smile and I'd like to buy you a coffee, maybe at Huckleberrys while we wait for our laundry next week? Email if you're interested spokaneman509@gmail.com

I saw what you wrote PLEASE don't close yourself off to those around you. Loss is never easy; especially when it is unexpected. Betrayal is not easy, either, especially when you put so much trust in that person, but please, don't let that make you shut your heart. It is okay to guard your heart from anger, bitterness, resentment and callousness, yes. But it is unhealthy to keep chains around it so much that you never allow another person to enter. ou are closing yourself off to new possibilities, opportunities and friendships when you do this. Please open up your heart.

In the Headlights To all my neighbors in Nine Mile Falls: THANK YOU for slowing down, dimming your brights, and giving me wide berth when passing me as I run along Charles Road in the evening. Since there's no sidewalk or shoulder, I depend upon your courtesy for my safety. And for those who accelerate as you approach, keeping your high-beams on to burn out my eyes, and seeing how close you can get to me without actually hitting me, you must be from out of town — I can't imagine the locals being so rude!! I always run outside the white line, opposite the flow of traffic, and with my LED light vest on to indicate my presence. Please remember that we all share the road. My family and I appreciate it!

Hey there, Starfish You are a shooting star of a girl and have destroyed me with your big blue eyes, roller skates, and intimate knowledge of the Star Wars extended universe. Let's move into a sailboat and travel the world. I love you!

Vigilant Passerby Cheers to an alert passerby for protecting me and warding off a shoplifter in the parking lot of a grocery store at 3rd & Maple. This occurred toward the end of this summer. A tall, shady individual wheeled out a shopping cart containing over $100 worth of merchandise without paying for it. I approached him and he pulled out a billy club and proceeded to lunge at me while screaming manic, violent threats. Just as I was about to be struck by the club, you swerved into the far right lane on Maple and jumped out of your truck. You confronted him: "if you wanna hit someone, hit me. I'm sick and tired of tweakers in Spokane. If you're such a (expletive) badass, come on, take a swing. Leave this guy the (expletive) alone." I thank you for courageously preventing what had the potential to be a brutal assault. I owe you a beer! I mean it.

My Love... To my husband of 5+ years who laughs when I tell people we've actually been married for 30 years. I mean this in a good way. I would like to think we will have 30+ years but because we found each other later in life that may not be possible. You are my greatest love, my best friend, my pillow sharer, my rock. 5 short years packed with 30 years of experiences. I can honestly say I love you more today than I ever thought posssible. Okay... your jokes are a little weak... and you don't share my love of yard work... but I can't imagine my life without you. Plus, you do give me the best foot rubs. As my parents use to say "Grow old (er) with me; the best is yet to be".

Milkshake hero Cheers to the funny employee at Jack in the Box who took my order in a funny voice and made me laugh. Then when I got to the window to pick up the yay it's finally Friday chocolate milkshake I was craving and realized my wallet was in my diaper bag he gave me the milkshake anyway and said "see you next time". I'll definitely go back — and have my wallet. Thanks for your kindness!

Good Samaritan I am so grateful to the person who took the time to not only pick up my keys from the elevator, but instead of turning them in to security, went one step better and went through the parking garage to match the key to the correct vehicle. You left them in my door handle along with a brief note. As usual, I was in a huge rush that day and you saved me so much time and grief. Thank you so much kind stranger!

Hello Batman So much time passing since last visit to the Batcave. Hoping the Cat woman isn't scratching too much after overdosing on the catnip. Leaving the light on always. Love you still.

Local businesses' good guys to the rescue Cheers: to Dan of Superior Towing and to Jeremy of Muffler Mart who rescued me from exhaust fumes. When my car started making noises I stopped by Superior Towing, which was in the area, to ask if I needed a tow. Dan came out determined I had an exhaust leak and needed to get to Muffler Mart for a look see, driving with my windows down in the rain, so I didn't pass out. Jeremy greeted me with a smile, and said he'd take a look, putting my car on the lift right away. My car had a missing bolt, which came off causing the trouble. After telling me that, he had it fixed in a couple of minutes. I was on my way! Thanks again Dan and Jeremy. You are great examples of skilled and concerned local business owners, looking out for people and representing your businesses and Spokane with class and integrity.

Overwhelming Perfumes Please....food servers please stop with the perfume. Perfume was created to cover body odors when daily bathing was unavailable. Your overwhelming use of perfume destroys the taste and smell of the food the kitchen has prepared and I have paid to enjoy. Use it for social engagements perhaps, but not on the job. No one else likes it as much as you do.

Drunk and entitled Jeers to the drunk GU student that was harassing McDonald's workers on mission and Hamilton who had to close their walk up window due to being understaffed and and harassed by other drunk patrons. If you didn't look enough like a jackass just by having a Minions onesie on, knocking over the garbage can and walking away sure made you look like one. What you should have done instead was to pop the lid off and jump inside because you are trash. ♦

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