I Saw You

Week of February 16th

Protector of Love You are a whisper in the night. A gentle snow fall. A lullaby hush over a baby. You are the sound of the dawn tides. You are the man I love. Being loved by you gives my soul rest. In this cold winter night, you are my refuge of warmth. You will always have my heart. I love you just the way you are. Come be my champion.

Mary B. I saw you, a few times over the last few months. We both work for the same entity, just different departments. I first saw you a few months back, brought you a few wheelbarrows for the job your people were doing, at my workplace. You're a very beautiful woman. And from first sight I knew I wanted to get to know you. I recently saw you again, at our driving class. I'd really love the chance to get to know you. Maybe dinner? Or something. :) There's something very intriguing about you. And I wish i had just said something to you one of the few times we've seen each other.

Good Neighbor Neighbor Dave is so helpful. Mows several lawns, snowblows and shovels about 5 homes at the end of our cul-de-sac, cares for his ill wife and still babysits grandkids. Don't know how to pay this man but say a big "Thank you so much for all you do."

NOT EVEN CLOSE Robert De Niro vs. Tom Green. As some of you may know Tom Green visited the Inland Empire last year in an epic tour de force of humor and wit. Whilst sitting in the theater watching Robert De Niro's latest movie "The Comedian," I found myself comparing the two. Signor De Niro has wowed us with wonder and wonderment in many classics: Analyze This, Analyze That, The Godfather II, Cape Fear & A Bronx Tale, to name a few... In my mind, was America's #1 wiseguy as good as Tom Green? Answer: not even close. Tom Green is a 9th degree black-belt in his domain. Humor evolves, and Robert De Niro's old school tactics fell flat in the face of Mr. Green's modern approach. If you are one of the lucky ones who saw Tom Green perform at the Spokane Comedy Club last year, I challenge you to see "The Comedian" and decide for yourself who is better. Cheers!

Shaneese I miss the taste of your strawberry wine kisses. I wish this was as easy for me as it is for you, but the void you left in my life cannot be filled with hope or wishes. You occupy my waking thoughts and haunt my dreams, still. I would give everything for one last dance.

Good Samaritan Thank you to the good samaritan who saw my walker in the parking lot at the Dollar Store in Airway Heights and took it inside so I could pick it up. Thank you, too, to the store employees who kept if for me. (I know dumb, fluke accident — walker on one side of the card & cart on the drivers side. Daughter put the cart back and I was already in the car). Anyway, it is a nice feeling to know we still have honest people around.

RE: Min wage/employers I really find it insulting when people say "You should've gone to school, started a business etc. to avoid min wage." Well, many of us did, and many of us got paid above min wage. I spent half my life in the Forest Service and wildland firefighting making $3-$4 dollars above the min wage, and even went to college. I also have spent 5 years in security (plus training I paid for myself, plus field experience in hospital, mental health and bus station security. I made several dollars above min wage (pending on which state I've lived in) And now, I make min wage along with everyone else. Whether they are in high school, never went to college, went to trade/technical schools are all above. So for people to then insult those who are jilted for the raise in min wage is extremely presumptuous that we're all uneducated & lazy. My job, along with military, law enforcement, firefighters, EMTs and hospital workers, all takes training, education in some form & a willingness to put others before ourselves. Even if a civil servant makes higher than $11 at the moment, eventually so will everyone else. And oftentimes our uniforms make us a target before anyone else. Yes, I am a bit upset that my company (at this time, as it is early on in the process) didn't give me a pay raise, but... "It is what it is" and I'm happy to have a full time job. Thank You.

Loser land Jeers to all the neighbors on the block of Joseph Ave for not helping shovel the snow where the mail man drops off all the mail if you don't want to be apart of a community then go live on loser land. Cheers to the young man who stopped to help me shovel the snow where the mail man drops off the mail and I don't even think he lived on my block.

Ice packed Since when don't people have to clear sidewalks of snow or ice, incuding churches, hospital corridors, and so-called South Hill Mansions along Rockwood Blvd. If you can't afford to hire it done get yourself to a nursing home or sell the damn thing and let someone who can clear the fricking sidewalks, please.

Loser land Jeers to any one who makes a negative comment about what I wrote you know people that I'm talking about able bodied people who can get out and shovel snow. And just in case you don't know where loser land is it's up in the Artic where there aren't any people. I have deformed bones and a bad heart because I was born malnourished and if I can can shovel snow so can other people who are able bodied. So don't tell me you all can't help shovel on our block on Joseph Ave. Most of you are below the age of 70.

Responding to "response to "give peace a chance" Are you kidding me! The people who disrespect President Trump are the WAY out of line left side democrats who have show true colors thru this whole election year! I do not recall the republican party throwing well, lets call it what it is, a tantrum. The riots, and yes they are riots, not protests. The unbelievable about of disrespect shown to him. The doomsday attitude that democrats are displaying. He has already done more for us in a month than Obama did in years! You democrats are all just to filled with a doomsday attitude to really pay attention to what he is doing. And yes the press has the right to say what they will, but democrats would not have hesitated to have one of our rights taken away, the right to bear arms! SO lets not be hypocrites. I do not see how he has failed at all really. So a message to all the doomsday "the world is ending" democrats. Pull your big girl and boys undies up, stop throwing fits. Get over self righteous selves and "lets make America great again!"

Washington court system DUI ... guilty as charged. First traffic offense other than a speeding ticket in 35 years of driving. Yes, I realize the implications of driving while impaired but do we really need 4 visits to court and a $2,500 lawyer who did nothing for his fee despite the sales pitch he gave me the day after I was arrested? "We'll cut a deal with the court". Yeah, right. How about besides automatic loss of license, an automatic fine based on the level of impairment and court costs etc. for first (and last, for me anyway) time offenders? Maybe the state could put a little more effort into getting the word out as to the implications of reckless driving just like they do for not wearing a seatbelt. As it stands, the system appears to be not a deterrent but just a cash cow for the legal system. It seems to me the more serious the crime you commit in Washington the better chance you have to cut a deal. ♦

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