I Saw You

Week of March 23rd

Blonde Beauty at an Irish Rock Show I kept looking back to you throughout my whole set. You: beautiful blonde hugging the security gate during my set before the Young Dubliners' concert at the Knit. Me. Blue shirt, black guitar, smiling at you a lot. Sorry I couldn't stick around to introduce myself. If you'd like to let me make up for that, you know the band; you remember me; let Facebook be your guide.

Soccer Coach Chick So i was trying to come up with a soccer pun but decided against it for risk of embarrassing you, kind of like when I wanted to ask you out at the checkout where I work. I wish I had though, because you are sooo cute, and obviously capable of working on your own vehicle, which is most definitely a plus. Annnyway, if you ever need more parts, you know where to go. I'll understand if this is weird and/or creepy, but it would make my year to hang out and get coffee or something with you. I'm entertaining and clever, I promise! P.s. This is ambiguous on purpose to make it less awkward, but i would love to see you again. Ok bye

Oh god please no That last one was a huge mistake. Hey soccer chick, please disregard that posting. This is all pointless and irrelevant bullshit and shouldn't have happened nor will it in the future. Thanks for your time. Peace tha f--- out, life is shit, cheers playa, what what. No but seriously pretend that didn't happen.

You Were An Officer and A Gentleman I had the privilege of 'working' with you during a crisis call. I am a local social worker and you work for the SPD. I was incredibly impressed with your demeanor, understanding of mental health and positive outlook/behaviour with my clients. You were easy on the eyes too: tall, kind eyes and copper hair. I would love to talk to you in a less high stress situation. Drinks? Email me at pineapples_and_pirates@hotmail.com if you are interested. Thank you for your service in this community.

Fighting back tears I have seen you silently cry in a corner after talking to that kid (as you call him though he is closer to your late son's age). I realize it's coming up on what would be your son's 26th birthday and things have been difficult for you as of late. I also am aware of how that kid has so much of your son's personality: pleasant demeanor; warm smile; kind spirit; mild mannerism. It's why you are so keen on him. I am also aware that you feel you just never had motherly instincts. How could you not? You KNOW when that kid isn't feeling well or something's bothering him. You also became very protective of him after he told you about the near miss with the other car while driving to work. You became protective because you know what it's like not to have your son. You wouldn't wish that on any mother. When you see that kid, you are grateful that he is safe and all right. MOTHERLY instincts. There are days when you just want to hug that kid because you will feel you are hugging your son but you keep that part of your life quiet because no one seems to understand you. I do, though. And now you feel that every time you try to do the right thing, it backfires. You tried encouraging that kid and it seemed to be taken out of context. Don't let the glare he gave you discourage you from always doing right. That glare doesn't mean the kid hates you. It also doesn't mean you don't have motherly instincts. Maybe he just wasn't ready for the care and concern for his well-being that you offered. Just give him some time. Maybe someday, you will finally be able to open up and tell him why you gaze at him the way you do. And maybe he'll understand. For now, just keep doing right.

Kissing coworkers I know things might get weird if we continue down that path. If you change your mind, I'm ready for weirdness!

"Thank You!" To Nate at Market Espresso: (3/15/2017) Today I was treated to a coffee by a friend from class in thanks for doing them a favor. She and I went to Market Espresso, located within Eagle Express Market on EWU's Cheney Campus, around 11:10-30 am ish. She and I ordered two hot caramel macchiatos from you and I requested that mine be made with coconut milk. You were very efficient at your job which really made a good first impression and very kindly took our names, your coworkers took care of our drinks and then my friend and I left after she paid for our drinks. I never expected to be back minutes later and ordering another coffee from your coffee stand today but not long after she and I left, my macchiato exploded all over the entrance mat in the next building we went to. I was incredibly embarrassed (and disappointed because I never even had a sip) but my friend helped me clean the mess up and then graciously took me back for a new coffee. When I showed up again asking for another macchiato, my friend and I were both impressed by how we were treated: you were very nice and sympathetic, joked with me about escaping being covered in coffee and surprisingly remembered my name. I was shy and couldn't find the words at the time, but I want to thank you Nate for helping me feel less embarrassed and being on the ball with both my name and my order. I deeply apprieciated the friendly service! I hope you read the Inlander and see this unexpected note; or at the very least, hear about it from someone who knows you! Cheers! Thanks from Kendra.

Stolen Boys Peacoat at YMCA To the person who stole my twelve-year old son's grey Gap peacoat from the family locker room at the Central YMCA between 2 and 3 pm on Friday 17 March, I wish you or your child much warmth. It's a great coat. Almost new. I hope that you make good use of it. May God have mercy on your wretched soul and grant you forgiveness.

To all those kind strangers... To all those who have given warm smiles and friendly greetings to me over the past three months... thank you. (Man behind the front desk, woman at the coffee shop, worker who acknowledged I existed). It's been a difficult three months and sometimes, on days when I wasn't sure I'd make it through, a stranger's warm smile and friendliness made it worth getting through another day. f course, many would not know how rough I've had it as I've tried my best to be happy-go-lucky and fake a smile. You never know when a stranger just might need to see that smile; hear that greeting. I've been one of them! So keep smiling and being kind to everyone who passes you by! Someday, you will be rewarded for such pleasantness!

Thank you I stopped at Jersey Mike's for the first time about 10 days ago — while I was getting my money out to pay for my sub, a gentleman stepped up and said "Don't take her money, I'm paying for this". I was so surprised and speechless and thankful. I have paid it forward several times because it feels so good to do so. So to the gentleman who paid for my sub — thank you for that and the good feelings I have had since.

Really Ozzie So Ozzie wants to blame Obama for officers getting killed, is he for real. So Ozzie I guess Obama was president when the first officer was killed in the US, and when Bonnie & Clyde were killing police, but according to Ozzie it's Obama fault, so when in doubt blame the black man, after all Charles Stuart did when he killed his wife, and Susan Smith did when she killed her children. So where is Phillip Tyler how come he is not saying anything, as least the Mayor was smart and not let him be police chief. Ozzie you really showed your true colors.

Leave Monroe alone So the city wants to improve Monroe, I wonder what genius came up with that idea, take that 7 million and use it for the roads or keep it in the budget for the winter. I take Monroe I for one do not want to get behind a bus, traffic will be backed up and tempers will flare, why don't you make Grand a two way. What was I thinking, the rich and powerful wouldn't allow that, oops my bad. Just put crosswalk lights, like over in the Gonzaga area. LEAVE MONROE ALONE! ♦

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