I Saw You

Week of August 3

You saw me at the STA Plaza, sometime in 2001-2002 You were the male teenager between 13-15. I was the 30ish woman, (though many thought I was 10 years younger), dressed in a skirt and blouse, waiting for the bus to take me to my job. You walked around me for a few minutes and finally approached me, shyly asking me if I had 75 cents. It was rare I ever had any any extra money to spare but that day, I did. I could tell your asking was in the sincerest form so that's why I didn't hesitate to give you that 75 cents. You thanked me kindly and went on your way. After all these years, I still think about that moment. Why? I was going through a rough time back then and really didn't know how to communicate with others. I wish I would have said more to you; even given you a little extra $$ that I could have spared. Wherever you were going that day, I hope you got there safe and sound. Wherever are now, I hope this message finds you well. Anytime I think of that moment, I send a prayer up to Heaven and ask God to watch over you and your family.

Prepared and Pretty I saw you at a reception at Bozarth's Mansion on Saturday, the 22nd. You were wearing a pair of neon sunglasses and provided sunscreen for those who were lucky enough to sit at your table. I couldn't help but notice how prepared and attentive you were — grabbing drinks for the ladies at your table, making sure they got to where they needed to be safely, snapping photos for everyone. You should have taken some selfies yourself, handsome! I think you might know where to find me. If you are game — I would love to grab a glass of wine and check out that pretty view, again — and you ;)

Mysterious Redhead 15 years ago after a senior fitness class at the gym, I made a pass which you quickly shot down. And I'd still see you once in awhile and my heart would take a little skip. But this evening Friday 7/28, you smiled once and made eye contact four times, once right after picking up an Inlander heading out the door. Whoa, Nelly! Give me one more smile next time you see me and I'll take you to dinner. Friends is OK. From the tall guy too shocked to respond.

Loving your boy I doubt you'll see this — but I saw you, waiting to cross the street at Central & Division by the Rite Aid — Saturday 7/29 @2p. You: handsome black man, wearing a white, flat-billed hat, slouchy jeans (how DO those stay up under your cheeks anyway??). Your boy: looked freckled, with red hair, about 9 or 10. What I saw though, was you messing his hair in a lovingly playful way, then putting your arm around him, then taking his hand to cross the street, then putting yourself in between him and the traffic. All of these actions, I'm sure you didn't notice you were doing. But I saw them, and I smiled for your boy. Your boy feels them. Keep being a good Daddy (or important man in that boy's life). Most important job you'll ever have. Thanks for the smile.

KIDD Ben you have been the most amazing man ever there is not a day that goes by that I dont love you more and more. Thank you for loving me I will love you to the moon and back you are my light house that shines right back. Thank you for always try for your family Love To

Walking the lazy river at Silverwood You told me I needed a tube (7/25/17). I told you it was easier to get around walking. You made the suggestion that I could link up with you if I had a tube. I was trying my best to keep up with my lil peeps and continued walking. I didn't mean to be rude or disinterested. Doubt you'll see this... rare chance you do, tag you're it.

Camas Club Representative Jacob We would like to wish you a Happy Birthday (August 6th) and thank you once again for always being so honorable, respectable, courteous, personable, congenial, friendly, positive, enthusiastic, optimistic, etc. There are so many words to describe the wonderful person you are that this list would go on and on and on. So those are just a few. You are one of the kindest people we have ever met. We know it was you that day awhile back who helped a senior with her chair and her card. We saw how pleasant and respectable you were to that senior for we were sitting two chairs down that day. (someone else put those remarks here but without a name so today, we decided to let everyone know it was you who assisted that senior.) You are truly one amazing person. We hope you have a joyous, wonderful birthday with many more to come. May happiness, joy, peace, success and prosperity be yours always. With all sincerity, P & S.

Irish Seafarer You are like the ocean tides that change with the phases of the moon. And I have waded out too far with the tides, nearly drowning, as the waves were crashing over me, only to be miraculously saved, as I am washed up to the sea shore, barely alive. But I saw you as a fisherman, who saw me there and picked me up and carried me somewhere warm and comforting, only to awaken to see your face as dream come, after having the most horrible nightmare...

Camas Club Representative Jacob...we forgot to add this: We forgot to add something: you are a constant reminder of why we continue to return to Northern Quest time and again. You have so much integrity and are very high spirited. From the way you have assisted us, we have observed that you are very people-person oriented, and even though you are young, you, without a doubt, have the qualities of a born leader. (this coming from two people who were supervisors for years). With your jovial, upbeat, confident, optimistic, enthusiastic attitude and personality and your incomparable peerless customer service skills, we believe you are one who will go far in life and persevere. We also believe you will definitely have ample opportunity to advance your career. We would miss your genuine smile, charismatic personality and momentous customer service skills at the Camas Club desk if you did advance to another department, but we also know, with all certainty, that you would take with you those same unique skills and qualifications, that make you superb at your job, wherever you went.Have a stupendous birthday, and may you have a MASSIVE win on the prize wheel.

housing status Spokane 2017: Landlords can drink to that! Because Spokane has no official or unofficial watchdog/obudsman for minor infractions of the housing laws/codes; and because SPD and SCSO blatenly refuse to uphold the RCW's that pertain to housing when the renter is the first contact (i.e. landlord locks renter out by changing locks to unit instead of using the court process for eviction) — the renters in Spokane are left without a paddle in a very muddy creek. I just am pretending (escapism) that I am a landlord and am making a toast with my fellow lords to this fact and to a future full of promise — to our pusuit of happieness!!!

Re-Train your engineer BNSF, why are a few (or one) train(s) short-blowing their horn at the Moab junction overpass (Trent & Starr)? I have observed this, about once a week, and not once was there an animal or person on or near the tracks. I know the rules, I have researched them. I have contacted a regional PR rep. with limited results. Please get control of your engineer(s).

Spokane Road Planning Jeers to those who plan and do road construction in Spokane. Shortly before Upriver Drive was closed just due east of the Green Street Bridge, a sign was erected indicating closure on April 24. As of July 28, the sign is still in place and the road is closed. How about an updated sign indicating progress that's been made and an anticipated opening of the Drive? The neighborhood that traffic is being detoured through was never intended for the traffic that has been driving through it for the last 3 months. How about some respect for the people using the road? Perhaps an updated sign is in order and/or more efficient work? Also, why does it appear that few if any people have been working there lately? Is this a project where people get rewarded to draw a project out as long as possible? ♦

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