I Saw You

Week of May 18th

Purple Lorraine makes me smile When I pass the the Daiquiri Factory, I remember you in my minds eye. You were soo excited to see the Daiquiri Factory opening, that you got us a commemorative copy of the menu. It makes me smile to remember the new drink names you were going to suggest for their menu - my favorite was the The "Purple Lorraine". Let's meet and talk about the good times =) Miss you "Beast Mode" #Q-Laid.

Bearded Planned Parenthood Badass on Bloomsday! My sister and I admired your pink planned parenthood tee before the race and then I cheered, two miles later, as you flaunted your shirt at the anti-abortion kooks. Wanted to give you hi-fives for 1. your pink tee, 2. your activism and 3. your dexterous backwards running. Hope you had a great race, you sure made mine!

A Rose without a Thorn Rose from Hill's: You stopped me as I got off the 44 bus at Sprague & Stevens late on Friday night 4-28 & poured out your heart to a complete stranger. You were in a lot of pain & I have been thinking about you ever since. I hope you're OK now, but I'd like to be your friend & help make your life better. Please contact me, if only to let me know that you're doing OK. Maybe I could be the person who changes everything for you.

Sneaky peeky We shared some fun glances at breakfast. You were the stunning long haired brunette in workout/yoga gear sitting with your friend in the booth. Had to leave when you were away from the table.

Fancy, forgetful You: "L." - polite, friendly, blonde. Me: "J." - hat, beard and working. I helped you measure your truck bed, but you didn't come back to pick up your furniture. ( ' should have got your number.) I want to take you for a coffee. Come back and get what's yours.

Moustachioed? To the Dad-Hat Mustached One: I don't think I saw you that day at Indaba. I don't think you saw me either. While I share your affinity for the sock-Chaco combo, I remember that day as being quite warm. Too warm for my Kirkland signature woolen socks. And next to man buns, I rank mustache-attempts as my second favorite masculine feature. I wouldn't have missed it. Weeks of waiting and a veil of Inlander ink have left you amorphous in my mind. And still...The possibility of open-toed footwear discussions beckons like a hinkypunk in a swamp. What do we do?

Big thanks for help at Son Volt show Thanks to everyone who pitched in following my collapse at the Son Volt show: to the man who helped me to my feet and out of the crowd; to the friends who left the show to make sure I was OK; and to those who drove me home. Thanks to the Bartlett staff for their concern and, finally, a big thank-you to the doctor who followed me out, realized I was dehydrated, and stuck around to make sure I drank enough water to get back on my feet. Thanks all; your kindness will not be forgotten.

To a wonderful couple. The cat's out of the bag... about the wonderful email you sent to the Camas Club team members who work the desk. Wow! A friend of ours, whom you let read it first, shared the kind thing you did and your kind words. We both know neither one of you likes high accolades but this couldn't go unnoticed. You two have hearts of gold. All my years in the business, I don't remember one single incident in which two guests took the time and initiative to let the representatives know how much they are appreciated. You are one of a kind! Thank you for doing this. Some of the younger generation needs to hear words like yours. With so many employed there, I am sure your letter will be an encouragement and inspiration to them as well as to the rest of the team. So often, as you stated, people like this team are underappreciated and go unrecognized in a job that is often busy, difficult and stressful. Thank you to you two for taking notice! I am sure the Camas Club team will appreciate all your kind words. I know I certainly would.

A kind soul at Mary Lou's Milk Bottle... You are a kind man, and when you heard my daughter's and nephew's 3 year old voices, your eyes lit up. We spoke briefly about fatherhood, and you told me a little bit about your own kids when they were small. When you left, you wished us a good day, and moreover, you made my day with your kind gesture of buying our lunch in secret. I genuinely want to thank you for your generosity and kind nature. I wish you the best.

Soulful appreciation of another! I would like to take a moment to express the most sincere, heartfelt gratitude to you! Thank you so very much for everything! For being the ray of hope in an other wise cruel world. Your thirst for justice and witty and clever antics are very much appreciated and we'll received. You are a soul worth knowing and respecting! Thank you!

City council for adding to global warming Spokane city council ignores the wishes of the people because they know better what's best for us. By adding a bottle neck on Monroe the Spokane city council will increase CO2 and contribute to global warming

GW Hunters, Post Falls We are an older couple who were enjoying a lovely dinner when the waitress informed us that our dinners were paid for by someone anonymous. That was an extraordinary experience! Thank you so much to the awesome, generous mystery person. You absolutely made our day!

Bloomsday haters Every year my family and I look forward to the annual Bloomsday run! We go all out for it and truly love this event!! However their is one thing that we cannot stomach during the race...those awful baby signs held by angry screaming protestors. Don't you know this is a family event!? The last thing anyone wants to talk about with their kids is bloody babies, and why you are all yelling at us (as we rush our children by!!) it's absolutely ridiculous and it makes me sick every time...this is not the time or place for that. NOBODY WANTS YOU THERE so JEERS TO YOU angry protestors!!! And P.S. I am truly sorry about flipping you off repeatedly, I'll work on it if I see you again.

TRASHHANDLER Jeers to the people in the courthouse area who keep donating to the panhandler on Broadway who litters the sidewalk with cigarette butts and garbage. Quit giving him money! He'll go away. Problem solved.

Don't shut down the Carlyle Care Center! Pioneer human services, why would you buy the Carlyle hotel from the city of Spokane and then tell everyone to move out by October?? All of your projects in Seattle are doing great, why would you come to Spokane and ruin people's lives and not be able to run the Carlyle care center and make the employee payroll? These residents have no family and no where to go! Pioneer human services have failed! So sorry to all the great staff at the Carlyle Care Center. ♦

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