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I Saw You 

Week of January 12th

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The Game of Love Hello sweetie; We've known each other for many a day and through lots of riverbank meetups. Life has been taking some precipitous hairpin turns the last year or so. Neither one of us has exactly handled this road all that well. But we are doing the best we can. It has become rocky and bumpy lately but since we both drive Subarus I think we'll come through this ok. What do you think? Could we get together for another road rally? I promise not to jerk the wheel like I did last time. Be good Party on babe. You know where I park.

Thank you Stranger A big THANK YOU to Steve who rescued me when I got stuck pulling out on to 9th street at Monroe. I would have never been able to get my car off that ice without your help! I hope to see you in the neighborhood soon and repay the favor! Best, Katie :)

Button's Belated NY kiss I was not happy to be buffeted about Borrachos and was feeling pretty awkward, but you saw me and struck up a conversation that had to be shouted over the loud music. Your friend came over soon after to tell you it was time to leave but we got in a belated New Year's kiss (or 2). I tried to give you my number, but I realize now I hung up your phone before it completed the call to mine. I'd like to connect if you're out there and interested. E-mail

Bear at the bar I was at Durkin's downtown friday night around midnight with some friends and you bought me a drink I looked over to see you, a bear of a man eloquently garbed in a black vest, sipping on what appeared to be whiskey on the rocks. You acknowledged me with a slight head nod and a wave. I was mesmerized. Pining to walk over to introduce myself and express my gratitude for the cocktail, I ached for the right moment to leave my friends. Alas, when the opportunity arose you had vanished into the cold dark night. Will I ever see you again? Or will it be just in my dreams? — the blonde with hair flowing like a river.

Best Cycle Instructor Ever Hey Lady! Most often it is not the workout that gets you out of bed in the morning. It is the friendship and unspoken bond of those counting on you to show up! So looking forward to gettting back to class! P.S. Sorry this isn't an "I Saw You", one day you will get one!

south hill charm I come alone for breakfast and Kevin, Kurt & staff always make me feel like part of their family. Great food & Friends Thank you Kimberly

Camas Rewards Center at Northern Quest Casino on Friday, January 6th around 8:30 A.M. Cheers to the nice young man sitting behind the desk who helped us get new Camas Rewards cards after ours were lost. You were an excellent reminder of why we love Northern Quest so much. You were very helpful and attentive; had a beautiful smile; warm personality and kind spirit. We enjoyed talking with you as you printed out our new cards. Thank you for such awesome customer service!

Cheer Up America Hurray for all the brave Americans that weren't afraid of being criticized for voting for Trump for president. That nasty woman tried to make Trump look bad by bringing up stuff like how he treated women disgracefully, and mocked the disabled, and stereotyped the Mexicans, and banned the Islams, and bragged about not paying taxes for years. Hey – that's a smart guy people! A really great, great guy. Really great. I wish I didn't pay taxes nuther. Actually, I'm unemployed and collecting Obama care, but it's all good. Anyways, the whole email thingy about Hillary was just too much to have connected to our great nation's next president. She broke the law with them mails. I hope Trump sues her, or imprisons her, or anybody that talks bad about America's next president, because it ain't right to criticize your leader. It ain't right. In a bigly way, it ain't right. That's why that SNL show should be banned. Not good stuff. And finally we're gonna have a leader that tells his military what to do. Bomb 'em all if they hate us. If Trump was president the last 8 years, bin Laden would have been found quicker. And no more terror attacks, no more ices, and nobody out of work. But things are gonna be great again, thanks to real-blooded Americans, not no illegals nuther. More coal too. So instead of belly achin about losing, celebrate what most Americans voted for. In this world only the strong survive. Trump in 2020! Cheers America!

Million Dollar Bridge Jeers to Spokane for putting millions of dollars into a pedestrian bridge in the U-District. I think that money would be better spent elsewhere, helping clean up the homeless problem, drug addiction programs, the abandoned north/south freeway construction, turn lights at busy intersections, ect. Fix the relevant issues before you irresponsibly spend tax payer dollars on city cosmetics!

Costco samples You are not starving. That sample is not the last piece of food in town. Please help yourself to a sample. Say thank you. Go around as many times as you like. Its rude to take all the samples. People behind you want one also. To the man last week who screamed at the poor sample woman. She was doing her job. She wasnt' verbally abusing you when she asked you to not take from the back tray. You Sir were in the wrong.

Republican Death Panel Eight years ago, Sarah Palin's excuse for a brain farted out the slippery-slope fallacy that Obamacare would institute death panels — who would have thought that after hijacking our government, the Republicans would make a de facto death panel its first objective? Why can't we see that Replace and Repeal is really a bait and switch to snatch away the health care of some of our most medically fragile citizens — and they can't leave it up to any panel of doctors because they might actually act ethically! When those ass-clowns in Congress repeal, they have no intention of replacing anything — affordable or not — until enough of the risk pool has died off and they can Texas-sharpshoot the rest of it and sell us on some "amazing new plan." Our only prayer is to hand the whole damn mess over to Melania — if we're lucky, maybe she'll go plagiarize some more from the Democrats. It appears that her husband's oligarchy is incapable of anything so humane or inspired.

Some things are best kept to yourself If you have an uncontrollable wet hacking cough then perhaps public transportation is not for you. "But I can't/won't/don't drive", you whine, "How am I supposed to get where I need to go?" I don't know and I do sympathize with your plight. To a point. But napalming the inside of a crowded bus with your cold/flu viruses sure ain't the answer, pal.

Why My Snow Shovel? I stepped out this morning to do some much needed errands and decided I'd better clear my driveway of the deep snow that'd fallen overnight. I wanted to make things safe and easy for the mail man. When I reached for my snow shovel in the place I always keep it on the porch, it wasn't there. Now WHY, IN THE WORLD, would anybody walk onto somebody's front porch and steal their snow shovel? Can it really net you that much at the pawn shop? I mean, they're pretty cheap all over the county. I've got a bad cold and this weather isn't helping. The roads being what they are, just driving down to the hardware store and buying a new shovel is a bit more of an undertaking than usual. What motivates somebody to walk onto somebody's front porch and steal their snow shovel? Mental illness? Obsessive compulsive sociopathy? A passing whim? Please tell me. ♦

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