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Week of January 5th

LB the unicorn My unicorn we have been texting many hours a day for awhile now and it is amazing. Every time we chat it puts a huge smile on my face and no matter my mood it instantly becomes great. We are spending New Years eve together and I am hoping for a New Years kiss and I will be asking you on our first official date at that time. Hoping for a yes.

5k Resolution Run Biologist Thanks for taking some time to chat after the 5k Resolution run. Sorry we didn't have more time to talk. Maybe we can fix that before you head back to your field work and research. Drop me a line at Let me know where your field work and research are taking place, and what it is you're researching, so I know it's you.

Promise Promise...was your name, LobsterMania...your game. Late, late 12/29/16 at Northern Quest. I wanted to thank you for the most pleasant 40 minutes I've spent with a stranger in a long, long time. You reminded me that real people still exist and that chivalry isn't dead after all. Love, Your O.C. Friend

Out of Africa You came to me in a white legacy and brought me hope in the depths of my dark legacy. With cliches dribbling from my mouth and a profound loss of the right words in your presence. You give this man a polar feeling of fear and love. If I had the courage to summon the right words, then this feeling would not manifest. And this anonamous letter of fear and love would not be.If I could put these moments in a bottle I would. Find me again! bag

Won't you be my Neighbor? Every time there is new snow fall, my neighbor goes out with his snow blower and clears the sidewalk in front of both his house and mine.. This weekend we had quite a bit of snow and I think I shoveled my (large) driveway a total of four times! There was a large amount to clear on Christmas Eve and I was worried I wouldn't finish before my guests arrived-that is until my neighbor came out with his snow blower and helped me finish! Cheers to you for being so thoughtful and kind!

It was only a free coffee, but... ... your kind gesture, I think, made the world a little bit better. At times it seems like everybody out there thinks of themselves as "the only person that matters." You see this with posts online where people will badmouth folks online (anonymously, of course) sometimes even straight up lying about details so that they can inflict the maximum amount of 'hurt' on their perceived enemy. This kind of stuff, along with all the hate and vitriol I hear in the news makes me wonder if a decent and civil society is becoming "out of style." So it is with much pleasure, hope and humility that I'm typing up this message. On Tuesday, Dec. 27 at the Starbucks on Hawthorne Rd. a kind person purchased my coffee for me. The barista said it was because "the guy said he cut you off, so he bought your coffee." Well, truth be told, I was driving probably faster than I should have (given the road conditions) and the person that 'cut me off' had the right-of-way. So actually, I should have bought the coffee. I just wanted to send this out to whoever purchased my beverage to let them know that I really appreciated the gesture and it has motivated me to spread the good will. Thank you for your kindness and even more, thank you for providing evidence that there are people who are aware of the fact that their actions affect other people. Maybe if enough people develop this understanding, we can reverse the "selfie-ish" culture that seems to pervade our everyday lives.

Tom Green Cheers to the comedy club who kicked out a large man who was heckling one of the greatest entertainers of our time, Tom Green. Why would he do that!? I wanted to punch him in the face myself, but I felt better when Tom Green yelled at him to shut the f up, and although he ended his sentence right there... bar security quickly and quietly finished everyone's thoughts by giving him the boot. Every 10 minutes or so he had something stupid to say in a sick attempt at trying to prove how rough and tough he was I guess. My lady wouldn't even have sex with me that night because she said he was so disgusting it would take a few hours to forget about what happened. It was only a shot or two but that's all it took to fire up Mr. MotorMouth (I was close-by). Actually, he's annoying sober no doubt. The show was fantastic by the way. Why am I even talking about this!? Don't let one IDIOT ruin it for all of us... so come back Mr. Tom Green! I know it would be better next time.

Northern Quest Casino You have the friendliest staff; the funnest games; the best payouts of any Casino we have ever been. It's these three reasons that we keep coming back. So thank you for an enjoyable time always. We look forward to our monthly trip out just to have fun and see friendly faces, warm smiles and even to have a little chat or two with those who walk around keeping an eye on things. We feel loved and protected at Northern Quest. It doesn't matter that a new casino is opening close by. You have us as patrons FOR LIFE. And a shout out to security guard Jim with a friendly smile and who says hi to us whenever he sees us out there. Thank you, Northern Quest, for everything!

Apple Crisp Cheers and Happy New Year to the ladies at the N. Division Onion who treated me to apple crisp! What a surprise to find you had graciously (and unknowingly) indulged me in my New Year's ritual = First Night in downtown, then apple crisp at the Onion on the way home. I do a similar surprise at the Ice Palace and pay for someone's skating at First Night — how fun to be on the receiving end...... Thank you for your kindness!

Shaneese Happy new year sweetheart. Thank you for making 2016 so incredible. I cant wait for all the adventures our big little family will share together. You're an incredible woman and I'm lucky to have you in my life. I love and appreciate you. — Raw

She can Jeer Porn if She Wants! Hey, it's her marriage, not yours, and it's about what she wants or does not want in her marriage. Same for any woman. Some couple may like porn, great. Nice mini-psychology session from anonymous person in the Inlander, who can make up whatever they want about projecting. You, are not respecting that she doesn't like porn. It's very condescending not to mention pretentious to tell someone if they don't like porn they need to be enlightened. That's patently ridiculous. So is telling her it's her own insecurities, or that she needs to read a book about self help or self esteem. Putting on someone else that just because other couples do it she should too, is also balderdash. A lot of people feel it violates the intimacy of a partnership, and feel that it's the same as cheating. And respecting those feelings, having trust are part of any long-lasting relationship that is healthy. So if she feels her trust is violated, or her intimate connection, and needs her mate to respect that, it's not okay to try and coerce her into porn watching through shaming her by telling her she need to like porn too, like other couples, or she needs mental help. That is sheer bullshit.

RE: Jeers to the Engineers It sounds like the problem isn't that there is a bicycle lane "blocking" yours and 90 others homes, but that you have to many cars blocking your home. If you think bicycles and the lanes they ride on are the problem and not your cars that take up so much space, are hardly ever filled to capacity, spit out toxins and rip up the roads, then I don't know what to tell you. This city has a great bus system and with prop one passed it'll only get better. It's only $45 a month for a bus pass. I've been doing it for a year and found it convenient, healthy (walking), close by and stress-free that I sold my car. Stop pointing the blame at others when the problems you're having are being created by yourself. ♦

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