I Saw You

Week of August 10

Blonde Biker at Stateline I was already in the store, when you road in on your Harley. Black, of course, with a sunset and a guitar playing female skeleton....cool! You are blonde and wore a white tank top, buying a carton of Marlboro's. I....didn't have my glasses on and was holding up the line!! I also had a white tank top, from Cozumel! No Harley, though. Single? You had a quick smoke and were waiting on another biker chic....and then off you went. Let's meet up??"

At sacred heart emergencie on aug2 w/2friends. I You with the Inlander in your hands red glasses on your head ...but the slides gotta go because you would look hot in a pair of stelletos red or black open back an open toe that is so sexy I really like your shape hope to one day to get the opportunity to spend time with you

I'm not embarrassed So we talked at Art on the Green @ NIC. Something happened that I'm assuming freaked you out but literally, (a little over exaggerated) besides rape and murder nothing shocks/embarrasses/concerns me, I simply felt bad about the situation for you. It really was not a thing to me honestly so please shoot me a line at ed4998@gmail.com. I'd like to know more about the thing you do after work in the shade (I brought up the shade) laugh about this and at least be friends, you were really cool.

At Bolos on St. Pattys Met you @ Bolos on St. Patricks day you said your friends from KAISER where you worked drug u out.. I was then taken but you sat with me all night long til I left so I wouldn't be alone since my then bf was with friends. You bought a shot for me and I stole your marti gra beads. I believe your name was Sam but it was so loud im not sure. Im single now, want to continue the conversation?

Emergency Room Routine Cheers to the staff and Sacred Heart Emergency! It is 95 degrees outside do you know where your brother, mother, aunt, cousin, sister, friend, co-workers are...? They are in the ER, some 40 odd of them in varying degrees of hurt, scared, desperate and in pain. One by one you triage, comfort and move through the stages of care every single one of them; that is the ones who don't just up and leave after two hours. O.K. so at the four hour mark one does wonder what part of emergent the care actually is, but still, the ER staff manage to get everyone checked in and doctored eventually! Job well done under pressure!

Parking Lot Superhero A giant cheers to Max for helping me with my truck at the South Hill T.J.'s a couple months ago. After a long day of work I stopped for groceries and my ride home was not cooperating one bit. You so kindly offered to help a stranger with your handy tools, cleaning my battery cables and getting me back to the potholes in no time at all. I offered up a thank you bottle of wine which you humbly refused. Thank you for being an awesome citizen and for helping a hard working girl in my time of need. You rule!

NOT worth it To whoever it was who needed some quick cash and chose to accomplish it by stealing the wheels and tires off my son's truck Friday night. You not only caused us a huge headache and a big chunk of change, you also stole a little more of my son's faith in humanity, and you took it from a young man whose brother raised his hand in service to our country, and died in Afghanistan defending your rights and freedoms. The couple hundred bucks you got were NOT worth it, and I hope you'll think twice before you do it again.

Immigrants You, you useless excuse for a human, the 2 young men in front of you were struggling with money and a language barrier, we eventually got that all sorted out and on their way, but you. You kept commenting on the transaction. "Learn to speak English, Damn Immigrants, go back where you came from. How. Dare. You. I did notice that you are as white as I am, and unless I miss my guess, there is not a drop of Native blood running through those biased veins. Therefore, NOT being First Nations, You, you racist idiot should keep your mouth shut and try to understand what these poor people have gone through to come to a country that embraces the different. My roots are immigrant, and I bet yours are as well.

Post Falls Foul Mouth Granted it was almost 100 degrees out and you didn't want to leave your mutt in the car, but why does it suddenly become the responsibility of the 7/11 to sort your dog? They had an obvious policy and apparently you didn't like it due to the sudden barrage of filth from your mouth. Don't hold others responsible for your ill planning and stupidity. Leave the dog in your air conditioned home. The public shouldn't have to endure your dog or your mouth.

Centennial Trail runs two ways for all... It's simple really, figure the very wide trail like a two lane road. Stay to the right to allow faster walkers or riders pass. When you walk 4 a-breast or have your dog on a leash that spans the entire trail, or you don't have your mutt on a leash at all, you're creating a hazard for everyone else out there, including yourself. Don't want to have a collision with you, and I know you're overwhelmed by the river and the trees, but do ya'll think you could have some common sense? — Cyclist With a Bell for the Dumbells

Dear Crabby Geezer on the Bike Had to endure your foulness on River Avenue by CdA Lake. Instead of using the magical things on the front of your bike called brake levers to stop and let a mother and a group of young kids cross from their car to the beach, you decided to shout out, "STUPID STUPID KIDS". Humiliating them and their mother who bore your buffoonery in patient quietness. Try stopping next time. It'll have less chance of raising your blood pressure which you probably need to watch. I hope you get that Strava PR you're after you old lake crab. You're bound to die alone with that sort of attitude toward your fellow humans.

Bicycle Clean-Up Crew Jeers to the person who just called me a "slob", as I was cleaning up trash in an empty lot on Monroe. Just because I'm on a bike, in a bad part of town, doesn't mean I'm part of the problem. If you don't like seeing "the poors" clean up after you, when you toss trash out of your window... THEN STOP THROWING TRASH OUT OF YOUR WINDOW. Quit littering where people live; some of us take pride in our neighborhood. Your kind has thrown garbage at me, when I was cleaning up other people's trash. STOP THAT.

Green Ford Explorer Jeers to the green Ford Explorer driving through Kendall Yards at 5:40 am behind my husband and I as we commuted to work on our bikes. First of all, you don't own the road since you're in a vehicle. Secondly, we are legally able to take the lane, and ride two abreast. Also, you clearly didn't care about traffic laws, so why didn't you just pass us when you had the chance to not be the ultimate bully and yell at us? Please remember that cyclists are people too.

Litterbugs Spokane has become a filthy mess. Litter is everywhere in this city. I am shocked driving around this city to see so much filth. I am also amazed at how so few people in Spokane take care of their yards. Their seems to be no city pride in Spokane any more. Very sad!

Leave them at home I was up in Coeur d'Alene on Sunday for Art on the Green and was sickened by the number of people who felt it necessary to bring their dogs. Walking up Sherman I had to stop and tell a lady that she was burning her dog's feet. This poor dog was prancing around trying to get off the hot pavement while she looked at jewelry. Her response was "Oh I guess I don't think about his feet". UUUUGGGGGHHHHHHH get a clue people! If you would NOT walk on the pavement barefooted, don't expect your poor dog to! I wanted to cry for the poor dogs I saw. It had to be pure torture for them :( If you want to go for a walk or run in 100 degree temps, go for it... but leave the dog at home! ♦

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