I Saw You

Week of October 5

To the kid at school You know who you are. You sit by me in math class but other then that you are always alone. Just want you to know people care about you.

Miss Big Brains 5 years ago was the roughest summer of my life but I had my first job and I was able to see you. We both had odd infatuated relationships with others before we started talking. You tried to help me understand my worth as I did to you. However, my mind is ill and although I love you we were never destined to be more than friends. I think about you every day, my best friend gone. I've no way of contacting you, and im not sure it would be okay if I did. Im sorry for the pain I have caused and hope you have a wonderful life.

Value village The 28th, you were letting your young son ride a plastic car, I was buying a keyboard. I have not met anyone like you in a long time. You made me feel so at ease, I wanted to talk forever. Could I take you out for a Chinese dinner? I would love to make a new friend as sweet as you. If you read this, please reply to the paper, or ehtorg6225@gmail.com

Freddy Mercury Lookalike on a Bike Yes, you with the mustache and cool socks, riding a bike around Spokane. Sometimes you are wearing brown pants and a CRB t-shirt. Other times, you are full jock. Lycra-ed out. There's just something about you. And me. I think we just might be made for each other. The attraction I have to your soul is stronger than anything I have ever felt. Its frightening. And magical. I want to do life with you... If you feel the same way, well, WAHOOO! Please don't break my heart whatever you do...

Wind of Change Mike Scorpions concert. We danced, sang, and flirted all night. Where did you go? Would like to get to know you.

Praise Jesus: Cheers to the two Christian gentlemen who entered my home for some green tea, and a lively discussion about the Lord. You were both well dressed and well mannered. This isn't some sick attempt to spread the Lord's message. I really am just a regular guy who lives on Yale Street in Spokane. Believe me... we're not rich up here and these two Christians are quite frankly risking their lives going door to door spreading the word of God. 2 true angels! Bless your soul(s), and I for 1 hope God finds a good purpose for the $45.O0. I donated. Cheers again & keep up the good work!

Hearty Thanks to SPD Being a police officer has to be one of the hardest and most stressful jobs around, especially when having to deal with stupid people doing stupid things. Unfortunately, today I was one of them. Thank you to the Spokane Police officer who intervened for being calm and polite, and very professional. I was in the wrong, and apologize for being one of the stupid people that you have to deal with. Please know that you, and what you do, is appreciated.

An Adventure Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to enjoy a sushi date with you. You aren't a fish fan but you knew it would make me happy. You called it an adventure. You don't know it but that made me light up. I can't wait to go on endless 'adventures' with you. I have all the hopes in the world for our future — a hopeful love-filled adventure.

Mama's Super Hero You have been a strong, calm and delightful force of love since the day I 'caught' you into this world. Your chuckle is amazing and you make every day bright. I can't wait to see you in your super hero gear. Happy Birthday, Gid.

Thief To the man that stole my tip jar on September 13 while I was playing my sax downtown. What you did to me was devastating. Not just taking the money, but shattering the trust I put in my fellow human beings. Performing gives my life meaning, allows me to meet people I ordinarily wouldn't, and it's how I'm able to have a place to live and food in my stomach. I suffer from severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD. I actually find it to be a blessing much of the time, a source of empathy and compassion, but it also makes me sensitive and vulnerable. I will get past this challenge, but it never should have happened. Whenever I can, I openly give out my tips to people who are in need. People who ask. Next time, how about you *ask* instead of take?

Who Ya Gonna Call? . . . The Call Center One of my many, "Achilles heels" in regards to my work is my impeccable ability to arrive for my shift with seconds to spare before I'm supposed to clock on. I believe I read somewhere that those who are seemingly always running late just have a different perception of time and are therefore secretly geniuses...or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I pass the coworker that looks as if he has a flask hidden somewhere in his car and starts nursing it about five minutes before his shift starts each day. I can't say that I blame him. Anyone who claims they love their job at a call center has either only ever worked in call centers, or is some sort of sick masochist who finds pleasure in being personally blamed multiple times per day for something that they had absolutely nothing to do with. Working at a call center is at times what I'd imagine to be similar to being an elementary school janitor. I don't know any one person that has ever stepped out into this big, wide, world and said, "I just want to clean up after little shitheads all day." I can guarantee that at least 90% of the time you call in, I am sitting on the other end of the line, wondering how a simple phone cord can seemingly connect my soul to the dark, shrieking, depths of Hell [e.g. your nagging, thoughtless, bitching voice]. Let's face it, none of us are perfect. It's not fun to sit on hold...We get it...but let's also get something straight: We are the ones that fix your problems. We are the ones that know your accounts better than you do. Whether it's your bank account, cell phone, or insurance plan, when shit hits the fan, we are the ones you call to fix it. We are not lazy, nor are we invalids. Take a deep breath, put on your big kid pants, and ask for help politely. We will get you taken care of.

Deer Park - Say goodbye to Perrins Field! Jeers to the City of Deer Park for taking a Norman Rockwell'esque green space smack dab in the middle of the town and putting in an abtrusive, obnoxious fire station! It only takes a person with half the wit of a fool to see the senseless idiocracy of this decision. What a trade! Let's see...a field of green grass the size of two city blocks that has been used for the kids' softball, baseball, soccer and various community get-togethers for 3-4 generations is obsconded for a fire station. Really Couldn't you find a place on the edge of town for a fire station? Why not a vacant, unused parcel within the city? I can think of several. Perrins Field has been a part of the community for probably like 75 years. When Sam Perrins donated the parcel he intended it to be used as a sporting venue for our children. I'm sure you found a legal loophole. Sam Perrins is rolling in his grave. Shame on you. I remember watching high school football games there Friday nights. I remember playing little league baseball and watching my parents play co-ed softball there. How about the Turkey bowl football games? All these memories are the epitomy of a close-knit community. What did you replace it with? Nothing. On top of that you can barely keep up the little league baseball fields by the high school. You can find money to put into the golf course and fire stations, but not into the kids. What a heartless decision putting a fire building over our children. All the people that I've talked to regarding this matter echo the same exact sentiments that I've put forth here. What a shame! ♦

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