I Saw You

Week of June 29th

N. Spokane Library You — Adonis: black hair to your waist! Me — looking away due to promise to sons — no more cute, young guys! I have to finally grow up!

A Blockbuster of a clerk To the lady who helped me at Barnes & Noble in the video/music section, i loved your sense of humor & smile. Although another clerk had to ring me up youre the one who i stuck around for the chance to talk to you. Id love a chance to climb Jacobs Ladder with you. ;) little hint of who i am lol. I hope its you who calls me when the movie comes in!

You Are Beautiful I saw you at the Park Bench Cafe music series last Friday. You and a young blonde girl moved closer to the band and sat on the curb nearly in front of me... and I was speechless. You are absolutely gorgeous and you brightened my day. Thank you. See you there again some Friday evening?

Helped you park your white minivan Hoopfest Sunday before your movie. You are gorgeous brunette and I helped you parallel park your van. You were headed to RPS for a movie. I was heading home to CDA and should have asked you to join me for a drink but you seemed set on seeing a movie — I could tell you needed some "me" time. I'd love to meet for a coffee or drink. You seemed stressed and I get the feeling you could use a friend who wants to pamper you, listen and anything else you need. Me — college educated, small business owner in CDA. I am a true gentleman who like to get to know you. I hope you see this.

Midtown Hey shout out to Midtown deli in Post Falls. Anytime you want a bomb deli sandwich that's quick with a good price, go see the ladies at Midtown!!! They will hook you up. Keep up the good grill'in ladies!!! Love ya! Cheers!

My sugar stick Ahhh babe I'm so proud of you. Everyday u show me how much you love us & want a family. Thank you for being there. Your a awesome dad. We all say hey love u from deadpool!! Lol I f***ing love you. I'm looking forward to getting even older with you. Love, Indian eyes xoxo

Not a Dog Hog Cheers to dogs! Cheers to the people who take their dogs on walks! It makes me really happy to see everyone out on nice days with their doggies! Thank you for making my day!

Shame on you a local bakery This is the most disappointing day for me, all because of lack of integrity and accountability on behalf of this establishment. I called to ask if they specifically made cakes for dogs that were okay for dogs to eat. They said they did. I prepaid and showed up for a cake for my pups birthday. I found out they had made a cake for humans with flour and sugar, as an animal owner and lover, we know those ingredients are not safe or good for dogs. Since they do not make dog friendly cakes I asked for a refund since I was not taking the cake. The manager refused and was quite rude about it. I am disappointed and as a animal lover my heart is broken. Please take your business elsewhere as the service and integrity of this place are very questionable!!!!

Yoga Pant Mob Blocking Trail Jeers to the yoga mob that was blocking Centennial Trail in Kendall Yards on 6/22. We get it that yoga is the most important thing in your world, but get out of the way. I can't believe that no one thought to leave a path on such a busy trail. Share the path you self righteous Kendall Yards residents.

Situational PC First you Must read the "Spokane Speeders" from the June 15-21st Inlander. A philogynist diatribe on short manhood owning male drivers in Spokane. (Woman don't speed--other than I've observed many times through park zones and school zones) In the age of unpopular Political Correctness where everyone is "thin skinned" if they take offense to something you've said about Them and out of line if it's about You. I find it amazing that this even got printed. Not because of freedom of speech issues but if this had been written inversely about the reason "Womyn" are such bad drivers because of a female body part I doubt the Inlander would have taken it seriously? Would You Have? Actually if you want to belittle men you should start out with why they put up with being sperm donors and credit card providers to a whole segment of the population that considers them A-holes---and Not for just speeding when they drive. How many guys here (30's-45's) have driven to work and thought why they bust their backside for some harpy that treats them like garbage. That think they can't do anything right and kids that completely ignore them until they want something. So let's not just badmouth driving let's question men on why they do everything? Because speeding isn't just a short manhood thing it's a testosterone thing--aggression. And some women like real men unless it's something they dislike (which are a lot of things--right guys?) and then it's because he has a short----well you know by now.

re: re: Speeders You just made their point. Your comments about Spokane drivers are insipid. If you don't like them, move. Hopefully, law enforcement will step up patrols and enforce speeding laws with heavy fines. Also, when you used "were" and "your", the correct way to write those is "we're" and "you're". For example "you're" is a contraction of the words "you" and "are". In the same way, "we're" is a contraction of the words "we" and "are". I'm fairly certain most people in Spokane are smart and know that.

Paul Simon handouts I purchased tickets the minute they went on sale and got great seats. Didn't realize the first three rows were packed with obviously corporate handouts. No one clapped. No standing ovations. The cheap seats were alive.

Constant concert yakkers Dear middle-aged, tipsy couple who sat in front of us at the 6/23 Paul Simon concert: You talked to each other, loudly, through the whole first half of the show. When I asked you, firmly but not unkindly, to be quieter, you did the following: gave me the middle finger multiple times, bent back repeatedly to clap in my face, and taunted me several times by saying, mockingly, "Am I clapping too loud for you?" Even after the show you continued to berate me and my wife, saying there was "something wrong with" us, that we need counseling or maybe a beer, and that we should loosen up. I'll tell you a secret: It was our wedding anniversary. All we wanted was to enjoy a music legend without your loud conversation getting in the way.

It's supposed to be fun... Lady w/big black dog on Beacon Hill above Minnehaha Park: Would it kill ya to smile and say good morning to other dog walkers? You and your Newfie might make a new friend or two. Or if your doggie is not dog-friendly, sing out when you come up on someone else with a dog, so we know. Our dog is friendly, and only barks at you guys because you come on like a Stealth drone. Lighten up, commune, it's supposed to be fun! Oh, and you folks w/unleashed dogs, you ain't no Cesar Milan, believe me.

Lazy Walker To the grown man that I had the misfortune of being trapped behind while walking down Monroe. You were grudgingly dragging your lazy carcass down the sidewalk, all the while complaining about having to 'walk to Hoopfest'. Your unending narrative on why you shouldn't be subject to walking downtown was one of the most juvenile and self-entitled things I've been forced to listen to. To make matters worse, you loudly belted it to strangers as well as the staff at a convenience store we both happened to stop at. Your wife was relegated to embarrassed silence as you made sure that everyone and their mothers were made aware of your 'hardship'. Even your own small children asked you to keep it down, most likely horrified by the infantile fit their father was throwing. You know who had to also walk to Hoopfest? Almost everyone! You, sir, were not the only human who put in some leg work to go downtown for the weekend. Maybe focus less on being a self-absorbed jerk and more on being a good example to your children. I hate to think of how you act at home, considering how you were willing to act out in public. ♦

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