I Saw You

Week of May 11th

pulled tenderloins You: a minimalist hunk dressed in all beige with hooks to thrill. You looked as if you were ready to give an orange slapper with the wings to flit. Me: tensions drawn on the curbslibe, you made me feel like a sudsy salamander looking to slide your way... if you know what I mean. Hook that whisper in a bottle if you'd like to tame this gecko.

Star Crossed Anglers I'm the red Prius owner who loves to fly fish, you're the shadow at night that took all of my gear from me and robbed me blind on my birthday. Please return all of the items I have worked so hard to save and scrambled and searched and dig to find, fix, and curate the gear you stole from me.

Where has the real 1gone I saw you and I knew we were going to end up together as a couple and than you made me think that life was so perfect with you and the other for came crashing down and you turned it to be this horrible dream that I somehow really wanna get away from. Your lies and cheating and you shall from me all the damn time I'm so sick of it and I can't wait till I have my day to walk away from this place I can't say I hate you but I will feel sorry because your not what you say you are you lie to your self and your just a loss cause I'm a fool for falling for you and I'm a fool for staying this long I hope you feel everything that you have made everyone else feel but a million times more because you deserve it your now going to be just a part of my past thank you for making me see what it really is....

Comfy Chairs You're right, those are comfy chairs. Almost TOO comfy to be productive. I hope you didn't leave through the emergency exit. Putting the pieces together, I realized I'm the only person who thinks Chacos and socks are still in style. I work at WC Indaba, AND I work at WC Indaba. The second one's design work and sketching though, I realize that was confusing. Curious if you also noticed the outdated dad hat and mustache attempt? If so, this was me. What a time to be alive, indeed. I drink coffee by myself when I work so having another person around to talk with would make that 3x better AT LEAST. We could talk about chacos — but also things like comfy chairs, shoeless key thieves and other types of open-toed footwear, too.

I felt your smile Friday, may 5th. Shortly before 11 am. We were both getting petrol in our vehicles. I think you had a brown Honda and I a black Subaru wagon. We exchanged what seemed to me, meaningful smiles, twice in fact. I was thinking maybe if your car needs more gas Friday the 12th about 11 at the same place, maybe we will see one another again and opt for a cup of coffee at the nearby Starbucks. Your smiles made my day.

Cathay Inn and their amazing crew May 3, decided to treat myself (Had a really hard week) Anyway stopped here for a bite. Ordered amazing lemon chicken to go for someone special, So me ordered the Raymond appetizer for self. Everything was prepared fresh, the service was over the top, The Absolute Best Part of All, they still serve the famous balsamic sweet n sour sauce, I know it's old school but how I missed it so much. Lesson never mess with perfection

Roller Derby Cheers to Roller Derby. Cheers to a sport that remains indiscriminate towards race, gender, and religion. A sport that is more commonly referred to by its players as "family" and a means that "saves souls." Roller Derby continues to empower rather then bring down, and bring together people who may have once struggled to find a place that fit. — Forever in love with the eight wheeled sport of brawns and brains.

Cheers to Azteca downtown I stupidly left my wallet, containing a large amount of cash ($100 bills), on the table at Azteca after the WSU Commencement ceremony at the INB on Friday. I retrieved it on Saturday morning and all the cash was there. How easy would it have been to reach in and snag a $100 bill? Kudos and thank you to the staff at Azteca for their honesty and integrity. Me and my kids were facing a rough couple of weeks without that money. Thank you so much!

Mystery Stupice Tomato Plant Thank you to the unknown person who added a tomato plant to my small container garden this past week! We do not live in the best part of town, so I was a little leery about placing them in my front yard. I'll make sure to take good care of it! Once again, thank you so much!

Barbie is waiting for her Ken...... I see you everyday, not at work, but after, and I can't get over how much I adore and care for you. From the first moment I saw you back in High School I knew that I would see you again. We lost touch for a while and then magically you got hired at the place I work at. By mere coincidence, I'm not sure, but it was pretty great! You moved on and went to work somewhere else, which was probably for the best because we were not doing real great at that time. You now work literally blocks away from me and I want so badly to tell you how I feel, I'm just not sure how to go about doing it. I think you might have feelings again for me too, but I could just be reading into something that's not really there. It would be so nice to find out if you're interested in anything more than friendship. Maybe you'll see this and let me know. That is if you can figure out who this is or even see this post. Maybe someone you know will see this and know who I'm referring to. By the way, I love your Barbie purse planter's on your back deck.

Colossal Improvement Thanks you to Magic Lantern and AMC downtown for playing Colossal. I thought this was going to pass us by. But i was pleasantly surprised when two theaters were playing it. And yes I'm the guy who was complaining about Shin Godzilla not being played here. I just want more giant monster movies, thank you for providing.

To all single parents After some very bad choices I went to prison for almost 5 years. As I am getting my life back together, I am helping my wife with my two young daughters and the household. It's extremely difficult not to overstate the hard work it is, further more to go and work a full shift. It has really opened my eyes how difficult life can be for a single parent. My respects to all of you all across the board. May God bless you. Thank you to my wife Anna a thousand times over, for being a great mother and wife while I was away.

Not Sorry For years it has been said "do not criticize", it is unacceptable. Well, I have had it, Trump backers I find "deplorable" in every way, the 2nd group of people I find deplorable are the Spokane citizens who who put the racist (& his wife) & proven liar, in office, twice: prosecutor Larry Haskell. When will all these old Spokane farmers go away? The ones who still vote for McMorris Rodgers, This is a new age, we now need to act intelligently, for goodness sake!

Unruly Children Jeers to the parents that let their kids run around and do what they want. I observed a group of unruly children their were seven kids ages about 5-11 at a park in Hillyard trashing the bathroom and Tp-ing the playground equipment I told them to stop or I would report them to the police. These unsupervised unruly brats told me it was a public park and they could do what they want and cussed at me. I guess Hillyard lives up to its reputation how sad.

Monroe Project Ok I agree with the person who wrote about ruining Monroe street, on Thursday April 27, I was heading downtown, they had one lane, traffic was backed up, all the way from the bottom of the hill, to the light at Indiana, people, we're turning off Monroe to the side streets, not one news agency, or city Council person was there to see the mess, nor was the person who suggested the ruining of Monroe, but the drivers got a taste, of how it's going to be. Maybe the businesses who oppose the mess, should file a lawsuit like the person on the South Hill about a road being paved. ♦

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