at Garageland I saw you for the first time a year ago at Garageland and you swept me off my're so cool;) There won't be nothin' but big old hearts dancin' in our eyes. Happy anniversary Patrick. I love you more;) MWAG!!!

PJs Pub 1/13/17 We met in the smoking tent, and chatted about comic books. At the end of the night you gave me a rose. I wanted to give you my number but I couldn't find you. Let's get together sometime.

Flat bill hat looking for peanuts I got to hang out with you at the office the other day in the valley. I didn't catch a name upon my rediculous exit while cheering to "it is what it is" but I had a ton of thank you! What was it, a Friday night around 9??? Until next time, flat bills and peanuts...maybe a shot of tequila if we are lucky;)

frozen on monroe i never thought i would write one of these you picked me up held my hand till you dropped me off i felt in hat car more loved and respected and that you wanted to me for who i am and not who i was if that makes since i gave you my texting number i just want to say i would do it for you what we tlked about did hit home and it took all i had not to start balling and ask you to help me. thank you for the ride....... respectfully frozen on monroe

Great EWU Students It is easy to say "Thanks" for the great job all of you did on 1/16/17. I opened my apartment door & saw 3 happy faces, ready to help cleaning up. Jared handy w/the vac & Hanna & Samantha dusting & washing the kitchen & bathroom floors. Words can't express how wonderful it was just having all of you here, the conversation was enlightening & fun. Best wishes from Fran

Stuck in the Snow Tuesday 1/17/17: I was turning around on the Cheney/Spangle Road off Highway 195 and got too close to the edge and ended up going into the snowed-in ditch on the side of the road. Thank you so much to all of the kind and considerate people that stopped to make sure I was okay and that I had help on the way. Gave me hope that there are good people around. Also, a shout-out to my awesome cousin was able to come and tow me out! Thanks, couz!

Gloveless No More - or - Together Again Thanks to the angel who picked up a black winter glove that fell onto the street during the Spokane Women's march on 1/21/17. When I realized I had dropped it during the march, I re-traced my steps and found it near the curb on the east side of the street. You are awesome! Your kindness was an extension of the wonderful experience that started with the rally.

Nordstrom Accessories What a help you are! Found and returned my belongings, calmed my out-of-control nerves with a gentle hug. Your kindness means so much. Good people like you leave me feeling less woeful about my forgetfulness, and less cynical toward strangers, there to help when you least expect.

women's march uplifting Cheers to all the March for Women participants. You have renewed my faith in humanity.

Employers To the employers who are complaining about a minimum wage increase, if you didn't start a business with the intention to pay your employees a living wage, you were doomed from the start. To employers that have posted adds offering part-time but demanded open-availability from applicants you are unreasonable. "16 hrs per week to start and it will work into more hours. Must be available to work any day of the week. Be available to work any shift.This job must be your top priority." That's a quote from a craigslist ad. A local coffee stand is looking for a barista for sixteen hours a week. If you can drop everything for a 130 dollars a week (that's net not gross) hurry and apply. In the coming years, with righteous indignation, the younger, smarter, and unified portion of the working class will submit its masters to egalitarianism.

Give peace a chance. To the media. Shut your pie holes. You hAte the new president based on shit he said during his campaign. Also known as everywPresident in history. So before you tear him down let him be. I'm not a republican or democrat. Just a younger white male that knows this country is or should be better than it is acting at the moment.

Spokane county judicial system Jailers, prosecutors, public defenders, judges. You have made a perverted shameful mockery of what our judicial system is intended to be. The police have to suffer the sting of a taser before using one on another person; so should you all have to suffer a go 'round in this sociopathic madhouse you have created. In my five days in jail I was strapped to a chair so that I could not move my limbs an inch; a chair with the lower back support cut out. I have have had spinal surgery for failing disks and lost the use of my legs temporarily from this. When I was unstrapped from this inhumane Nazi torture device I was told to stand and when I couldn't; I was thrown to the floor and mocked. Then I was told I was to be moved to a cleaner cell. The cell I was tossed into with only a pad and packing quilt to lay on for the next two straight days was third world. The floor which I could only stare at as I trembled with pain and cold was covered wall to wall with the toilet paper bits and fecal matter and water stains of the previously clogged and overflown toilet which was the only other thing in the room. Well there was one more thing; the giant toilet paper wad stalactite looming on the ceiling above. I stared at this with disgusted fear and wonder as I was not provided toilet paper for three full days, despite my requests. I was not given a chance to use the phone for three days. I contracted a MRSA infection during my stay at your hell hotel you sick soulless maniacs. I was told by my doctor after release that you know the jail is full of MRSA. Yet you do not inform those who stay in your den of human rights violations that they should be treated for this after release. How many hundreds of people have you effectively murdered with this sociopathic negligence?

District 81 Carelessness Jeers to decision makers during our recent snow/ice storm. You were more concerned about child care, homeless students and free breakfast. First and foremost should be student safety! Schools are a educational institution, not a day care, food stop, or shelter. You jeopardized over 29,000 students, 3,000 staff members, and countless drivers. Over 100 schools closed, WSP stated to not drive unless absolutely necessary, the airport was closed, along with numerous roads, multiple slideoffs, and accidents. Really! You'll make up the day anyway to avoid losing federal dollars. Safety of all concerned first! Daycare is the parents responsibly. No one ever died for missing breakfast, however drivers did that day. There are other resources for the homeless. Get your priorities straight!

Jeers to haters Jeers to people who vote for politicians who support cutting funding for healthcare, public schools, social security, medicare and medicaid, and environmental and safety regulations in order to afford tax cuts for billionaires. Jeers to Donald Trump for making voters believe he was for the little guy while he fills his cabinet with haters and anti-environmental corporate greed.

St. Joseph Parish Book Sale 1/14/2017 To the person who took a 100 year old set of Catholic Encyclopedias {15 volumes} After a discussion with the church worker it was decided that they were not part of the sale & I would research the books for a charity auction to help the native people of Guatemala. Two other patrons overheard this conversation & examined the books as well. At the end of the 9-1 hours the books were all placed in lidded blue bins and placed underneath a table. Some time between the priest opening the church at 4pm and the sale resuming at 5pm a $10 bill and a note saying I hope this was enough was left & the books were gone. My initial estimates place the books between $25-$50 each at a minimum. There was also local history that goes with the set that is now gone along with the books into the void of greed. Enjoy the filthy lucre. ♦

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