I Saw You

Week of September 28

Campaign Kick-Off Cutie I saw you at Lisa Brown's campaign kick-off. I was impressed to see another 'young person' dedicated to the cause. You looked amazing in black and gray and your light brown curls, dimples and radiant smile had my heart racing. Maybe next time there's a chance to bump-elbows with the amazing and dedicated progressives in this town, I wont be as shy. I was the one in blue that offered to take your photo, stuck in the back due to being at capacity. Maybe I will see more of you as the campaign progresses?

Sweetest Sweetynizzle I saw you in the early morning light. You are so beautiful to my sight. I look at you and my heart goes pang. I feel it in my arms, toes and .... As you look at this you may think, "wow this guy's literary style has a stink." Well, I may not be good with my writing style but I'll be thinking of you mile after mile.

Improving on race relations Driving home from the grocery store, I saw you struggling with 2 shopping bags walking up the hill on Perry street. You a middle aged black women with possible lung issues. You would walk a few paces and place your bags down and then walk a few more. Me a white retired nurse with the core belief that when confronted with someone in need you at least have to acknowledge need. One doesn't always have the time to actually help someone. I did however, and turned around and asked you if you needed a lift. Not only did you not smile and thank me; but you gave me a look of suspicion and started crossing the road. Now I'm sad and I don't understand.

Gutter girl You, sitting there on the curb with your friend outside Monterrey. Me sitting in the bar looking at you inquisitively. Ever since that moment I've been absolutely infatuated with you. Amanda will you be my girlfriend? It would make me the happiest man alive.

To My Highwayman Mr. G. -- Alas, you are my Highwayman, the one that comes and goes. I am so happy to have you in my life again, even if it can't be how we want it to be. I will take it for now. Olive Juice..

Molly's It was 9 am on September 21 that my girlfriend and I were having breakfast at Molly's. You were sitting behind my friend at the next table facing me. I looked up and you smiled at me, you said goodbye as you walked by when you left. I gave Ashley my card and told her to give it to you when you returned. She said you'd just moved back to Spokane and were meeting your brother to go fishing today. She has my number! Hope to hear from you.

RE: Whatever I do enjoy a winning hand in Solitaire! Perhaps a game for two next time. Care to join me? Message me: scottinthenw@yahoo.com

Complimenting Cashier Hey cute glasses-clad cashier at the Main Market, I deeply appreciate all of your weekly comments on/of my glasses and your chatting with me about my 'difficult job' ... your kind words make my week. — Your crazy glasses, lunch-break visiting, friend.

ALL Camas Club Representatives at Northern Quest: To ALL the Camas Club Representative Team Members at Northern Quest: October 2nd is the beginning of Customer Service Appreciation Week. We know we shared with you in May how awesome we thought all of you were. Now we would like to share with Inlander readers how amazing we think you all are, especially with the start of Customer Service Appreciation Week. We receive NOTHING but the BEST customer service whenever we are assisted by anyone on this team. You all make us feel special each and every time. You are superb at your job. So THANK YOU for all you do for ALL your guests. All of you are amazing! Thank you also for always offering a smile and saying 'hello' whenever we walk by the desk even if we don't need any assistance. If the GM is reading this, we feel this team truly deserves an award for excellence in Customer Service. So Happy Customer Service Appreciation Week to all of you wonderful Camas Club Team Members! (To Jacob: thanks for always making us laugh with your wonderfully weird sense of humor.)

Shafted This is aimed at a well known downtown business. Someone at the very top of the corporate chain made a decision to shaft one of their best employees. Your company hired this person to clean up a mess created by the previous holder of the position. Six months after being hired, they were let go. Why? Because it is cheaper not have a department head. This person was amazing at their job, but was given no notice, just up and let go. For the record, I do not work for this company, but I consider this person a friend and I simply feel that there was a massive injustice in this situation, and felt the need to speak up for them.

Noise pollution in Spokane City of Spokane, it's not disturbing nor painful enough that our nerves, ears & stomachs are suffering from the constant, every 10 minutes, moving of diesel trucks, carrying thousands of pounds of gravel transported by our windows @ Riverside & Jefferson throughout the day, the city now sends street cleaning machines also throughout the day. Irritation is putting it mildly, more like "jumping off the balcony irritating." Agree, the streets, do need cleaning to pick up the excess gravel, but knowing the neighborhood as I do, twice a day street cleaning would certainly do the job. Please have mercy for the seniors experiencing, living through this construction nightmare. Thank you.

Leave Your Dog At Home! What is with the dog owners in this town? I am so tired of seeing non-service dogs in grocery stores. These stores have signs posted out front stating only service dogs allowed. I was at the South Hill Super one around 11:30 this morning and a man had his white Pekingese in the store. This dog was NOT a service dog. Either the man can't read the obvious signs out front or thinks the rules don't apply to him. I'm guessing it's the latter!!

High School Sports Jeers to the high school who hires coaches that have their kids on the team. Jeers to the high school who hires a male coach for a girls team that tells them boys are better than girls and no one wants to coach them. Jeers to the high school that has a coach hand out varsity bags before tryouts. Jeers to a high school who proclaims no bullying and yet allows bullying by their coaches. After Freeman we all need to self-evaluate how we bully. It has become a culture norm that our kids emulate, they are just following our lead. Give respect, get respect, foster respect.

Embarrassed and Ashamed for Spokane So disappointed in the repeated booing and hissing coming from the audience at NPR's On Point recording at the Bing [Friday] night, evidently in response to statements made by a person on the panel that you disagreed with. Especially considering what a gracious, fair, and respectful host Tom Ashbrook is with all of his guests, and that NPR listeners generally consider themselves to be an enlightened and open-minded bunch. Embarrassed and ashamed for Spokane.♦

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