I Saw You

Week of September 7

Jack asses We see you there every night, At the bar in Liberty Lake. Yes..we are YOUR bar, but you guys are a-holes!! You sit there and degrade women, with how your OLD ASSES are going to get laid!! We hear you talking about us and we serve you and hate every minute of it!! Grow up! Realize that you are alone becuse you are jerks!! You think you are so cool, but you are nothing but HAS beens! Try to be polite and respectful...that's a far stretch for you guys. Until you figure out that you're NOT "all that" at least be nice to those of us that have to put up with you jerks! What a bunch!! Do you realize that there other patrons and they don't want to hear about how you "could have had her' rhetoric!?? Get over yourselves, a-holes!!

Republic Pi You and your mom were getting a bite to eat on Sept 2nd at Republic Pi. We were sitting outside, a group of us were there after a ride and you caught my eye. Let's grab some food.

I know you don't like Pina Coladas ...or getting caught in the rain because I've known you 15 years, and know most everything about you. You weather storms better than anyone I've ever known, and have saved my life countless times. Our 10th anniversary is near Christmas, and I look forward to spending every day in the snow with you in our new home. Sometimes the songs you play on your guitar are like a worn-out recording, but you are my favorite song. I know I'm the love that you looked for, and I'm glad we escaped to each other.

Stand up citizen A big thank you to a very stand up citizen. I walked back to my pick up truck to find a note on my windshield stating you were responsible for the damage to the back. Truthfully, I did not notice it until I read the note. My truck had just gotten scratched (my fault) in the front, had the windshield broken by my own motorcycle when I kicked up a rock, then this. You helped to restore my faith in the human race. It would have been much easier to drive away, you didn't. Thank you for doing good when no one is looking April W.

Dog is good You know us, the old folks who think our dog is our baby. My wife even talks to her like she's human. Funny thing is, sometimes it works. I don't believe that dog is human any more than I believe in God. I talk to him like he's human anyway. Funny thing is, sometimes it works.

Team players I was at Avista stadium Friday, September 1 for the baseball game. The employees of Avista stadium were cheerful and helpful to me and my family. I noticed throughout the game how involved the employees of the stadium were with the crowd. We were sitting in the disability section and needed some extra help and the staff not just one person, the entire staff that we came in contact with was caring towards us to the point that it felt like it was personal to them to make sure that we enjoyed our evening at the game. I looked around the stadium during the game and could feel the fun they wanted to inspire in us as a crowd and the safety that I felt because of their involvement with the fans. Thank you so much Avista stadium staff for making our evening so special.

I am not gone... I admit that I have been hiding, but I love you just as much as ever. I had realised that you did not deserve to be with the mess I had made of myself, and so I have spent a long, lonely time confronting those vises that have made me a person not deserving of your companionship. So far I have given up the brew (9 months ago) and have given up the green (2 months ago). The hardest vice, that took so much away, has yet to be fully controlled. I continue to work at it, while I continue to hold you dear and close to my heart. I miss you terribly and will love you ALWAYS.

Thank you for the ride To the very nice/kind school counselor from the Palouse that pick me up on Highway 27 Monday (Labor day) and gave me a ride. I had a flat tire and using my cell phone to get help when you and stopped and asked me if I needed a ride. Very, very kind of you to take time out of your day and helped me to my house and I can't thank you enough. You saved me a big hassle and your good deed will not be forgotten.

Chase Bank As a newly arrived native of Spokane, I am constantly amazed at all the improvements, upgrades, and development (Kendall Yards, Riverfront Park etc. etc.) to my hometown...gone for 18 years to Portland, and now back for friends, family, and new opportunities I am so impressed at all thats happened during my long absence! Hereupon, on this day; I do pronounce the Chase Bank Building DT Spokane to be the FUG-LIEST structure. Dont argue its age, because the building was constructed at the same time period as the Sheraton — now the Double Tree Hotel. The building they occupy looks totally swank...so whats the excuse? Chase took billions in taxpayer bailout money in 2008, and to this day continues in the same vein as its double-crossing ugly twin Wells Fargo in dissecting its clients in fees and swindling. C'Mon Chase either Man-Up and sand blast this structure and repaint it white (or any other color other than soiled diapers) or blow it up and start over. OR hand it over to someone else that will properly maintain the building, so it passes for at minimum something we all have to look at during a daily commute.

Turn signals a thing of the past? I don't know what you think is going on but failing to use your turn signal doesn't make you look cool or edgy — you look like an inconsiderate tool. If you fail at moving your finger a few inches I wonder what else you fail at in life?! Everyone is laughing at how dumb and rude you are. It's like the bat signal for douchebags. You'll think it's funny until you merge/turn without signalling and kill a motorcyclist or get creamed out by a semi. Don't be dumb, use your blinker.

Bait and Switch Jeers to that insurance agency in Cheney. By now you have seen me picket in front of your business. Apparently you don't give a damn. It just defines the arrogant and incompetent people I have dealt with. I opted my insurance coverage with you based on quotes given by your agency. But when the actual policies arrived with total increases of $300 over quote, I called B.S & canceled. My protest is to inform others of the deplorable service you offer. How many people defenseless people have you screwed? Word travels fast in a small town. May bad karma bite your ass.

Agree with "Red Means Stop" To the person who wrote red means stop, I do so agree with you. I live in CDA Idaho and our police chief says, "It is too boring to station a policeman at a red light to stop red light runners." Consequently it is getting worse over here AND in Spokane. We have logging trucks and semi trucks running red lights with impunity. This is a nation of law breakers and we are at their mercy.

Careless/Rude Driver To the thoughtless, reckless, in a hurry, rude, tail-gating driver who nearly caused a multiple car accident last night heading east on Trent Ave. towards Hauser Lake. You — riding my bumper within inches all the way from Sullivan Road to Curley's, although I was going the speed limit +. As traffic came to a stop & cars were swerving right & left to avoid a collision with a left turning vehicle ahead, you passed me and others with no regard to anyone's safety. I shouted to you "What kind of f#)%&'d driver are you" only to be greeted by your middle finger. Lady ( I use the term loosely), you need to slow down & learn the rules of the road or simply surrender your drivers license for being a hazard on the highways! You were wearing some kind of uniformed shirt; I wish I could have identified it to report you to the proper authorities to prevent someone being killed in the future by your terrible erratic driving. ♦

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