I Saw You

Week of May 4th

Tulip Woman You: On 4/29/17 at 10:00 AM dressed in really nice pants and hoody with your hoody tightly tied around your head & pulled far over your forehead to hide your identity. Me: lady sitting in car waiting for someone watching you steal someone else's tulips from their yards. You: brought your own scissors, parked your very nice, white sedan around the corner so you could steal tulips from someone else's yard that you did NOT pay for, tend and grow! You: stopped stealing the tulips walking nonchalantly away after I laid on my horn to get your stop. You: ran down the street and jumped in your car peeling off after I yelled that you "should be ashamed of yourself!" calling you what you are: A Thief! Me: Disgusted in you... grow or buy your own tulips you obviously can afford to!

On the River Bank I Saw You standing on the river bank downtown. There you were in a white pleated dress, your hat at a cocky angle kind of like that slightly askew U.S. Pavilion. Loved you at first sight. The Clock Tower said your name was Ms. IMAX. The Blue Bridge had an old phone number but the Park Board demolished it in preparation. Preparation! For demolition? Aach! Even though nothing else can be built there? Even though it could be a walk-through museum or a watch tower or? or? Save the IMAX Coalitionokes49@yahoo.com

Virtual Love I live in Indian time, so I am sorry if the way I expressed myself via cyberspace seemed rash or abrasive. Good thing love transcends all rules of conscience right? I pray that these painful memories that haunt you would be washed away by the memory of our love, and that when you close your eyes you would see my smile again, that will be eternally smiling at you.

Spokane Police Chief Craig Meidl Cheers to Chief Meidl for attending and participating in an event yesterday at the EWU Riverpoint campus. The event was co-sponsored by the Washington State Minority and Justice Commission and the topic was safety in minority communities. I'm an activist, and I'll admit the discussion focused on the harm that improper policing causes in communities of color. Chief Meidl admitted it was uncomfortable for him to be a white chief of police at this type of event, but he listened to everyone's concerns, actively participated, and put in the effort to try to work through some of these issues. Unlike some of our other public servants, who don't hold town hall meetings and only answer constituents who agree with them, I was very impressed by Chief Meidl's willingness to show up and challenge himself with new and uncomfortable ideas. This is the kind of servant leadership that will make our community better and safer. Cheers, Chief!

You helped me with my puppy Several weeks ago I was walking my 5 & 6 pound dogs near the corner of S. Perry and 30th. Digit got out of his halter and was tearing down the sidewalk. I was scared spitless that he would run onto Perry and get hit. You pulled over and jumped out of your car full of kids. Luckily Digit ran over to say hi and you scooped him up. Thank you Ma'am for saving my precious Digit.

Spokane Valley Police and S.C.O.P.E. 4/28/17. Evening. Neil & Pete. It was a pleasure meeting you two on Friday evening. I wanted to thank you so much for what you gentleman do for us to keep us safe. Cheers to you and your fellow men and women putting it on the line for us. Please be careful and stay safe.

SLOW DOWN ON MONROE! L@@K. I know that Monroe speedway is a 30MPH road where you do 45mph. I know that pedestrians standing on the corner of a marked or unmarked crosswalk are IGNORED. And I KNOW that if you GLASSY EYED, SELFISH SPEEDING MOTORISTS on MONROE would SLOW DOWN and ACTUALLY DRIVE THE SPEED LIMIT our neighborhood would be a lot SAFER. SPEEDING SELFISH JACKASSES HAVE ONLY YOURSELVES TO BLAME FOR THE ROAD DIET!

Spokane Bike Wars of 2017 I don't understand why this city contains too many drivers who don't know how to drive when they are near a bike. One problem is turning signals. It's bad enough when you do it to another car, but turning without a blinker when you're directly by my bike gets old . . . pretty fast. My bike doesn't have very good brakes. And because you like to make a right turn without your blinker into an entrance to a parking lot immediately before my bike is supposed to be in the same place, I am forced to slam on the brakes, which makes them weaker each time. Pretty soon, my brakes will fail entirely if i keep having to slam them. I have already had to repair one brake cable with a literal nut and bolt because it's so old, and I can't afford more repairs much less a new bike. The next problem I always have is cars driving close behind my bike, like I can go any faster than I'm already going. Even on multi-laned roads, if you're driving on my ass, I can't concentrate on riding my bike. If i crash my bike and then you hit me, you're gonna be pissed at ME. So learn how to drive!

Poor representation Cathy McMorris Rodgers: you represent the citizens of Spokane and Washington state, yet you dodge attempts to meet with your unhappy constituents at Town Hall Meetings that you yourself attend. Suck it up and face the music. If you can meet with Paul Ryan to repeal our health care and take other actions that harm Washington families you should be able to meet with your voters too. You are a REPRESENTATIVE of the PEOPLE. Start acting like it! We are THE people in We the People. We deserve a voice and a Congressperson who represents us.

Transphobic dicks To the two lovely college students at Genos on 4/28. It was great to hear how ridiculous your conversation was about trans people and the gross sh*t you said that I won't repeat on here. You're truly what's terrible with not only college culture but most of the social climate these day. Also great was you two talking about your stand-up act, I'm sure it's hilarious and I'm sure the number of people that think you're funny is equal to the amount of people who want to have sex with you, 0. Also sorry Genos doesn't serve pizza anymore, your response was pretty excellent calling the server a bitch though. Really classy!

RE RE OZZIE I'm not going to tell you that you are wrong. I am going to ask you to think about something. I think what a lot of us have been doing lately is playing the blame game. When we do that, no one takes responsibility. Without responsibility, no solutions are presented. It just goes back and forth like that. We need to stop playing the blame game and instead, try to think about how to solve our problems. If you want to blame anyone, blame those who brought Africans over here 200 years ago and forced them to be slaves. That's a long time ago. We need to work together to find answers to our problems instead of playing the blame game. That game will get us no where. ♦

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