I Saw You

Week of April 6th

Maybe, just maybe... there was a miscommunication I wrote, extending gratitude and hope that you might contact me, now two weeks ago. I, sadly, didn't get a response. I did, however, see that there was a misspelling in my 'I saw you'. So, I am trying again: Officer M, with your copper hair and amazing demeanor with those in high risk situations, I would love to offer you a drink/dinner/thanks. I think both of us have high stress careers. Maybe we can commiserate or enjoy some much needed relaxation. Contact me at pineapples_and_pirates@hotmail.com or call the number on my card (the one I have you after we worked together).

You saw me gazing at you You saw me gazing at you and acknowledged me with a smile and wave. I cannot help but gaze at you. You have a pleasantness about you. There is a light and warmth that emanates from you. Your smile is delightful.You are just wonderful to be around. You make me laugh and smile and bring joy to my heart. But there is a deeper reason I gaze at you. It's because you are the reminder of a promise; the promise of a son who would someday come my way. You were the first person I gazed upon after this promise was revealed to me. So you are a significant part of my life, unbeknownst to you. Every time I see you, I remember that promise and that brings me peace and joy. That's why you find me gazing. You're the one who keeps my hope alive and keeps me believing. So thank you, young man. Thank you.

I used to 'saw' you A sad haiku: Used to be best friends // I have a best friend tattoo // Now I'm dead to you

Eyes Wide Open All these years, you were right in my backyard. It's like I knew, but didn't notice. Until we got those sparks a tiny bit too close, and they started a fire. Now I'm noticing — my eyes are wide open. I have always thought you were an incredible man. Funny, kind, interesting, compassionate, handsome, intelligent, thoughtful, determined; and I have to admit, I am enjoying being the object of your determination right now. You fill my cup. You make me feel safe, cherished, and beautiful. I could come up with 505 more reasons I'm in to you, but I do want to keep a little mystery, as well as leave space for others to post their ads in "I Saw You". I just want you to know I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment we've spent together this far, and I greatly anticipate what our future could hold.

JUST DON'T GET IT Can I get an "OH YEAH", Way to go YAMAMOTO & all hockey players out there! GET BEHIND HOCKEY SPOKANE. This town has a lot of young hockey players that never get mentioned. A lot of these kids train before school, go to school all day and train again after school while maintaining passing grades and traveling on the weekends to games. They gotta to skate, shoot, pass, and check and be checked. Talk about a TOUGH SPORT! WE COMMEND ALL PLAYERS with an OH YEAH!

Cathy McMorris Rodgers Jeers to Cathy McMorris Rodgers for failing to do her job. Failing to hold town-hall meetings in Spokane, only answering constituents who agree with her and voting Yes to sell our internet browsing history. Cathy McMorris Rodgers has received over $75,000 from the telecom industry. She does not represent Eastern Washington. She represents big money. 2018 cannot come soon enough...

Tipping Guidelines Jeers to anyone who says that bartenders, servers/waiters, or anyone in a service capacity does not deserve a tip for doing their jobs, regardless minimum wage rates. HUGE JEERS to those who work in a service industry and don't tip their fellow service industry workers, especially on a $200 bill or tab. Just so we're clear on proper etiquette: Waiter/Waitress: 15-20% of bill (excludng tax); no less than 10%; Bartender: 15% to 20% of the tab, with a minimum of 50 cents per soft drink, $1 per alcoholic drink.

Another Summer of Despair Like last year this Summer is rapidly shaping up for two colliding disasters. Unaware Spokane drivers and a City with as many torn up streets as the City can tear up. I've already been honked at twice taking a right hand turn onto Main from the East lane of Lincoln St (traffic revision) next to Nordstrom's. Signage plainly shows that turns from BOTH lanes turning West are legal. Sadly the chronically unobservant Spokane driver who can't quite pull their eyes off their telephone screens to look at traffic revisions would rather just assume (and you know what that does) one lane turns on Main (going East) and the other (Going West) onto Main to go over the bridge. Sadly driving is like an IQ test but not on paper. The people of Spokane freeze up at temporary 4 way stops. Drive 5 miles an hour when NO ONE else is near and can't see the forest for all the road signs telling them about the revisions. Add that to a City that DOESN'T CARE how inconvenient the street closers are with some daily or at least weekly management of lanes opening when not being worked on. My favorite last year at the very end when Monroe had sat for WEEKS without any forward movement finally having been paved but the three lanes were still closed (of course you can't work on lights if any one else is working) and there was a contractor parked (in the three lanes) with a large box of donuts on the hood of the pickup with "All the Guys" standing around at 9:30 AM have a donut while the citizenry were still trying to keep their lives going but in ONE LANE! But after all Why manage the projects any better? Clearly the drivers of Spokane aren't paying any attention anyway!

RE OZZIE To the person who wrote a response jeering Ozzie's claim Obama was responsible for & incited alot of assaults/cops being killed... OZZIE IS RIGHT! Ask any LEO or 1st Responder out that and I bet you'll get the same response. Many many 1st Reaponders & security guards are having to invest in ballistic vests that are stab resistant in the past several years. Proof you need? Well how about Obama's constant praise of the Black Lives Matter & the many many many MANY TIMES they've incited violence towards cops, specifically white cops. The number of assaults, ambushes & murders of police officers has in the past few yrs risen exponentially & has spilled into security & 1st responders. How bout the many cops injured during riots? The ones ambushed at gas stations, or fake 911 calls to get cops somewhere, or the cops shot sniper style at Black Lives Matter Texas demonstration? How about the security guard shot & killed in the back a few months ago in Denver, the security officer stabs & killed a month ago in PA? The ambulance driver run over & killed recently by a thief in NY? Not all are done with an anti cop ideal in someone's mind, but the prior POTUS emboldened criminals to target those in a uniform as OK. How? OBAMA went to very few LEO's funerals, but when he did he mentioned police brutality, the oppression of black folks, slapped them in the face with their assailant's cictimhood. Obama did go to EVERY criminals funeral of a "high profile case" and made lavish speeches about the great person that person had despite them trying to kill a cop, to disobey orders of officers or being a criminal as a whole. Almost Every high profile case had riots, looting & destroying their own communities. And the officers in their body cam footage were shown to have acted justifiably. So yes I agree with Ozzie & many other sheriffs, LEO, & 1st Responders that Obama was no friend to any who wear a uniform or put on a badge. And yes, I am a security officer & yes I have felt the need to invest in ballistics vest, body cam & self defense insurance so I have good legal council for any reason I might have to defend my life against someone wanting to harm ME. My uniform makes me a target, not You. My 3am foot patrols in bad areas make ME a target. Not YOU. Trump may have alot of issues, but he backs the Blue & he backs our military. ♦

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