I Saw You

Week of December 8th

The girl with the red tinted I could tell when I first saw you that you were the woman for me. I'm a criminal justice major at EWU and I think you're an education major. You are 5'2 and have hands proportionate like donald trump's (very small). I'm 6 foot with a patchy beard, and a scent that could only be described as whiny Sasquatch. I thought you were nothing but sex appeal at first glance I just saw that extremely curvy figure at capture the flag and I knew i would never capture that flag because you captured my heart and tightened my pants. I don't mind that you have the stature of an oompa loompa, because let's face it, the president is orange. If you see me on campus come say hi, and I will show you a good time. We can play LOL and watch baseball together and I will WOW you with my baseball bat and family guy knowledge.

Once more I saw you once again today (11-29-16) out at Northern Quest Casino around 12:30 pm, busy concentrating on dealing Black Jack, so I know you didn't see me. I couldn't help but notice you. You once more brought tears to my eyes and joy to my heart. There are so many fragments of my late son in you, I can't help but take notice. I said I would always remember that first day I saw you. I will remember this one, too. Maybe someday you will see this or maybe someone else will see this, know who you are and show this to you. I just want you to know that you have truly brought me happiness in a way I really never thought possible. I may never have a chance to be a mother on this earth, but at least I can still see bits and pieces of my son in others-especially in you. You also inspired me to pick back up pen and paper and start writing again. Thank you once again for making my day a little brighter and being a light to me in moments of darkness. You are pure, delightful joy.

Cute Blonde Cute Laugh You were out having dinner a week ago at a local wine bar in Liberty Lake. You were with a guy, maybe your guy? We made eye contact several times. You asked me what I was writing about. Not that you'll ever see this but it would be fun to share a bottle of wine :).

Most gracious woman baby gyrl. If only. If only I hadn't lost you. If only you had no need to travel across the country, where accidental love can develop, so far away. I hope, with all my heart, you are happy and loved/loving someone truly deserving of your endless peace and love. and if this is "you", that "brass" rose...is gold. I will never stop missing you and will never fill the chasm left by my unrequaited love for you.

The first time ever I saw your face... My heart skipped a beat the first time I ever laid eyes upon you; you shining in brilliant gorgeousness as you gave your infectious, radiant smile that shone so gloriously. All I could do was return the smile and sigh heavily at the thought of being around someone like you who made me feel so complete; who made me see rainbows through every storm of life. Every time I see you, I feel another part of my life that has been missing for so long has now been found. I know I could never replace the one to whom you belong, and I certainly never would try, but oh, every time I see your smile, hear your laugh, watch your magnetic personality shine through, how I wish, oh, my dear sweet child, that you were mine!

my boss To my awesome boss u have always been there for all of us and we cant explain how greatful we are for u I know u want to kill me some times and we laugh at alot but u are my brother and on be half of the entire sunset crew we love u amen

Girl in the red boots You'll likely never see this post, but I will continue to think of you, and wish to cross your path once again someday. The thought of you being happy keeps me going most days, knowing the world is okay if there are people like you in it. You changed my life and are the most beautiful person I know. Freckles and kindness included. Happy reading and I suppose, cheers.

Shadle library vandalism Cheers to the staff of Shadle library for their continued friendly, good natured demeanor in the face of rampant destruction of windows to this wonderful, welcoming neighborhood facility. We wish you the best this holiday season and hope the person/people responsible will quickly be found and prosecuted.

Wonderful Lady Thank you so much to the lady who paid for our dinner at Panda tonight. 12/02. Merry Christmas to you as well. That was very super nice of you. We greatly appreciate you kindness and generosity.

Huge hearts at the Reserve Many thanks to the entertainment director at the Reserve on Wall Street for letting us host our benefit at your establishment for a very sick friend. You are a wonderful example of the finest of humanity. Blessings to you, the servers and your boss. See you on disco night! — Your '80s Throw-back & biggest fan, P

Cheers to the Employees at the Holiday Inn Cheers to the young man who went above and beyond to help a fellow, older citizen. The cashier working Saturday 12/3 around noon offered to help an old man pick out his groceries, rang them up, and carried them to the old mans car. It is this kind of service that will keep me inspired and loyal to shopping for my coffees and gas at this store. Keep it up.

Crapple Cup Boo to you Wazzu for thinking a 3 million dollar a year coach with the personality of a doorknob could guide you to an incredibly elusive in-state win. I didn't realize the current curriculum for "student athletes" there included assault, battery, robbery and all around thuggery. In preparation for next years inevitable loss they may want to summon the Great Wizard Baumgartner to handpick a team of pigskin phenoms from the Walla Walla Penitentiary to rep the anemic Crimson & Gray. They'll fit right in. The numbers don't lie... 109 meetings, 32 measly Coug wins and a heaping helping of embarrassment to football fans far and wide.

Who said Protesting Ever Changed Anything? To the undoubtedly wise sage who so denigrated the right to protest, I agree. We should do something 'truly worthy' and successful to further our goals. Like perhaps what the civil-rights movement did. Or Gandhi. Or at Stonewall. Or the populace who toppled Eastern European dictatorships. Oh wait. They all protested. The time for talking to people civilly is long past. To think fascism will listen to kind words and sympathy is sheer idiocy.

To the vulgar Trumpster Jeers to the guy in the gray van who yelled "F*** you, Democrat!" as I was getting out of my car at the supermarket in Spokane Valley. You must have known that I was a Democrat because of my Michelle Obama bumper sticker. Just so you know, I took the sticker off, so you and your other fellow haters won't need to be reminded that there is more than one national political party in this country. I guess you feel empowered to unleash your own brand of meanness and rudeness however and whenever you can. Does that make you feel good at the end of each day? I feel sorry for you if you think such uncivil behavior is really going to make America great again. I feel sorry for you in that you cannot see that we are at our greatest when we behave as a kind, inclusive and caring society.

Jeers to Porn For ruining so much. Like my trust in my husband, my confidence, and feeling securely his. Now it all seems hopeless, full of endless comparisons and what ifs.

Package Thieves Dear Package Thieves, It's the holiday season and your cheep ass wants to steal packages off of people's porches. Well I'm sending Krampus to find you and take you away and beat your thieving ass Jail won't do for you. Krampus is what you need. Happy Holidays. ♦

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