I Saw You

Week of July 13th

I saw you in my dream 41 day that one day you'll u understand who I am, but time has shown me you never will. I've never written here until now. I only wish you the best for yourself, and whomever remains in your life. Goodbye.

Pacific Produce Cutie I stopped by with my clients and picked up my usual apricots for my son. You, tattooed gorgeous brunette, were working alongside a bearded gentleman. You said, 'nice seeing you. Maybe I will see you Saturday?' I nonchalantly said 'maybe' without thinking. I wracked my brain thinking of why I would see you before realizing there is a market on Saturday too. Maybe you wanted to see me again? I was the blonde with glasses, holding sunflowers. Email me at pineapples_and_pirates@gmsil.com, if so. X

Attracted to you at the Sammy H Concert  To my handsome bearded man I smiled at while rocking out at the Airway Heights Sammy Hagar concert on 6-30!! If Sammy returns to the same place-I will be there and would love to officially meet you. I was very attracted to you! If you would like to meet up sooner, post response with an email address. Love, the smiling woman in the red tank top... checking you out!!

beer-buddies I saw you on Bennedito's patio, 7/5/17. You: wearing a mid-sleeve denim shirt and cute sangria-colored pants, sharing laughs and beers with your girlfriends over a plate of Beerbuddies, which I noticed you passed on. Hopefully, next time you won't pass on my offer to buy you a cold one and be your human beer buddy. Equally doughy but less carbs!

One year ago... One year ago today I got to watch you walk down that aisle. You were a vision of immaculate beauty. It was hard to look at you without my eyes welling up at the thought of you becoming my one true love forever. You seemed to float down with your dad on your arm and then took my hand while we looked into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. You are my everything, you are my world. I love you babe! Happy Anniversary Rachel H!

red light camera The south bound lanes at the corner of 2nd and maple has a red light camera that has not been working correctly since last year in the month of october, at least ! I often do see motor vehicles come to a stop within seconds of the traffic light turning red and then the flash of the red light camera does flash. and the vehicles that run the yellow light turning into red and they do not get a picture of their vehicle licence plates sent into the system. good job spokane police department for maintenance of the red light camera and the money it shovels into the treasury.

Thank you... Thank you so much to the couple who took the time to check on a stranger. You don't know how much that meant to me after that guy in the truck got out by the bank and was yelling at me in the middle of the street. I wasn't in a good way when you noticed me, I have a pretty bad case of PTSD, due to other reasons, but thanks to your kindness and concern I was able to calm down and make it home safe... Thank you again, I will pass it forward

My Boobear<3 AKat, I could say "I love you," a 1,000 ways and it still wouldn't be enough. You're my best friend and the love of my life. Through all the ups and downs, my heart beats more for you every day. Thank you for giving me and Ry a family. You two are my world. <3 I love you more than all the stars in the sky.

Law Breakers Kudos to the wonderful law enforcement in the city. You may have noticed some of the stupid comments recently for disobeying traffic laws. It seems that there may be a great source of future revenue for increasing patrols by levying steeper fines for those who willfully and purposefully break the law. Thank you for sending a message by ticketing these people and thank you for all you do to provide safety.

A Magical 4th of July Cheers to the 4th of July Celebration Committee and workers who did a terrific job at Riverfront Park this last week! I've been a professional magician for over 60 years and have worked with many wonderful people in that time and this years Celebration Committee was certainly no exception! Everyone was professional and friendly and the crowds who braved the heat to come see my show were truly fantastic! So, thank you to everyone who let me know they enjoyed the magic show and cheers to every single person who helped pull off another great 4th of July celebration! I hope to see you all again at Pig Out in the Park!

Hey Jerkface Dear Mr. JerkFace — Just wanted to say that I hope you are enjoying the tool chest that my husband received as a wedding gift and the other tools you stole from our locked garage. It was pleasant news to get while deployed 7000 miles away to know that we live in such a "safe and friendly" neighborhood. Enjoy it since we can't.

Don't talk at the movies!!! To the two idiot teenagers at the Regal in the Northtown Mall July 5th seeing wonder woman at 3:15 — shame on you for talking the whole first 45 mins of the movie! The whole back row could hear you until I told you to be quiet! One of my family members who was with me is very ill and only gets out of the house maybe once a month. She'd been looking forward to seeing Wonder Woman for weeks and to think you had the nerve to ruin the beginning of the movie for everyone unfortunate enough to have been near you! If you wanted to go on a date and talk the whole damn time, thats what restaurants are for. Or just stay home if you're constantly going to be crawling in your boyfriends lap.

Fourth of July lawbreakers Fireworks are illegal in Spokane and there are quiet hours. If you all want to blow shit up I suggest you sign up for a tour and go to the mideast. When you get done in 4 years you can join me in PTSD counselling where you can share your nightmares with the rest of us.

I saw you/ we all saw you To the White pickup truck who almost T-Boned a lady on Indiana and Atlantic, by the US Bank on Thursday the 6th around 4pm... SHAME ON YOU!! I saw you, we all saw you, The street and parking lot was full of people who saw you not only almost hit her, but because she honked to let you know she was there, you proceeded to stop your truck in the middle of the street blocking her, get out and start screaming at her, and approaching her car. Even after she screamed for you to get away from her and yelled for help, you kept on yelling at her and coming at her. She almost had to hit you to get away from you! We thought you should know that on our way home we found her parked by the school in a full blown panic attack, scared to death. You know a guy just shot a woman over a road rage incident! Again, SHAME ON YOU

You backed into my car 7/7/17 North Spokane Walmart. You backed into my car bad. I'm guessing you dont have insurance or are too much of a coward to leave your information. Either that or you're that bad of a driver you didn't notice you hit something. Do the right thing coward!

No Damn Dam Fireworks! My family was very disappointed with the Grand Coulee Dam area that decided to have it's firework show on the Saturday before the 4th of July. I and many others had made the long drive, choosing their unique firework show over others in the area. There was very limited advertising regarding the change of schedule. I was told by a local that the show was very impressive this year. Next year I think I'll just stay close to home rather than risk another wasted 4th.

Everybody Damn it people! We have got to be kinder to each other. Out of town last week and come home to cops having to shoot, fireworks disturbing neighbors, domestic violence and heat. Can we all please be kind to each other? And for goodness sakes "colored people" please quit assuming we are patronizing you. I honestly want to get to know you. ♦

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