I Saw You

Week of June 2nd

Tall To the guy I saw at Bugar King by the white elephant on May 21 around 8:30 am on Division by white elephant we talked a bit about the weather, and other stuff, only you and I talked about if your single, let's talk.

Brass Ring On this Carousel of life there is only one prize worth having. The Brass Ring. For many years as life has taken me round and round I have yearned to make the Brass Ring mine. On the rare occasion that life would bring me close I would dream about what it would be like to have and to hold such a fine treasure. Inevitably I would drift away and I would have to simply admire my prize from afar. It seemed unattainable, impossible to reach. I had all but given up on the idea of some day being good enough to hold it, to cherish it, to treasure it at is should be. Then one day I realized that all I had to do was reach out and take it. So I did, and it was all I had ever dreamed of and more. Just imagine my joy when I realized the Brass Ring actually wanted to be mine. Unfortunately I had wanted it for so long that I did not think about what I needed to do to keep it. Out of carelessness I nearly lost my treasure. Never again will I take my Brass Ring for granted. After all, life is not about the ups and downs or even what horse you ride. It's about taking care of what you love. MTFBWY.

Car Sales and Magic I first saw you on the lot, low sexy voice, heart stopping dimples, filthy with a deck of cards, and pretty cute when you played your guitar too... I'm just saying... I'd probably buy any car from you just to see you again. You talked to me for hours... And for the first time in a long time all the bullshit in life started to fade away... so... I guess all I have left to say sir is... Haaaaaaaaaayyy wanna get some breakfast? ;)

Tell Me If You Have Herd This One Tell me if you have herd this one, a man walks into a bar, strike that. A horse goes into a bar, the bartender asks, "why the long face?" The dappled colored horse look over to the bartender, with tears beading on the bottom rim of milky lids, and said, I'm going to shoot myself tonight. I love the moody Equine types. Was it a bit, or a joke, I'm not sure. All I know is I would of like if you invite me home, but "sat lah vee," ( I must admit, I had to look up how to spell c'est la vie, and its meaning, but you will never know me, so I will let my embarrassment rest. Tonight I watched your eyes fix onto me. Upon returning your gaze, your eyes moved to the table, looking through the glass of libation, to the sheen of the deep walnut bar-top. Your drink would empty within a three count, after your lovely calloused hands moved the rim of the glass to your dry lips. For the duration I was there, at Mick's Tea-Ball Toes sports bar, or some such nonsense, you were drinking so much. By the time you finally stood up to drive home, you were fixed on a drunken tilt, probable thinking, somewhere in the recesses of your mind, "am I tilting, or is it the world around me." I wish you asked me to come with you. From: Sad Pinning Pixie Hipster, Tammy B.

pothole vigilante First you circled the pothole that could swallow Boston with fluorescent pink paint. The city ignored it. Your response to the cities incompetence? Cement. Thank you pothole vigilante. You have saved Boston and my car. I love you.

Gentleman Extraordinare! Brett B: you are the smartest man in the world. Lesser than people (me) should fall at your feet and absorb all the amazing-ness you exude. How did I get so lucky? I bet you know the answer — you always do!

Barbie found Ken, but will he stay?? I know you probably won't see this because you're not one to read the Inlander, but I'm going to write it anyways. I found you and I want nothing more than to be more than friends with you. I don't know exactly what your intentions are, but the little bits and pieces that you keep giving me makes me more and more excited to see what you have spinning in that mind of yours. If there was ever any more of a force bringing us together I think we're both feeling it. I know you're not big into signs or anything like that, but we are kind of made for each other. A fish and scorpion can be a great match even if it takes some work. So, I'm hopeful to see what happens next in this journey of ours. I only see positive things coming our way as long as we both want it and I think we both do. Especially after last Friday. Oh if there is another one of those in our future it will be heaven sent.

Supermarket Samaritan Cheers to the awesome person who found an envelope with $50 cash on the floor of Rosauers Supermarket last night and turned it in. Getting paid for a gig is so much cooler when you get to keep the money. Come say hello at a Folkinception or Matt Mitchell show. I'll throw some swag your way!

To my second "son"...or "son of my heart"... I enjoyed spending time with you Sunday and having such great conversation. You're a great kid for sure. You are also very smart and intelligent and are definitely mature for a 19-year-old. I could tell that people looking down on you or passing you by on job opportunities because you are young got to you a little bit. Please do not let that discourage you. You have A LOT of potential. Do not give up hope. If you see opportunity, don't hold back. Just keep trying. What is that Proverb? Fall seven times, stand up eight. So any time you feel knocked down, stand back up. The right job at the right time WILL come along. You are bound for success. I have no doubt of that. Just keep moving forward. I know you were going back and forth on becoming a police officer. If that is your desire, go for it since you know your family would be supportive. Just as importantly, make sure your significant other is just as supportive of this decision of yours if this is what you choose. In case you didn't know, you definitely meet the height requirements for becoming a state trooper, in case you were ever interested in that as a career. So much opportunity awaits you. Just go for the gold! If you are ever feeling down and need encouragement, you have my email address so feel free to email me. You know I will always be there for you. And some final words, "Lebe Deinen Traum". (German, but I'll make you work a little bit and look up the translation).

To Motorists and to Parents, in public and in private: Get OFF your goddamn "smart" phones and pay attention to the road and others around you! Better yet, TURN OFF your f---ing phone AND PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CHILDREN!!! You and them only live ONCE!

Doctor visit gone wrong It is apaulling that a patient can be injured by a doctor and just get away with it. This is what happened to me. I was referred to a major urology office in Spokane. The doctors exam was extremely rough to the point that I was physically injured and bleeding. I left in shock. The next morning I had to go to the ER because of the pain. They have refunded my copay for the office but refuses to refund the copay for the ER. It has been three weeks and the Dr has not called to apologize. She should make amends for her assult like exam. Be careful who your doctor is. Unfortunately she has the license to do this again to someone else

Window Smasher To the asinine individual that smashed my window on Altamont and 1st .... I hope that you have dreams and goals. And then I hope they get ruined. Just a little bit. Enough to rattle your brain and discourage you and make you think for a second, "why try?" But most of all, I just hope you feel guilty. I am just another human struggling to keep my head above water. I hope you feel ashamed. ♦

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