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Week of May 25th

Denim & Leather Not just a great Saxon album, Patches, we go well together. Your birthday girl pulled you away from the green, you disappeared into the night. Let's go on an epic Quest together. Come on blondie, lets double down on the om shanti.

Welcome and thank you Cheers to the two women I saw 5.18 in the Albertsons parking lot on 57th. All of this is based on my presumption, but it seemed that Woman A is a recently resettled refugee, who had three children with her, and Woman B seemed to be a Spokane native who is helping Woman A in her resettlement and had two children of her own. They were talking in the parking lot, and Woman B was telling Woman A about a series of events that will take place over the coming days, various appointments for the family. Again, all of this was based on my short bout of eavesdropping, but if I am correct, I just want to say "Welcome" to Woman A and her family. I truly hope that Spokane invites you in and you find a peaceful home here. And while undoubtedly not all will feel this way, please know there are many in this community who are grateful you are here and want your family to thrive. I also want to say "Thank you" to Woman B for taking the opportunity to help this family in their journey and settling them into a new culture in a new place. You represent what is good in humanity, whether this is your job or a humanitarian mission you are on, or both. I am sorry I didn't think to say this to you in person at the time, but I was happy to see you together and am proud that both of you are part of the fabric of the Spokane community.

Re: The Cat's out of the bag. Who let the dogs out on this one? Yes, the Camas Club team was VERY appreciative of our words. We received a thank you for a thank you. :) Their comments back to us were sweet, beautiful and amazing and put a smile on our face, filled our hearts with joy and brought tears to our eyes. We have hearts of gold? We beg to differ. The CC team are the ones who work a job that can get busy and be stressful yet they are ALWAYS cordial and pleasant and CONTINOUSLY provide nonpareil customer service. THEY are the ones with the hearts of gold; NOT us.

To all who post Cheers in this section Don't just post a Cheers here. Please go one step further. If there is someone who helped you and went above and beyond, get their name and then contact management of that employee's workplace and let them know how you were assisted. This also will have an impact on that employee's quarterly performance review which will always be a positive thing for an employee who receives excellent reviews from their customers. Please take the time to do this. We are often so quick to send in negative comments but slow to send in positive ones, if ever.

David, you're a d*%$ Cheers to you, David... For the best 5ish months... Unfortunately, you'll be leaving soon and it seems that I've fallen in love with you. And I know that's not your style, but I'm hoping that you'll see how truly great we are and would be together (despite the long distance thing) and take a chance....

I-90 road rage Big muscle man in the white mini-van Westbound got mad at me when I changed lanes into the left lane in front of him. The speed limit was 70 but he was doing 65 in the fast lane (as far too many people do). He tried to speed up and block me but I moved over anyway to get around even slower traffic in the right lane. It seems that not being able to control me is what upset him. So, when he got a chance to, he sped up next to me and began yelling and pointing at me obviously angry, so I waved and smiled and sarcastically blew him a kiss. Now into the 60 mph zone West of Flora Rd. He pulled in front of me and hit his brakes. Keep in mind I'm not speeding or anything wreckless, I only changed lanes in front of him when he didn't want me to. We both take the Pines exit and he is behind me. While I'm stopped at the red light he pulls up next to me and stopped so, I rolled down my window. This is when he tells me how lucky I am that my kid is with me because he was going to F... embarrass me, F... beat my A$$, F... F, F so many F words and threatening. I suggested he not travel in the fast lane if he won't do the speed limit. He told me that the limit is 60 mph and how he would love to beat my F... a $$. I said you probably could because I'm disabled. He said, "even more reason to beat your F... A$$ you disabled faggot." I would like to say, sir, I don't have an issue with you. I hope you find peace in your life. We are all only accountable for ourselves, our own actions. I would have liked a moment with you to talk it out as men who respect ourselves and each other. Violence would not resolve the issue. I wish you well and hope the next time we meet we can shake hands and be friends. God bless you. Aside from that, for everyone who reads this, slow traffic keep right. ;)

America is already great! We have problems, now more than ever. Diversity is what makes us great, our Muslim citizens and visitors included. Jeers to the fascist on the 66 using hateful rhetoric to demonize a group of people I have found to be more kind and compassionate than most americans. Mohammed was a feminist, preached compassion and kindness, despite what you "believe." Try understanding instead of cherrypicking the things that suit your hatred.

Where's Erin Brockovich? Best line out of the movie "Erin Brockovich" is "They're called Boobs-Ed". That's the explanation of how Julia Roberts got some poor hapless small town city employee to give her all kinds of incriminating information about the "Plume". And NOW we have one of our very own! If you read This paper the story (Fairchild water contamination) was so similar to the above movie that it's scary. Same length of time-same misinformation-same smoozy anecdotal prescription of who or what it won't affect by drinking the water on the West Plains. Of course No One in Spokane will want to believe this as the base has been our Economic friend for Years! And this time it is the US government not some fat cat public utility. Anyway we've been "Down Winders" for so long (think elevated MS numbers as one of the most obvious issues) that this story probably won't even register with anyone that's been here for more than a few months (gray cells dropping like flies). So if there is an Erin Brockovich here she won't need great Boobs. There are plenty here all ready. (Think the Monroe Street project in a city of a zillion pot holes)

5/22 behind NorthTown Mall You, a 30something pig in a slate blue sedan, yelling insults out your window at a well dressed man with a scarred face who was crossing the street... What do you think you accomplished? Who even does that? Did it make you feel better about being scum on the inside? That man you harassed walked with dignity and confidence, unlike your drive-by cowardice. And after you'd zoomed past, leaving witnesses aghast, he straightened the collar of his shirt in the reflection of his truck window and walked TALLER. You lose. Beauty is something you simply don't understand. Shame on you. ♦

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