I Saw You

Week of November 23rd

In the places between wrong and right I've been a mess without you, without your guidance. I can't help but to overreact from the thoughts i have in my head, from where my mind strays in the night. I don't want to get hurt again from you, I don't know if i could stand a second time. I just wish you would see/hear my word, yet each time I go too far, you always respond with such grace and patience, thank you. I no longer desire a bouquet from you, for the copper rose once gifted is enough- copper will not wilt, nor will the love from you or I. I feel patient now, and I hope that never strays-

Cafe Affogato Angel Many thanks to the kind, sweet barista at Cafe Affogato. Lost in the dark, looking for an obscure theater event, she was able to use an e-device and write down directions for us. Your blond hair is really a halo for this good deed. Yes, hubby is getting us a GPS after this incident. Love your coffee too, and will patronize Saranac Commons when we are in town. Thanks!

There are still decent people On Wednesday 11/16 at the Panda Express on Sprague by the Walmart, my boyfriend and I were leaving after eating lunch there was a man asking for change. I told him I did not have any. The wonderful and amazing man that left behind us with his own to go meal asked the man if he need a meal and then handed him a gift card from Panda so he could eat. The man who received the card was amazed and said thank you and said Wow! I gave the man who gave the card a thumbs up and shouted Good Karma. In these troubling times, this warmed my heart and restored my faith in humanity. I sat in my vehicle and had a good cry. Thank you to both of you. This made my week.

Spokane at Its Best Cheers to the Denny's waitress who took such good care of the two little boys sitting at the counter on Friday, November 18, about 6:30 pm. You talked to them, got them their milkshakes, and when they were finishing up, asked how they were getting home. When you found out that they were going to walk home unaccompanied by an adult, you walked them home. It doesn't matter that it was across the street. You made sure they were safe. That exemplifies the Spokane that I am proud to call home.

An Open Letter To All Trump Supporters Mr. Trump is our 2016 President Elect. During his campaign, he denigrated and mimicked a disabled person. That's OK. He incited violence to 2nd amendment advocates that they know what to do with Hillary. That's OK. He insulted Muslim American parents whose son, a U.S. Army Captain, lost his life in Iraq. That's OK. He promised to pay any legal bills due to a Trump supporter physically assaulting an anti-Trump protester. That's OK. He insulted a respected news reporter concerning where her blood was leaking. That's OK. He advocates degradation to women by supporting sexual aggression and using pornographic language. That's OK. He assumes Mexican immigrants are criminals and rapists. That's OK. One of his first tasks as U.S. President is to eliminate the Affordable Care Act and take away health insurance from 20 million Americans. That's OK. This is your president. You elected him. These are only a few of his ideals and policies you support. Shame on you.

Bad Dog Owner We know you love your dogs. Your neighbors do not. Having been subjected to the incessant, insultingly intrusive barking of your beloved dogs for hours and hours at a time, day after day after day, year after year, complaint after complaint, you have demonstrated nothing less than Depraved Indifference toward your neighbors, who only wish to enjoy their homes in peace and gentle quiet. Shame On You. Shame On You.

Mommy Dearest To the mother screaming in the face of a teacher at a local elementary school the other day... teachers are human beings and have feelings! Your immature behavior and rage toward this person in front of staff members, parents, and children was unacceptable. You were shouting out loud that your child hates his teacher and how much you hate her, too. What a horrible thing to say to someone who spends more hours per week with your child than you probably do. The teacher stood there with a total look of surprise as her eyes filled up with tears. You just kept lashing out at her! As parents, we have a responsibility to speak, calmly, on a regular basis with the teachers of our children. Check in to see how things are going, get to know the people who dedicate so much time to caring for our children. We might not always agree on issues, but as adults we should talk things out and be respectful toward one another. The teacher standing there did not deserve to be treated so horribly in front of other people, especially in front of students. I feel sad for that teacher and want her to know there are people who believe teachers are important and they do matter. If you have an ounce of class, mommy dearest, you will contact that teacher and apologize! She deserves to hear those three very important words from you. In doing so, you child will learn a valuable lesson. If you choose not to apologize, you're teaching your child a lesson as well. The lesson he learns is up to YOU!

Second Civil War??? I voted for Sec.Clinton, instead of not voting at all. But I also noticed that some of her supporters on social media are as vile as some Trump Supporters. Your "best we can hope is an second American Civil War.... between the Enlightened and the Stupid" is an example. Better ways to handle your rage are described elsewhere in todays Cheers and Jeers. The Trump supporters have some valid anger at the Federal government and its ground level employees. Not all are neo nazis, racists, anti woman and anti LGBTQ.

Re: Jeers to the stupid of our nation Re: Ha! I wouldn't say it was the stupid of our nation as Clinton won the popular vote. Blame it completely on the Electoral College; not the people. I bet if Clinton won, you would not be crying that the Electoral College was bollocks! No matter who wins or loses, one party or the other will ALWAYS be crying foul over the way our voting system is set up. Cry stupid over the superdelegates who were SO SURE that Clinton would win the Electoral college because she was the MOST QUALIFIED that they chose the WRONG candidate. Most qualified never equals best. At least she won the popular vote. So you can't go around calling everyone stupid. Did I vote for Trump? No. Clinton? No!!!!!! Third party person ALL THE WAY for this historical election. If you want to call me stupid, be my guest. It won't change the outcome of the election, but this should be a wake up call for Democrats to pick the RIGHT-not most qualified-candidate in four years. In the end, congratulations to those whose candidate won, and my apologies to those whose candidate lost. Better luck in four years!

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