I Saw You

Week of November 17th

Northern Quest Casino Monday morning November 7th My husband and I stopped for a minute to say hello to one of the security guards that we have run across the few times we have been out there. You were with him this time and had a very calm demeanor and shy, handsome smile. You silently stood by and listened to our very short conversation. I took notice of you because on that day, I had been longing to have my son, whom I lost, in my life. So I asked my darling son to give me a sign that he was with me, even if I couldn't see him. And then I saw you; the same demeanor he had; the same sonly smile. I saw fragments of him in you, and it brought me so much joy and peace. So thank you so much for being there, even if you didn't realize the impact you had made on my life that early Monday morning. I will always remember you and this day.

Do I Really Hate It? Dear Joey and Nico, Your podcast continues to amaze and astound us all. Do I really hate it? No, I really love it. Keep on going, maybe you'll make it to iTunes soon. Sincerely, Not Brad

Cute waitress at Hotel RL You are one of the finest ladies I've ever seen. As you rushed by to serve your other tables I couldn't help wishing to the universe that one day I might be able to show you the world, Shining shimmering places on a magic carpet ride. Maybe Europe... I here they have great Pokemon there.

I Saw Your Eyes I looked into your eyes and i saw those dark rain clouds with lightning coming out of them. All time stops when i am with you. And all of my worries go away. You are my rock. You are my silent light house in the night. Your smile and your laugh makes everything better, i need you so much, i feel so alone without you. You give me so much courage to go on because i know you love me deeply and i love you the same way...

Taking Grandma to the bank Cheers to the man with "13" tatted on the back of his legs walking down Southeast Blvd taking his Grandmother (I assume) to Banner Bank. It warms my heart to see someone our age helping out their older family members! You seemed very protective of her and that was so sweet!

Closed Heart I fell for you, and your cute smile. You... would die a million deaths to know I... or anyone has written a public notice to you. but you see, I feel I have no alternative. You closed your communication to me because you found my angry break up words "proof I am able to inflict pain, even if it is verbal. I died inside when you broke up with me. Though my heart will remain forever closed to everyone else, I will always love your tender, gracious spirit, even though I went crazy when I lost you.

To T & G For making your business a political-free zone and turning it into a grateful zone instead. This is what we need more than peaceful protests that turn violent. It's amazing how people of different political parties can come together under one roof and show thanks; for family, friends, freedom. We know your candidate of choice didn't win, and you have exemplified what it means to accept the loss and move on. As you told us, protests only encourage violence, and you didn't want any part. Thanks for the political free zone!

Capture the 12th Man Flag I am a 12th man flag. Every Sunday for the past few years my owner has flown me proudly in support of her beloved Seattle Seahawks. I was there when we won Super Bowl XLVIII! I have hung in the windows of 4 different homes where we've lived, seen the Colosseum as well as the rest of Rome, and even made it to the summit of Mt. Adams on her back! After an awesome SNF victory over the Patriots, my owner woke up a sad 12th wo-man because someone kidnapped me from our front porch! After all that we have been through together, it makes me sad that this Sunday she wont have a flag to raise for the Seahawks... If you are holding me captive, please take me home!

JEERS to the Stupid of Our Nation... November 8, 2016. How did we allow this to happen? First off, because the current Electoral College is bollocks. There are more reasons: 1) Because we didn't do enough to enlighten and educate everyone in our country. When we tried to, the corporations, the charters and the churches stepped in and brainwashed the minds of the gullible and The Stupid with promises of social acceptance, financial success, and a free ticket to heaven ("and you can keep your gun, too"). 2) Our families failed to teach their kids, now adults, about compassion, loyalty to society, the need to help a neighbor, and the traits of QUALIFIED LEADERSHIP. How many younger people actually took the time to vote? Well now, The Stupid of Our Nation have elected someone clearly unqualified for the position. 3) Finally, those who are still pissed off that a minority became president have merely "latched on" to an unstable, angry celebrity with money and influence to be their voice. Again, to the Stupid of Our Nation -- you just gave your country away to Corporate Fascism; you have handed over the nuclear football to the wrong team. The worst part is, your kids and grand-kids will have to bear the final costs of your ignorance and Stupidity. Perhaps the best we can hope for is the Second American Civil War, this time between the Enlightened and The Stupid. If you haven't already planned to leave the country, perhaps you should join a worthwhile cause and/or vote next time.

Local Talent Agency Jeers for claiming you are here to help us when we have questions, but then speaking down in a tone like I am stupid. If one of your talents need help you should try to be a bit nicer and explanatory before jumping to conclusions that we know everything you do about this industry. You are not superior, you are just not nice.

When are you leaving??? Jeers to all the celebrities that said if Trump wins, they're leaving the country. This is not a pro-Trump rant. I'm just an old soldier. When we give our word to serve, we do that regardless who is elected. We talk the talk, and walk the walk. You've said if Trump is elected, you will leave. You talk the talk, I can respect your view only if you Walk the Walk. When are you leaving???

Welcome to Trump's America One (white) woman to another (white) woman: "Get out of my country if you won't to speak English!" The second woman was speaking Spanish to her husband. She also, incidentally, was born in Seattle. Cheers to Value Village staff for asking the first woman to leave (who proceeded to claim the the multilingual woman was "persecuting" her). Sigh.

you don't get a pass Jeers to the very large man at a downtown Spokane bar on election night who felt it was OK to assault, yes assault, a women having a private discussion with friends. It is not OK to shove your arm into a woman's throat and attempt to punch her friend because you don't agree with their political views. Cheers to the patrons who tossed you out. Is this who we want teaching our children?

Irresponsible Pet Owner To the older man with the Long Haired Chihuahua mix who was in the Rosauers in Browns Addition. There is a big sign on the door of this business which clearly tells you that NON Service Animals are not permitted in the store. There is also a three foot tall standing sign which repeats the Store policy a few feet away. You ignored this and took your dog into the store anyway. How incredibly selfish and irresponsible! No one is trying to upset your day, but dogs do NOT belong in a store. Many people are highly allergic to pet dander. Your selfish action endangers their health and well being. If it is too cold to leave your furry darling in your car — then leave it at home! ♦

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