I Saw You

Week of August 17

Fine Southern Boy at Pilot Flying J — Post Falls I stopped to get coffee, you breezed in and made a comment which I thought was about the music but it wasn't it was a southern style compliment. We chatted for a second about teenagers, I was in a rush and honestly a little shy. Should have got your number or given you mine, biggest longshot odds ever but maybe you will see this.

College Sweethearts As two very nontraditional college students, our meeting more than twelve years ago was by a long stretch, the luckiest day of my life. We have a great family, built a very nice home, added more grandchildren, travelled to wonderful places and are now ready to celebrate your very milestone birthday. (No one will ever guess which one!) You are more beautiful than ever. I'm a very lucky man. I love you so much and I'm still shooting for fifty years with you. Kemosabe

Peking Palace 8/12 Blonde in Audi A4 Hi, you were the beautiful petite blonde with short semi shaved hair in your mid 30's that was at peking palace on 8/12 at about 7:30-8pm an it looked like you were taking your mother out for chinese food as well..I was parked beside you in the truck,we shared a cigarette outside and I wanted to talk to you but was too shy to think of anything to talk about at the time cause I looked like hell and wasnt expecting anyone like you to be there but would love to have a 2nd chance to chat with you when I'm cleaned up if you're interested..tell me what kind of car you were driving an the color so I know its really you and put that in "missed connections" on spokane craigslist with "peking palace 8/12 " as your title an a way to contact you please as its private there..I hope to hear from you soon..

Coffee Customer You still catch my attention everytime I see you, although I try not to show it anymore. I've tried to converse with you a couple of times, but you cut me off with your kind dismissiveness and I haven't tried again. Unfortunately there's something about you that keeps my attention. You're an enigma that makes me flush every time I see you. I think we're both at that point in life where a little spark would be fun to experience again. It makes me wish you'd stop and chat one day. If you did, I'd ask you to have a glass of wine with me.

Liberty Lake Waitperson Hey MH it was nice when you came to my table and said hi a few weeks ago. You have the most incredible smile, and you're genuinely a good person. I can't believe you're still single, I guess young guys just don't have a clue. If I wasn't twice your age I'd fancy the idea of showering you with whatever it took to get you out to dinner. I'd still venture a glass of wine if you were up for talking some more. Regardless you'll continue to make me smile every time I see you. Thanks :)

Fender Bender 2nd & Washington 8/8 Cheers to the witness who stuck around to check on everyone and wait for the police — my heartfelt thanks. Cheers to the baristas at Dutch Bros who saw me broiling in the sun and brought over a cold drink while I waited for my tow. And cheers to the Spokanites who responded with patience and not anger to the traffic snarl we caused. Cheers to the first responders. Thanks, everyone!

Wildflower Gentleman Cheers to you, sir. I was riding my bike along the Centennial Trail Tuesday morning, and you were probably the brightest part of it. Thank you for pointing out something beautiful when I was going through some mental anguish. God bless you!

Discrimination? u tell me. At a local Clinic with locations throughout Spokane, an 81 years person who uses a "walker" has been told that in order to meet w/their doctors they must call "early in the morning" of the day that they want to go in. This procedure must be adhered to because they say this elderly person has missed 3 appointments w/I a 6 month period. The truth is that this responsible senior made calls 2 times to cancel but the Clinics switchboard wasn't open early enough to make the cancellations 4 hours before the appointment times. The patient then called when the switchboard did open. Since they cannot call the STA Paratransit for same day service, they must walk in 90 degree heat 6 blocks to either the bus stop or to the Clinic. So many patients that no one has been designated to look at individuals? Where is the human factor?

COP CARS What is it with these civilian cop car owners. And what is it with the cops selling them all decked out so they still look like cop cars. I have probably watched too much Justice channel but I'm a little bit leary about being stopped by the police now. These cars still have the lights and the divider between the front and back seats. If I had a daughter I would tell her not to pull over if being stopped to call 911 to see if it is even a real cop or just a want to be with other intentions in mind. You need to strip those cars down so their just black and white and when we do see one we just slow down until we realize its not a cop

To the thief that stole my purse from my apartment on the evening of August 7th! If you're the thief that was roaming around the Shiloh Hills area and reading this, listen up. Your crime has been reported. I can't believe you hopped my 2nd floor apartment balcony and enter MY home! My entire life was in that purple purse along with my dog's heart shaped paw print! She passed away four months ago and that paw print is very dear to me! Thanks to you, I may never see it again! My family and I had to vacate the apartment due to a treatment and afterwards we were trying to cool the place down! An open door DOES NOT INVITE YOU IN TO STEAL THINGS! and I can't believe you had the freaking balls to do that RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY SLEEPING FATHER!! That purse was a GIFT from him! You stole from an innocent young woman who did NOTHING WRONG TO YOU! I hope you get caught soon and karma does her work against you!

Garland Street Fair I was thrown out by the wicked witch of the west. You forgot your line "...and that goes for little dog too..." All we wanted to do was have a little fun and provide a few laughs. It's a public sidewalk, witch. When I went to school in the 50's they taught us about freedom of speech and the right to freely assemble. At least there is still a free press. If you had your way the neighborhood would be another dying corporate mall where you could stifle all spontaneity and creativity. Okay, I'm no Bruce Springsteen but at least I made the effort drag my old ass out to the street and do something besides swelter in my room playing music no one will ever hear. Take a lesson from Doug Clark and be more inclusive next time. And that goes for your flying monkeys too, my little pretty. If anyone enjoyed this screed please donate to KYRS, the best radio station ever.

Harmonica stealin' MoFo's Jeers to the broads that slithered their way to the front row at the Melissa Etheridge concert only to steal her harmonica out of her mic-stand! I wasn't the only one who witnessed this and I'm glad someone came out from backstage to retrieve it. Way to be hospitable ya' hussies.

Sorry To the world's largest online company for sending out an e-mail to customers that purchased eclipse glasses from them, shame. Do you think I wanted a refund and told not to use the 50 pairs I have passed out to family and friends? Not acceptable. You had time to send out a product that is "certified". As to your $100 to be a member for "fast" shipping? I have placed over a dozen orders since I became one. I have received an order within the promised two business days once. Bigger companies aren't always better! ♦

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