I Saw You

Week of December 22nd

Spokane Airport Fight From Seattle 12/1 Dear Sunny H in CDA. I've been thinking of you since you initiated the conversation on our flight from Seattle. I enjoyed our conversation, your eyes, your smile and sense of humor. It made my trip and was a good end to a long day. You had had a longer day coming in from Paris, but you were in good spirits and our conversation lasted the whole flight. I wish I would have asked if you wanted to get a drink after we landed, but thought of it too late. If you ever want to chat again between your traveling, I'd like to see you again. There are several coffee shops between your office and mine in the Downtown Spokane area. I've messaged you through FB but had no luck in you seeing it. If not, not worries and wish you Happy Holidays.

Oswald Cobblepot We past by each other countless times Friday evening (12/6) at the N. Side Winco exchanging countless smiles. You were wearing shorts despite the single digit temps but they fit your cute quirky style perfectly. I was the short haired blonde shopping with my son. We ended up in checkouts next to each other I wanted to talk more but what kind of father would I be striking up a convo with a known outlaw? Let's meet up for a drink, I'd love to see that villainous smile of yours again!

My beautiful redhead To my future wife, I can't wait to marry you. Everything about you is a blessing to my life, you and your son have finally made me feel complete, you've embraced my daughter as your own and we finally have the family we've both been lo going for. I was in love with you from the first moment I saw you, even though you cheat at table shuffleboard and pool I couldn't be happier with my life.... I told you I had a place

My Dearest Squirrel!! Oh how I long for the day for you to be in my arms again! You are my Angel, my Inspiration, my Muse, my Teacher. You are the only one who follows me into the dark, even though you're afraid of the dark, and tells me the truth. I dream of the day we can be together again! I am so proud of you for never giving up on US. My fear of myself is what took us apart. Now that I am facing those demons, and learning to love those dark parts of myself, I can finally see that the only things in life that matter are the relationships we have with those around us... the ones who love us for who we really are!! You always saw me for who I really was and were never afraid of the monster inside. Only I was afraid, afraid that the monster would take you too! But he didn't take you, you stood up to him and said, stop it, you're scaring these people.... and I ran away. I ran to the opposite corner of the country, only to find you here waiting for me. I'm so glad that you were here when I arrived. I've realized that you've always been waiting for me. You waited for me to find you when we met 3 years ago, if only I was ready then.... Sometimes life throws into the rings, even if we're not ready, hoping that we summon the courage to overcome our fears. Now that I can finally see the truth, I want to join you again and live out the remainder of our lives helping others to find their truth. To finally become who we were meant to be.... Soulmates, Partners, Lovers, and most of all Friends!!! I may be physically thousands of miles apart, but I'm forever there in your Soul. I will visit you there frequently and kiss you on your forehead ever so gently and tell you that I Love You!! Yours forever and ever, Your Peacock

Nice Claws Audrey (?) the nurse (?), @ Zola, Saturday 12/17. I enjoyed your charm, wit, and feisty attitude during our verbal intercourse. You were wearing a Santa hat with the word "Nice" embroidered on it, and a fun dress with multi-positioned Santa's printed on it... We were chatting at the bar when the band started it's final set. I was/am the hairy guy discussing South Park, and army brats with you. If you happen to read this, I would be thrilled to meet up with you to see if we had chemistry or if our exciting conversation was simply a byproduct of alcohol. Steve

Smacky's I saw you at Smacky's on Broadway Monday 12/19 around noon. I was buying some gift cards for my brother. I should've bought your sandwich, but I was in a hurry to get my shopping done. Can I buy you a sandwich sometime?

Shout Out to those who spend QUALITY TIME with family and friends during the holiday season. Thank you for recognizing that time spent together is more important than any gift under the Christmas tree. Why? Because it's priceless. Merry Christmas to all of you!

>911/POLICE RESPONSE AMAZING!!! Thank you 911 for coordinating with the police department a quick response to and the handling of a disturbed individual near 9th and Perry Wednesday evening. you deserve more credit than you typically receive. Us neighbors really appreciate it. All of you have a happy holidays and we wish your families all the best!!! Cheers

3 Christmas angels My car died on Trent near Pines. I was unable to start my car. Three guys appeared our of nowhere and pushed my car out of the street. I turned around to thank them but they were gone. Thank you Christmas angel guys for helping this disabled girl! I hope you have a Merry Christmas!

Love trees! To the person I met briefly on December 14 and talked a bit about trees, books about trees, love of trees — I wish the conversation had been longer — far longer. Trees — SO MUCH to love and to to talk about! I will plan on being in the same place Wednesday Dec. 21, a week from today, between 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. if you want to "visit" some more. Hope to see you there.

Dear Jeers to Porn It's not the porn that ruined your marriage, lots of couples love porn... It's your projections of your insecurities on to inanimate objects and your husband that ruined it for you. Please seek personal enlightenment before your next relationship or read a self help book about self esteem. Rooting for you and your mental health.

BAR SECURITY You can't walk over and say you love someone then stab them in the back in a sick attempt at more love (by more people), please! Oh it's just a paycheck. I was treated like a guy just kicked out of a pawn shop. Why did you ruin nights and nights of sleep in a sick attempt at being famous in Hollywood? Yes you may be better. Where did you go!? You keep saying life is better and better without me, then I think about myself and I agree; please. Stop e-mailing me. Ciao bella.

Not So Bunny You brought home bunnies for Easter. Left them out on the street when they weren't so much fun. We put some food out for them, but when the cold snap hit, they were not prepared. All have perished in the cold. Think again before you buy a "living being" gift for your entertainment. Pets are forever, for their life depends on you. Cats and bunnies cannot survive on their own here. I've seen both frozen. It's not pretty.

To the 3 idiots in the Toyota Sequoia who ran. IDIOTS!!!!!! You were going too fast on slick roads, went around a curve and hit my relative's truck. You asked if he was okay and was going to call the police. he said 'yes' to both questions. All three of you proceeded to run and take off. You are a bunch of freaking a$$holes!!!!! The police were still called and a description of your vehicle given. Now that you ran, when you are caught, you will get A LOT MORE punishment than had you stayed. What were you three running from? Obviously you three are GUILTY, GUILTY, GUILTY of something!!! Shame on you three!!! You WILL be caught, and you WILL be punished! Idiots! ♦

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