I Saw You

Week of February 9th

The Ride The first time I saw you in the back of my Ford, I noticed a beauty that couldn't be ignored. // I adjusted the mirror; the road didn't interest me, I was driving the tudor but all I could see... // Was you sitting there, you needed a ride, I didn't know then that you'd be my bride. // Now 44 years later you still make my heart skip.God had a plan the day you hurt your hip.ROCKET MARKET Thursday, 2-2, early evening. I was with my female friend sitting at a table when you walked in and you immediately caught my attention with your glowing smile and stunning dress. I teased you about the heater you pulled out and you offered to share the heat. I wanted to talk to you more though I did not want to be rude to my friend and you appeared to be studying. I would love to meet you there on a Thursday. Study break?

I saw you...twice I saw you on my way to work as you were pulling your car out from the Gonzaga district. You caught my eye even though I was casually running late. Then you conveniently showed up for what I think was a meeting with Gonzaga, about journalism or maybe all of you were getting your english majors? Anyways, you asked my name and I got so shy I didn't even catch yours! But perhaps third time is the charm? itsjustsyd@gmail.com

Thank You to the Amazing Planned Parenthood Staff Huge cheers to the incredible staff and volunteers at Planned Parenthood in Spokane. You've been there for me since I was 17 to always professionally answer my dumb questions and calm me at the most anxious times in my life. You've been there to help me with birth control, breast exams, UTIs, IUDs, and more. You've been a positive force in the lives of so many women in this community, and we are so thankful for all that you do!

Uber driver to the rescue I want to give a shout out to the Uber driver that helped me get my car unstuck at my place on the South Hill during that snow event on 2/3. I was going to have to wait over 8 hours for tow truck assistance. I'm sure you had much better things to be doing than digging an Accord out at 2 am. Thank you for your kindness — I appreciate you!

Thanks KYRS! Thanks, KYRS, for an amazing Music & Gear sale. We found some amazing CDs and vinyl albums in pristine condition plus an excellent Sony cassette player for that box of cassettes in our basement. Best of all, we could help support Thin Air Community Radio.

Shaneese Mon amour pour vous ne connaît pas de limites et restera éternel. Je suis toujours à toi.

The "F" Word To those who put the "F" word on their posters, or on their clothing, or in their everyday language: Think about it, it degrades and devalues the most basic form of human intimacy. Why would women (let alone men) ever find this word appropriate? It's time to start a movement, one word at a time, to replace this word with more meaningful if not more creative expressions.

Response To "Give Peace A Chance" To the self-described "younger white male". First of all, freedom of the press is one of our five freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, so no, the press will not "shut their pieholds", nor do the majority of Americans want them to. We need to know exactly what is going on in our congress. Yes, the majority of us do disrespect Trump based on what he said during his campaign and now and we disrespect his actions. I can believe that you are not a Democrat or a Republican and I would venture a guess that you did not even vote! Forget this "give him a chance" drumbeat from the right. He had a chance to try to bring this country together after the election and he failed miserably. The right has shown us who they are for eight years of obstructing President Obama (started on the very night of his first inauguration at the meeting in a DC restaurant). They called him horrible names as well as disrespecting his wife. They used racist terms and even displayed images of lynching. So, buddy, as the New Yorkers say, "Fuddgidaboutit."

No prophets in these black waters. I went to the Black Water Prophet show on the 21st of January at the Big Dipper. It was such a cool event sponsored by the wonderful people at Senator Guitars. I am so stoked that there is a local music shop that is willing to support local music. If you haven't gone there yet you should. BUT.... I was very disappointed by the performance of Black Water Prophet (the headliner). I am such a big fan and always look forward to there shows. But at this particular show the lead singer wasn't wearing the tight pants that he usually does. If I pay the money to see a show I want to SEE A SHOW!!! I suggest that the next time you play a show you wear some tighter jeans sir!!!

Black CRV on Broadway & Adams To the driver of the black Honda CRV at Broadway & Adams (Valley): you have some cajones! The roads were a sheet of ice, and anyone with any brains or sense of self-preservation would pay attention to their surroundings before pulling through an intersection. If you'd bothered to look then you'd have seen my car attempting to slow down but instead sliding on the skating rink of a road. Thanks for waving with one finger afterward though! Back at ya buddy.

You make me sick! To the dude who sat in the last row at the Thursday SpIFF Animation Showcase: you sat right behind me and coughed through the whole showing. I tried covering my mouth with my coat so I didn't have to breathe in your germs, but you never stopped — what a selfish thing to do! Stay home, 'cause you make me (and everyone else) SICK.

Have Some Respect for Others To the employees from another floor who came down to our floor to eat the food at our potluck we brought for one of our retiring employees, and didn't have the decency to bring a dish to share for everyone, but instead waltzed in, prepared a plate of food for themselves, and then left without congratulating or saying goodbye to the retiree.... shame on you for being so rude, only thinking of yourself and not appreciating what our potluck was for!! We prepared and paid for all of that food and decorations for the retiring employee and for the people who contributed to it, not for you to get a free lunch and walk off without any appreciation at all. Grow up and think of others instead of just yourselves!!!

White Supremacists Anthropologists have determined that modern humans originated in Africa. Around 60,000 years ago these earliest humans began migrating northward into Europe and Asia. As they moved throughout Europe they encountered the Neanderthals who were already living there. The Modern humans from Africa occasionally mated with the Neanderthals producing hybrid children. The Neanderthals disappeared over time, but the descendants of the modern humans continued to thrive and spread throughout Europe and Asia. We are all descendants from these modern humans that originated in Africa, so I am always bemused by white supremacists who believe that white skinned people are the supreme race of people on Earth. Unlike Africans, all people of European descent also contain 2% to 4% Neanderthal DNA in our genes. The reality of our humanity is there are no African-Americans, no Asian-Americans, and no Mexican-Americans; there are only American-Africans, and Chinese-Africans, Mexican-Africans, and African white supremacists. The truth of our shared humanity is that there is less than 0.5% difference in the DNA between any humans of any ethnic origins. So all the people of European descent who believe that merely by the color of their skin they are superior to other humans, I would like to point out that perhaps the reason you are white is because of the Neanderthal DNA in your genome. Don't forget that the Neanderthals became extinct because they just couldn't compete with the modern humans from Africa. ♦

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