I Saw You

Week of February 2nd

Rock Pointe Thursday, 1-19, late afternoon. We shared a lift to the same floor. Never have a few words about snow melt been so captivating! Would you like to meet for a cup of something, sometime? Please email Winterthaw@tutanota.com

Young man who hit the pedestrian We just want you to know that our hearts go out to you. You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult and devastating time. Just want you to know that someone out there is thinking about you.

Albertson's in Liberty Lake You were with your daughter. I walked a different way so you wouldn't see me and get uncomfortable. We first crossed paths a year ago at Starbucks in LL. That's when we started noticing each other. Eventually we gave it a go but it didn't work out. I still think of you often. I've texted a few times over the past several months and you were kind enough to respond. But you moved on pretty quickly and haven't looked back. I hope you might think of me and text me, just to check in or in my wildest dreams to extend an invitation for an early morning wake-up. I know it won't happen but it still makes me smile to think about it. Hopefully I'll be moving soon, maybe it will help me move on like you have. But I doubt it.

Women's March Missed Opportunity I saw you at the Women's March. I was standing against the wall by the entrance before the march started. I was in a black coat and pink top and you were walking by in a pastel coat and attractive grey hair. You stopped in front of me and it looked like you were going to say something but didn't. I was too shy to say something and I have regretted it ever since. I would like to meet you.

From a distance Today, from a distance, I observed you. You had such an aura of confidence about you as you went above and beyond your duties to assist others. You had such a pleasant smile on your face as everyone in line waited to be helped. (And there were A LOT of people). When someone out on the floor needed assistance, you were the first to jump in and come to that person's aid and you were extremely patient with them. Watching you Sunday was one of the highlights of my morning/afternoon. Thank you for reminding me that there are still wonderful people like you in this world.

Circles&Squares This goes out to the woman I love. I respect you, appreciate you, adore you, and need you! You are what keeps this family together , please never stop loving me 4 I will never stop loving you. So guess what?... I F-ING LOVE LOVE YOU TYLA ROBERTS!!!!!!!! Love your man the man that chases you up the stairs:-) Squarest Gangsta u know Joshua Roberts I CIRCLES&SQUARES YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-)

The safe return of my wrist wallet Thank you so much to the kind person that returned my wrist wallet to the Spokane Valley Police Department. Not only did you take the time to return it, everything was in it. I appreciate it so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! :-)

WHAT A NIGHT Electrifying, pulse pounding, visceral, engaged and always on point: Tom Green. When I see something I want, I take it. Mr. Green dares us to think outside the box. He challenges the status quo. He makes us, YOU, want to be alive. He's as cool as the other side of the pillow, but hot headed like Alec Baldwin on a cell phone. Cheers to Tom Green for making a pit stop to the wicked city of Spokane. I was totally there!

GOOD MORNING Thank you to the driver of the copper colored Dodge — you paid for my coffee and croissant this morning (Thursday, 1/26) at the Hawthorne Starbucks out north. Just wanted to say thank for the nice surprise. You made my day — and I will pay it forward :)

To the last 5 years we spent together! Chatchi Chi, I obviously crave goddamn difficult. Happy Birthday! Brake some plates. Love, your most beautiful regret.

To you, young man Thank you for restoring my faith in excellent customer service; for proving to me that there are still those in the younger generation who care and can carry on a decent conversation without being distracted by technology or being uninterested in conversation. It was SO WONDERFUL to FINALLY have a two-sided conversation with someone! You were so pleasant and patient with such a calm demeanor, I could have talked to you for hours on end. But you were working, and I had other things I had to do. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed chatting with you. You made my day a joyous one. So a heartfelt thank you to you, young man. You are definitely a rare jewel.

Shaneese When I close my eyes and yours are all I see. The love I have for you is beyond comprehension and knows no end. You are forever the one who holds my heart. I adore you always.

Capital of Torture The President recently came out and supported "Waterboarding". There is a trial going on locally of two men that wrote (in Downtown Spokane) such powerful torture protocols that it even made the CIA operatives that were present sick to their stomachs. However I can remember when this first hit the paper business people here not real vocally but giving the Very strong sounds of approval. This happens to be one of the Very few positions of the new President that I disagree with. I believe most professional military people have seen torture not work that well. BUT! That does Not mean that Spokane can't be proud of being the "Capital of Torture"! Near nature near perfect??? That's BS! It's time WE get the word out that this is the cradle of Torture! NOT Washington DC! Not New York! Spokane — Capital of Torture. Has a real ring to it — Doesn't it? Are you as proud as I am NOT?

Think of others... Jeers to all the houses on Argonne & Upriver Dr. area that haven't shoveled your sidewalks. I sat at that light and watched a man climb mountains of snow, sink into snowbanks, and basically look like he was competing on a parkour course to get down that sidewalk. That is a BUSY street, and the sidewalk needs to be clear for pedestrians to be safe. And what if someone needed to get through there that was not as able-bodied as the man I watched?? Shame on all of you for not shoveling your walks — or helping your elderly neighbor keep their walk shoveled and clear. Someone in that row of homes (both sides of the street!) has got to be able-bodied and have a shovel, if not a snowblower. If you are unable, call the city, ask for help, call a neighbor, or young, able, family member. Point being — get it done. It's your responsibility as a homeowner, and sometimes you have to put others first, for the simple reason that you are a citizen of this community, if nothing else.

Re: Employers Unfortunately minimum wage did increase. So did child care, groceries, and restaurant prices to name a few. Minimum wage is not intended to get rich nor should these type of jobs become career choices. Go to school... learn a trade. If your life choices led to a minimum wage career that is your fault. What do you expect, $25/hr with no experience, no training, no education?? We have all had to do it. We have all been under paid. We have all gone without to get by. We have all had to work multiple jobs because hours got cut.

RE: Spokane County Judicial System To the complaint about their stay at our local jail... dont break the law and you dont go to jail. As Jim Carey put it in the movie Liar Liar...and I quote...STOP BREAKING THE LAW A$%HOLE!!

Congratulations Complainer Jeers to the ""the farsighted yippee pig comment"" regarding citizens and political leaders from the Jan 19 issue. All I have to say is rude. Actually if you do not like the direction this country is heading then move. I am sure some tax dollars can afford you a passport. Good luck elsewhere with an attitude like that. ♦

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