I Saw You

Week of June 22nd

Good Samaritan I was walking with my elderly grandma to a restaurant on 14th when she tripped and fell. As I was bending over her to make sure she was okay, a hand with black sparkly nail polish reached over to help her up. We got her to her feet and I looked over to the nice young man who came to the rescue. I cannot thank you enough; what you did was so kind and unexpected. Thank you.

To Camas Club Representative Jacob No matter how busy, stressful, difficult or tough the day is, you remain cheerful and and always offer us the most exemplary customer service with a friendly greeting and warm smile and always make us beam and laugh with your sense of humor and magnetic, dynamic personality. My wife and I just want to thank you for all you do and always engaging in conversation with us. We always enjoy talking with you whenever you assist us. A week ago, you even said 'hello' to us as you walked by. That made our day. (especially my wife's day. She'd been going through some difficult days & had been in tears on and off during those days.) You lived up to the committment of making us feel special. We haven't said anything to you but did take notice that you finally got the pronounciation of my wife's name correct. You were determined to get it right, and you finally succeeded. That tells us something about you: you will never give up in life. You will just keep going until you succeed. We just wanted to give this shout out to you.

bad service To the waitress at a cafe in Ritzville, WA 6-3-17; My Native American husband, who also happens to be a Veteran, had visited your establishment, hoping to have a nice breakfast. He wasn't even acknowledged, and I was treated very rudely. Between your bad attitude, the dirty restroom, and the food, I will make sure all my family and friends will never go there!

Not a Dump On 6/4/17, I had driven by the Goodwill donation truck at 6:30 am, on West Francis Avenue. Someone had left garbage everywhere, and the bags were all torn open and contents strewn about. Boy, what class you have. Give me your address, so I can "donate" my garbage to your door, and trash your lawn... Karma will get you.

Princess of the Parking Lot Your royal highness of the Great Harvest Bread parking lot and her lame boyfriend. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve you after I made the terrible mistake of parking between you and another person who apparently do not know how to park in the middle of a parking spot. You came out wagging your free bread sample and demanded that I let you in your car. I realize most people would have maybe asked nicely or asked their boyfriend to move over and move the car out so you could get yourself in your car. But I, being 7 months pregnant understand that all your issues are mine. I will never again make the mistake of thinking that I should be thanked even after I moved out and let you get in and your boyfriend thought he was a big shot by trying to intimidate a woman. I assume he must, for you are the Princess of the parking lot, and I... I am just the fool who dared park next to you.

RE: SPOKANE SPEEDERS Oh so typical response from the usual type of Spokane driver were all so familiar with. Let me put it this way, maybe it isn't "boys with small organs" whose "lives aren't as important" as you so stupidly and ignorantly stated but possibly, just maybe, did you consider for even a fraction of a second that others around you have places to be as well? Your probably one of those drivers were ALL OH TOO FAMILIAR with who goes 5-10 mph under the posted speed limit, you come to a complete stop to execute your right turn at a light or into a parking lot, you don't take free right turns and wait for the green light even though it was clear the whole time, you speed up to block people from passing you even though you were driving under the speed limit the last Mile or so, you take off as slow as possible at Green lights, you merge onto i-90 at 35-40mph, and overall just cruise around ever so leisurely like it was a slow stroll in the park. Well guess what? Other people are trying to get to their destinations as well, and some actually have time limits or possibly are rushing to tend to a family emergency, or maybe they are speeding because they've just had a real crappy day and are pissed off. Even if the latter was the case, your so pompous and ignorant you actually believe that other human beings around you lives are less valuable than your own which is quite honestly despicable and reveals alot about your character. Your a dirtbag and most likely an even worse driver, just because you like to drive under the 35 mph speed limit and others around you would like to do 40 doesn't mean squat, maybe you should pick up the pace yourself and people wouldn't be swerving from behind you and then getting in front of you. Get a clue

McDonalds Jeers to the McDonalds manager who lied and stole my $10 11:30 Fri. the 16th. I gave the cashier a $20 for a $7 meal and she only gave me $3 back. You said you would count the register — only a buck over, you said. I know exactly how much money I gave the cashier because ATMs won't give you $10 cash back, only $20s or more. You said you'd look at the camera — and lied straight to my face. I hope you and the incompetent cashier both lose your jobs.

Thanks Walt I personally wanted to thank Walt Worthy for destroying the 300 block of Main Ave. and Bernard. I have walked and driven by several times. Look, I admire and appreciate what Walt has done for the city of Spokane but he didn't do us any favors with the Grand. Main avenue is nothing more than a blocked off corridor with no entrance and the Bernard side is used for chair and table storage. This could have been so much more. Small shops, florist, baristas, a sports bar, etc....it is really a shame. So much potential for this development yet the city let Worthy get away with public space murder.

Yes/No Monroe? To all the constant whiners, the lying billboards, the passive-aggressive placards up in the windows of the businesses up North Monroe. You say that making the road narrower will somehow ruin your businesses and the neighborhood. Well, to be honest, it already is ruined. Half a dozen overpriced antique stores and a Zip's does not constitute a shopping district.

Tailgating Big giant jeers to the self absorbed driver headed south bound on Argonne sun morn. I was driving 5 miles over the speed limit and you were so close to my bumper if a deer or anything would of ran out in front of me you would of hit me and sent me spinning. I had my tiny kids in the car and your foolish selfish acts could of hurt them. If you think for one sec mama bear isn't going to come out as a result of you treating the 2 ton weapon you're driving around like a bumper car you're sorely mistaken. You want to be a foolish moron do it on your own time.

Bird man To the man bringing his gross dinosaur bird through Home Depot... WTH. People where crowding around trying to see this creature while I'm trying to buy bird block to keep your "pet's" filthy friends out of my garden. If I wanted to hang out or be around creepy footed creatures then I would go to a zoo or a pet store. I was not shy about my disgusted looks about your choice to bring your "pet" into a store I presumed to be free of fowl filth. You got into the checkout line right behind me and had the audacity to tell me it wasn't going to hurt me... Really? Really? My safety is what's being questioned here, not the fact that you brought some freak of the jungle to a home improvement store. ♦

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