I Saw You

Week of April 20th

A hip kid's gaze This is a broad "I saw you." It's meant to be informative. No one thinks that your loud, expensive, new car is cool. A new car means you bought something you can't afford (using a loan) or used money that you didn't deserve in the first place (money you made screwing over other people or the environment) and if you did come by this new car by some other means you are still supporting two industries (oil and auto manufacturing) who have been shitting all over people and the planet for a long time. This season's trendy status symbols are reusable shopping bags, used clothing and bicycles. In addition to useful advice, let this paragraph serve as invitation to any inarticulate buffoon who reads this and thinks "No, buying a new car is awesome!" I'll need something to laugh at next week.

You left me cold When we first met, you were afraid I would have issues with your disability. But I didn't. Or our racial differences, or our differing backgrounds, or opposite personalities. I, wholly, fell in love with you, everything about you. Six months later, you left for a week, came back from "saving your daughter" across the country, and flat out left my life. Six months later stil, I would have thought I would be OVER you. Instead... in the words of REO Speedwagon: Im so out of season // You left me cold and I'm standin' here freezin // Im so out of season // You let me go and you gave me no reason. // Im SO out of season NOW // I am sorry we met. Deny, seriously you ever loved me or can feel love, but if you did, also sorry for that. Signed, No innocence left

Helping one of my family members I want to say 'Thank You.' This family member had been going through a very, very difficult time when you assisted her. I had left to get some coffee and returned just as you were finishing up your transaction with her. And after so many days of sorrow and heaviness, I finally saw a light shine upon my family member's face as you humorously struggled to figure out how to pronounce her first name, all the while saying, "Uhhh and Ummm", which she got a kick out of. You were the first person who actually succeeded in getting her to authentically laugh and genuinely smile. So just thank you for that. I see you here and there and would love to personally thank you but doubt you'll remember the incident as you probably see thousands of faces every single day. So I just send out a note of thanks and also of gratitude here as well as a hug. That family member is still authentically laughing and genuinely smiling.

Cutie at Brain Freeze Creamery You were the fresh-faced blonde girl working behind the counter. I was the dude with glasses, red flannel and grey beanie who came in with my sis the Saturday before Easter. I made some lame jokes about the ice cream melting but really it was my heart ;) I sampled the chocolate cheesecake and s'mores but got a single scoop of the vegan chocolate. I live in Seattle, but my sister lives here in Spo. I'll visit her more often if you email me! b4ent93@comcast.net

My Favorite Driver We lost touch the beginning of summer after you drove me and a friend from the Subway downtown. I regret losing touch but there's no more drama here. So if you ever get a chance maybe we can catch up over coffee since I no longer drink.

To all those youth... To all the LGBTQ+ youth along with all the heterosexual youth who have entered and exited my life throughout the years; who opened up to me; who sometimes stayed with me when you had nowhere else to go or just needed a 'parent' in your life: all of you were such great, wonderful blessings to me. I learned the joy and heartache of parenting. There was always more joy, though. I watched many of you grow and make a wonderful life for yourselves. I'm so proud of you all! I love each and every one of you. And to Chris, who would now be 21, who suffered a heroin addiction and disappeared one night never to be seen again. I think about you all the time. Your addiction never stopped me from loving you. I pray to God for you and pray this message finds you. If the state we lived in would have allowed adoptions of those over 18, you know I would have taken you in a heartbeat! You were gone without a goodbye. However, I have never held that against you. I just pray that you finally found your way and maybe someday, you'll find your way home, God willing. Still carry you in my heart. So thank you to all of you for being some of the greatest blessings in my life! Shine on!

Re: re ozzie To say that because President Obama is in any way responsible for attacks on police officers or security guards because of the support he offered to a very important 'Black Lives Matter' movement is simply ignorant. Simply looking for someone to blame. There may have been attacks on police officers, and still are, not advocating that in any way, as I'm sure President Obama wasn't either; however, how many times were people of different race treated brutally or unfairly by law enforcement nationwide before a movement had to be started to remind the public that their lives matter as well. My opinion, with no disrespect intended, is that Obama is not the one to blame. There was a deep-rooted issue of racism and misconduct by many facets of the law that reached a breaking point for the majority of the nation. Obama was trying to bring people from different sides together in understanding. When an entire race has to start a movement to remind everyone else that their lives also matter, there is a clear lack of understanding. So in other words, I think Ozzie is grasping at straws and trying to point fingers. As for Trump, if you think he has law enforcement and the military on his mind, just remember that's what coal miners thought. You may be right though, police and military do have to clean up a lot of his mess, so they probably are on his mind. His only real interests are self interests though, and that's why every time we hear from the White House you hear twenty different lies about his latest impeachable offense. If after all that has been done in the last 80-some days you still think he has our best interests at heart, then watch something besides "Fox News". So much for keeping it short.

Do you like your weekend? A quick message to the gentleman, and I use the term lightly, because, you sir, are no gentleman. You commented that unions were good at keeping useless people in jobs. I wish I could have told you the security I have in my union job. The regular raises I received, the living wages that paid for my son to go on to a great college, the roof that went over our heads, the car that took him to his college. This comment is directed solely at you though. Be THANKFUL for your weekends. It was the Labor movement that brought that to you, and the rest of America. Before you open your mouth and insert foot, please do some homework. Thank you from a "lowly clerk" who works hard and keeps a smile on the face of working America.

Shameful Jeers to the local food joints and other places who don't have automatic doors or at least buttons that open the doors so persons in wheelchairs or using a walker can easily enter or leave.

YOU (and I) ARE PAYING MASSIVE TAXES... ... to allow your "elected" president to travel via extremely comfortable air coach to spend visitations and "share" time with his amazingly out-of-touch wife, AND to play the best golf courses on our domestic soil. He decries the corruption in isolationist states, yet has no qualms about pulling away YOUR money from education, infrastructure and social programs to ensure he has a way to evade his own tax report and job stress whilst sneakingly planning strikes against sovereign nations that have posed no threat to us Americans.

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