I Saw You

Week of September 21

Nita The last time I saw you was 2012 when my daughter and I left for Tennessee. The last time we talked was when you were hanging out with my sister so we got to talk. You were supposed to call me back. But its been over a year since any of our mutual friends have heard from you. Please get a hold of one of us. We miss you Nita! Our mutial friend in Spokane has my number. Call him to get it if you want. We love you!

Angel on division To the wonderful good simatatian gentlemen who stopped the crazy tweaker on a bicycle in front of delish's trying to attack me in my red Honda I absolutely adore you and thank god there are wonderful humans such as yourself left in this world to defend a defense as woman I didn't get your name but I will remember your kindness the rest of my life thank you so very much:)

Five years gone Five years gone without you. What's sixty more, right? Everyone kept telling me I'd get over you but it never happened. I tried so hard to just move on but it was impossible. I'll never open myself up like that again because I could never handle that kind of heartache again. I wish I could go back in time to the night we took our friendship to the next level and stop it from happening. I would have taken your friendship over a broken heart any day. I hope you never have to feel the way it felt. Feels.

Office Love I saw you in the Bear Lake Conference room, we sat across the table from each other. Our eyes both meet a number of times. I made quirky smile I think you made one back at me. When will you build up the nerves to ask me out!

Whatever I saw you tonight on the 8th floor of Sacred Heart. You were playing some sort of card game and laughed at the conversation I was having with my grandpa. I should have stopped and furthered a conversation with you... I blew it.

Loving a great man It's so hard to believe Tazz, then when I met you last year that I honestly didn't like you at all but over time I got to know you and now I'm so in love with you. I'm so very glad that I gave you a chance. You are a wonderful person and you treat me better than any man has ever treated me before. I love you so very much.

Lucky to be your wife These past few months have tested our marriage to the fullest. During the hardest times of my life you stepped up and showed us all how much of a man you really are. I'm not exaggerating at all when I say that you ARE the most amazing man I have EVER met — and Mia and I are so lucky to have you "babe". Happy one year anniversary to my handsome man- and cheers to many many more! *Nick+Mandy 9/24/16*

Lost phone Big giant cheers to the man and his daughter for finding my phone. I was grocery shopping with my 2 tiny people and hadn't even noticed my phone was missing. You found me, asked if the phone you were holding was mine and proceeded to not take my word for it when I initially stated it was not since I didn't notice yet. That was a miracle. Period. Praise God and thank you very much sir. I could not be more appreciative!

Bus driver 9-12-17 To the STA bus driver that helped the woman load her stroller on the bus, thank you so very much! Your helping hand is appriciated

THANKS FOR TRUSTING! Thanks so very much to the great people at Domini's Sandwiches and Einstein Brothers Bagels on Mission. Tuesday of last week when I arrived at your establishments to pick up my call in orders, I was dismayed to discover I had left my wallet at home. But both of you kindly insisted I take my order and pay you next time. You made my breakfast and lunch hours a lot more cheerful! Steve

Thanks to the ER staff Thank you to the staff of the Sacred Heart Hospital emergency room, especially to Dr. Dan Hagerty and his phenomenal suturing skills.

My Healer I have completely fallen for you and everything you do, everything you say and everything you are. So often, You are my first thought in the morning and my last thought at night — you are so much in between. I love your deeply romantic yet completely logical and intelligent soul that seems to create internal conflict for you but is complete bliss for me. When I ache, you are the cure. I was missing something my entire life — until I found you. You are my soul healer, my person... I am deeply and endlessly in love with you.

Jeers to you, the group that became my family. When I call someone my family, I don't use the term lightly. When I say I love you, I mean it, and will not leave you in your times of heartache and despair. I reached out to you, I needed you, I needed help. I expected understanding, I expected support, I expected you to care. Instead you turned away from me, you decided that I was no longer someone you wanted in your life because I chose to self medicate a very serious mental illness that I was afraid to talk about. I miss you everyday, all of you. I also hate you every single day for doing what you told me would never do. You left. You say you're angry and hurt and I can't even begin to fathom what I did that could have hurt you. I wish that things could go back. I miss my family. I miss having you in my life. Holidays are fast approaching and it's weighing heavy in my heart that I will once again spend them alone.

"Mean Lady across the Street..." Unless you are willing to take credit for all the horrific acts paid for by US taxes, such as the killing of at least 1,201 Iraqi children between 2003-2011 (see John Horgan article, Scientific American website, 9/10/15), you should stop insinuating that your tax dollars are paying for this woman's food. How arrogant! Do you actually know anything about this woman? Is she disabled? Is it hard for her to carry her groceries some distance to her house? Or is she just someone who is poorer than you? Have you ever given her a friendly word? As someone who lives next door to the Spokane Montessori School, I can tell you that the school traffic is frustrating at times; just last week during morning drop-off, someone rear-ended my blue Subaru (you know who you are, but unfortunately, I don't). My point is, many times, people aren't JUST mean... even you.

Motorcycle Moron Dear Biker Moron, I'm more than happy to share the road, but then a prick like you rolled up on me Saturday morning on S. Dishman-Mica Rd. and tailgated me with less than a car length between us. I was already exceeding the speed limit, but that wasn't good enough for your petulant self, so you passed me, only to cut me off with less that ten feet between us! That was a stupid move you repeated several more times while you were apparently busy proving how low your IQ is?!? If you value your life that little, may someone roll over you like the roadkill you deserve to be. The "Christian" biker patch on your pleather jacket was the icing on the cake. You're a Christian as much as Kim Jong Un is a rational, compassionate human being. You suck idiot!

RE: Pigs in the Park So appreciated the note written about Pigs in the Park. The annual Labor Day event was once a great treat. However, it's become increasingly less enjoyable over the years. It's not surprising to hear of young punks threatening newspaper people. It's really too bad police weren't there to observe and arrest for the assault. Riverfront Park is such a pretty place. It's too bad so many in Spokane choose to stay away from it now, most likely due to exactly what you described. Great comments! Totally agree! ♦

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