I Saw You

Week of July 27

Boi I saw you and honked today. I was flooded with emotion, remembering how I treated you when I pushed you out of my life. I want to apologize. I know words do not soften the blow I dealt. I am changing. I am embarrassed for, and saddened by, my own inability to be kind to you when you needed kindness. Take good care of you. If you can ever forgive me enough to ponder friendship, well... you know where I live :)

Northside Pool Heartbreaker On Tuesday the 18th, I believe I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life. You were in a gold 2 piece and had your adorable little boy with you. I couldn't help but notice you as you played with your son in the shallow water. I thought I was going to die when you started over towards where I was playing with my son. Scrambling for something to say, I remarked on your child and how he seemed a bit reluctant. We shared only a few more words after that but the conversation will forever be burned into my memory. Your beauty, kindness and the very obvious love you have for your child makes you the most beautiful creature my eyes have ever seen. If I never see you ever again, know that you are a Goddess among women.

Pretty-eyed Politi-Babe I saw you at the 3rd Legislative district Dems meeting last week. I was really impressed by your vocabulary and involvement/opinions. You were wearing a button-down and a gorgeous smile with your tossled brown curls. I am not sure you noticed me making eyes at you during discussion. I was the blonde in the black dress. Can I buy you an ice-cream soda sometime?

I saw you in my dreams... If this was your partial submission, and its B in PF, I think the inability to understand was in both corners. I waited so very long for you. And as I made changes in my life, removing and adding, you did not seek my association. I lost you a very long time ago. I just needed the objectivity to realize part of what is yours hurts me to the point i cannot have it in my life. I hope only the best for you. I cannot say I hope that for those using what remains of your life. I truly love loved and will miss your face. This, though is me, keeping my sanity or what remains of it. Take care of whatever remains in your life :) Goodbye.

I still have your blue sweatshirt from the lake... ... and I still love you like sweetgrass...More than a decade's gone by, and I miss you more than ever; a thousand reminders course my way each day, and I wonder if it's just wishful thinking all these signs from the tanzanite universe indicate that you're on your way back around the circle, to me... You've appeared in my dreams now, and I can hear your voice, sweeter than ever! We had music and dance, rain, pink champagne, love letters, poetry and film...and while the void echoes with the ache of being apart, I believe more than ever that you just might be the love of my life... I'll be waiting in Whitefish... Forever! Cheers to you, and the best what-might-have-been ever...

Brownes Addition Sign I would like to extend a big heartfelt "THANK YOU" to all of the people driving/walking by the Brownes Addition sign by Rosaures on the morning of Wednesday July 19th. All of your kind words were very much appreciated. Also another big "THANK YOU" to the very kind person who brought my team a case of water.

WalMart Momma  To the mom at the Northside WalMart who publicly humiliated her sons by making them wear signs that said, "I was disrespectful" on Thurs.: You are an awesome mother! I love it that you held your sons accountable in a more creative way than a beating. I hope your sons grow up to be good citizens and learn from their mistakes. If more parents were like you, we'd have less crime and more responsible behavior, and the jobs that teachers and police do would be much easier.

cheers for Vegfest Cheers to Josh Meckel, the Inland Northwest Vegans, and everyone involved in bringing us the best ever Spokane Vegfest. While we old folk are freaking out about losing our health coverage, these young visionaries are showing us the way to health. And they are doing it in such a fun, positive, delicious and compassionate way. Cheers to Josh and the Inland Northwest Vegans.

Frustration to elation It happened at City Food Mart, a convenience store at the intersection of South Maple and Third Avenue. On my way to work Thursday morning my car suddenly quit running and I coasted off the street into the store parking lot. I'm so grateful Henry was on duty at the store that day. The tow truck company I called failed to show. Henry realized my plight, found me another tow company, contacted them, and they arrived within half an hour. Then he made certain my car would be delivered to the repair shop. Now, that's service above and beyond and I wasn't even a customer that day!

I gave you a leaf when I first kissed you on you front porch. Hey, I know I don't tell you enough, but are an amazing human being. You Brittany are compassionate, smart, self disciplined, well balanced and unbelievably beautiful. I know we have been married ten years, but you still wow me. I know there is nothing that YOU can not do. You are and (hopefully will remain) my best friend in this upside down and crazy world. Thank you for always being my rock and anchorage in terrible storms and guiding light when I am blinded. Ten years! Holy cow! I still want to kiss you lovely hand with the ring I gave you and see your bed head in morning! You are currently asleep on our couch while I write this on your phone (tired mom of two)!! Love ya!!!!!! -J

know yourself To the guy who wants to get to know "colored people" simply because of our skin color, you ARE being patronizing. And racist. Why would I want to waste my time getting to know someone who doesn't already realize this? What's in it for me? Get over your white sense of entitlement and stop acting like it's my job to explain my culture to you like I'm some tour guide. And please, stop staring at us.

Idiots All Around It isn't enough my wife and I witness bad driving habits, blatant disregard of laws (expired tabs, talking/texting on the phone, studded tires, running of stop signs, speeding, etc.) everytime we go down the road, I also have to clean up the trash that's thoughtlessly tossed out the window on or near my area. Seems a weekly ritual that I'm picking up someone else's litter. The beer and pop cans aren't so bad (I can recycle those) but the bags, napkins, empty cigarette packs and such are just more garbage I have to pay to get rid of. On the morning of 7/10 while getting my morning paper I saw a paper bag and napkins strewn around near my mailbox. I picked all of it up and noticed a receipt in the bag for one Jumbo Cheese ordered at 1:34:26 am at Jack-in-the-Box. Below the order was "Law enforcement (50%) and the corresponding discount amount. If an officer ordered this while on duty I can understand (we all get peckish at one time or another) but to throw it out the window on to someone's property? Why? Get ridding evidence? Should've kept the receipt then before tossing the bag, scooter! What kind of example are you setting, hmm? Still have the receipt...might call the restaurant and see if the drive-through surveillance footage is still available. If not; I can probably talk to the worker who served you. Let this be a reminder to all who litter...why not just take your trash home with you and dispose of it the correct way rather than proving what a selfish, uncaring, worthless waste of protoplasm you all are? ♦

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