I Saw You

Week of October 12

Found glasses Women's glasses found in street on 44th, just east of Regal. Identify for return. Call 509-456-7785

Street Cleaning Heroes Big time thanks to the city for cleaning the streets in N.W. last week at 7 in the morning. It's not as if you haven't cleaned them since last Fall and the leaves have barely dropped this year so you'll be back at it in three weeks. Excellent usage of street funds so I expect at least one plowing this Winter since I received all of two on my ice rink last year. At least that money won't be allocated to more rocks for the homeless. Groan.

Move over Kendall Yards Cheers to my 3rd grade math teacher who taught me how to divide and multiply. Because of you I know that 24 goes into 6.2 million about 250,000 times. Twenty-four is the number of 'tiny' cottages Spokane will build for the homeless. Six million is the cost. $250,000 is the price tag on each of these small homes. Different groups provided funding as well as city and state funds. I wonder how many more 'spaces' could have been built for less than $250,000. Cheers to government spending your money recklessly. Their generosity knows no bounds.

A Friend When I Need(ed) One It's been a little over two and a half months now — but, you replied to my request for help with a "You're awesome. Want a beer?". I eventually took you up on that offer — though belated. I just want to say thank you for taking the time to reply because 'this' has been one of the craziest roller-coasters of my life but I don't regret a single second. That comment that you made sums up our relationship pretty well — "I like you. I appreciate you and accept you. Can I do something to make your life better?" — and you do. Every Single Day. Cheers, my person

Thanks to Kreme. Someone from Krispy Kreme donuts has been "sweet" enough to treat tenants of Cathedral Plaza in Spokane, by unanimously leaving these delicious treats in our community room. Thank you sooo much. We love 'em.

To my boys I want to tell you, and all those who may benefit from it. YOU are no more special than anyone else. This does not mean that you do not deserve great things in life, this just means that you should not step on others in order to get those great things. Every other human on earth is as important as you are. That being said, no matter what others may say or do, you do not have the right to hurt anyone in order to further your own interests. Now, in this world, this idea will not make you wealthy. I'll tell you now, never measure your success by how much money you have, or how many possessions you have stored in your garage. Measure your success only by how many lives you have impacted for the good. Do not play into the world's game. Do not become angry and lash out. Become great men and leave your mark on the world by showing that great men are kind men, generous men who look for the benefit of all humanity, not just themselves. I love you, and I hope I am proving to be a good example for you — Dad.

Don't forsake me As I lay down every evening, you are always in my prayers // As I waken every morning, how I wish that you were here. // Don't forsake me, oh my darlin', please don't turn your heart away // For I'll always want you near me, at the start of every day.

crazy love It hurt me that your upper class friends convinced you that I was not worthy of your love, that I wasn't like them, that I was a "poor trashy white girl who would never make anything of herself." I guess I let love drown out those voices and immersed myself in music grater than I, which carried me away to witness the wounded little boy within you with tears in his eyes, I wish I could wipe away his tears and tell him everything is going to be alright.

Chad the portapotty pickup guy with dead battery. What a big heart..thank you for the $50 .you didn't have to do that ..I am glad I was able to give you a jump you are a nice man you made my evening we did buy dinner at pizza Rita thanks to you..hope you made it thru the rest of your pick ups with out needing another jump. Just want to thank you again .that was extra extra nice of you. ill pay it forward to someone else somehow!

LOCAL GROCERY STORE You kicked me out of your stores for eternity all because you judged me on my outward appearance, and were to deaf in your hearts to hear the song I had to play with my guitar by your stores. You labeled me a "trashy, poor, hippie, bum", and falsely accused me of being a "beggar". You will never take away my song, I am sorry that you prefer money over creativity. You are making God cry, and you disrespect the native soul of the land. Go back to Europe if you care so much about profiteering, maybe you would at least learn about culture if you went there.

Your Campaign is Over To Matthew Howes, Candace Mumm and all of the other candidates that ran for office, go pick up your signs littered across town. Don't be a sore loser, pick up your trash, it has your name on it.

Arrogant Cyclist To the guy (J.H.) who thinks he owns the Centennial Trail, let's break the incident down shall we? 1) Your Facebook rant about the woman you ran over on 9/22 said that it was 2 women, 3 strollers, and a dog taking up the whole trail when eyewitnesses stated that it was 2 women and a dog and you had plenty of room to pass them. So that was a lie. 2) You neglected to mention in your rant that you mowed down a 67 year old woman, fracturing her elbow, then stood over her yelling and cursing at her to the point that bystanders had to repeatedly ask you to stop yelling at the woman lying on the ground, injured and in pain. (Conveniently left that part out) 3) The women were walking ahead of you with their backs to you so they couldn't see you. You could see them as you approached and as such, it is YOUR responsibility to avoid them, not theirs to avoid YOU. 4) Yelling "hot pizza!" in no way indicates on which side you are attempting to pass pedestrians, and is, quite frankly, one of the stupidest things I've ever heard. 5) Bragging about the number of accidents you've had as a cyclist and the number of bones you've broken suggests you might want to pick another hobby, as you obviously SUCK at this one. And finally, I'd like to recommend that you re-think your entitled, arrogant, "having a mid-life crisis" attitude that everyone has to get out of your way because you (and I quote) "hate slowing down". Now all of Spokane knows that you are an a**hat and a liar. Good luck with your photography business, jerk.

Dumpville WA Jeers to our city. It is a garbage dump. Take a look around on the sides of the roads, in the gutters, parking lots etc. There is so much litter and debris it is disgusting. Between the trash, graffiti and ridiculously poor road conditions what company would want to come establish a business here? Instead they can go to a third world country and save labor costs. How will we ever "solve" more complex challenges if we cannot at least better manage a simple problem like litter? It does not require more money, new technology or a UN resolution. Just don't litter and keep your property and the public property adjacent to it clean. This is community pride 101. ♦

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