I Saw You

Week of September 14

Fun in the elevator So we hit it off and snuck off into the elevator to have a little fun. You let me keep something of yours, maybe we can have more fun next time. Thanks for letting me keep a momento. If you can tell me what it was I will know it was you elevatorgirl509@gmail.com

Perfect Disaster You were shooing bees from the picnic table: children screaming, wind blowing, minor temper tantrum and tears .... You handled it with mindblowing strength, compassion and patience. You were as selfless and peace oriented as ever. Your tossled brown curls were barely masking the furrowed brow and sage/denim eyes that are always afire with feisty witty sarcasm and a blend of honest, genuine love for all and sorrow for those aching. I fell for you all over again, you and our beautiful disaster ... we don't make sense but we do more than anything ever has ... You seem pretty confident that we would have found eachother no matter what. I am glad we finally did because I can't imagine another second without You.

Waffle Burger To Cassidy who was making waffle burgers at the fairgrounds. You convinced me to get a waffle burger and I did! It was the best burger I've ever had! Thanks for being patient with me saying goodbye like 4 or 5 different times during the night. I would've like talk to you longer at the end but I knew that the fair was closing and you were busy! Anyways, great job making the wafffle burgers and best of luck with school this next year! I'm sure you'll do great! :)

I love you more I hope that when you look in the mirror, you see half of what I see. I hope that when you are in the depths of your depression and anxiety that you can hold safe the knowledge that no one (who doesn't share my DNA) has or ever will make me as happy as you so. You are without a doubt the most intelligent, compassionate, accepting, genuine and deeply loving human I have ever been around. You give your all and people notice. I wonder every single day how I got so lucky. You make me a better me and challenge me but you accept me with all my faults. We are a team, partners and a power-couple ... the world better watch out for when we can finally take it by storm. Saying I love you is nowhere near enough. I love you more... more than the word, more than the feeling, more and more every day.

Passerby Firefighters To Keith, Cage, Christy, and Daniel: While cutting my field, the tractor sparked a grass on fire off of Cheney-Spokane Road. You all stopped, piled out of your cars, emptied water bottles, and beat the fire out with branches and shoes. You even called the fire department. It was all smoke by the time they arrived. What great Americans and neighbors (even though some of you were just visiting the area). Also, the volunteer firefighters from District 3. Great response time. How blessed we all are for your service! Rick

Thanx! Thanks Mitch Ryals for the story on Hang Gliding & Paragliding in the Annual Manual. Thought you condensed down the content of our phone chats quite well! Love the photo of fellow pilot Kevin Graupman too!

Another Great Pig Out in the Park I just wanted to say a big thank you to all the people who made this years Pig Out in the Park such a wonderful time. I've had the honor of performing my family comedy-magic show at Pig Out for the last 15 years. It's always a fantastic time. However, this years smokey atmosphere had me worried people might opt out of the festivities, but happily, I was wrong. The food and music were great and the crowds were as large and friendly as ever!

Secret Love I don't know why our love has to be a secret. But I seem to be the one who always has to look like the fool. I guess I will always be a fool in love with you. I am at the edge of the world, and here it is always staring at the face of death, or seeing your face of new life. What I'm trying to say is that I think I died to this world just to love you forever.

Thank you! I was not having a good day on Saturday, so on my lunch break from work I went to the Gaslamp to hide and eat lunch. When I went to pay, you had gotten my bill. Thank you! It made my day and I will certainly pay it forward. I hope the wedding you are here for goes well on Saturday!

Champion of Disabled Marines and Veterans with Service Dogs Everywhere Hu Rah!!! To YOU, DANNY RALPH, USMC (ret.), for taking on the forces of evil that assaulted you and your legitimate assistance dog in — gasp!!! — of all places but our VA Memorial Medical Center, under color of law. You are hero to us all, and prove the point that sometimes some of the hardest battles we veterans fight are here at home with enemies cloaked in official bastions of help. Because of your valour, and courage under "fire," so to speak, we will prevail victorious, and the civil and human rights and safety of disabled and elderly disabled US vets with service dogs, will be realized, established, and permanently honored at our Spokane Mann-Grandstaff Veterans' Memorial Medical Center and Clinics. Danny, you deserve the Congressional Medal of Honor for your bravery. Semper Fi!!! Brother.

Mean lady across the street We practice at Libby and I am a parent and have witnessed everyone picking up garbage, not our own, I have also witnessed a nasty person yealling at parents to move their cars off of a public street because she has "groceries" that I bought probably, our team is always respectful and kind and even picks up garbage we didn't leave. I will not take a jeer from an asshole who probably leaves the garbage we pick up.

Pigs in the Park It seemed like a good idea to leave the hotel to visit the local Pig Out in the Park over the labor day weekend, but it was disappointing. In addition to watching someone fully embedded in the fountain yelling incoherently, we were asked by multiple people "do you have a few dollars to spare?". Upon walking past the local newspaper booth, we watched a young "man" bully the elderly newspaper representative. He was behind the booth yelling the "f" word at him and threatening him with bodily harm. How proud he must be that he is capable of beating up an elderly man and how spectacular he must think he looked to all the children witnessing his actions. We did search for police, but were unable to locate them. If anyone knows the identity of the thug, please let the local newspaper know so they can contact police and press charges for the head butting. No more "Pig Out" for me. What a disappointment.

The Big Sick Magic Lantern Saturday September 9th, matinee. What on earth makes you think it is ok to drape your legs over the empty seat in front of you, dangling your bare feet inches away from the person in the next seat over?? When we sat down and you flung your feet my way, I turned and gave you a "Are you serious??" look... to no avail. I SHOULD have said something but didn't want to make a scene; now I wish I had because I am so curious: what would make a woman old enough to know better (in your 50s at least) think that anyone wants to sit next to your bare feet while eating popcorn?? It's not. You're gross.

Crater Evader FIX-IT-FEST?!? What a joke! Mr. Mayor: Grow Up! It's called: Routine Street Maintenance! You're not appeasing "us", by referring to necessary street work as Fix-It-Fest! As if, defining it as one of the more-than-too-many "fests" in this wreck of a little city will cause us to overlook the fact that YOU are shirking your duties as a leader. Most of us don't fall for your sophomoric agenda antics as leadership. YOU are a joke! We are laughing, and so are cities and states in MN, MT, ND, WI, VA, GA, ME, VT. Need we continue! They, and we, are laughing. Towns and Cities 101! A 14 yr. old knows better. You can't be proud of your leadership when the true foundation of your map-dot is a rutted, rotted wreck! Man up, Dude! We'll address your laughable rubble dumping under the bridge, and your parks department, next. Start here, Homey. ♦

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