i Saw You

Week of October 19

Taco Time Treat I saw you at the downtown Taco Time on Wednesday. You looked amazing — carrying confidence with each step. Those blue eyes had me hypnotized. And that smile: WOW. I was the one with the excessive amount of Tacos — maybe I can buy you one sometime?

Fairy Tales Do Come True (I know, I'm living it) well its been almost to years we have had a some of the greats times we have went through so much we have rode are bikes tell well mine is destoyed the wall and it didnt get along hurt me really bad but there you were like an angle i have never been treated so great it was so hard on you and you never faltered. and here we are two years bb it has been asum we are so good togather you make me want to be more than i ever thought i could you faith love courage and big heart make you one of tbe most asum ladys on this planet. I wake every day looking forward to what we are going to do you are the most put going and never back down . I love you with all my heart little one always always will

Ramen House Hottie This weekend, King Ramen was open again and it seems we both couldn't resist. I wanted to say thank you for suggesting the chicken broth...it was fantastic! Those blue/green eyes of yours lioked fantastic in the early agyernoob light Maybe I can buy you a bowl next time?

edge of the Red Line I'm trying not to fall, I swear I really am / yet with each passing day, I don't think I can / at the edge of the Red Line trying to hold on / but the rapid descent makes it impossible not to fall / I tried to pull the cords, but the shoot it just won't spring / I tried to pump the brakes, but the cliff it's ever nearing / Love, lust, or folly time will tell indeed / I tried to ignore it but you burrowed through my heart / Every time I see you, my walls they fall apart / Brick by brick you tear them down / itself an irony that knows no bounds / I tried not to love you I swear I really did / yet something pulls me closer... we may both know what it is / The edge of the red line pulling towards fate / Is it destined to be an epic love story? / will it end tragically fueled by the fury of the fates / I only want to hold your heart and keep it close to me / take away the pain and show you what love should really be / together singing carefree in the rain yet you pull away / then inch closer still / leaving me to wonder... should I tell you how I really feel?

Good people are everywhere! Heartfelt gratitude to the good-hearted lady who found my large red purse. I accidentally left it in a shopping cart in the Shadle Wal-Mart parking lot, Friday, 10.06.17, 3pm. When I approached the Wal-Mart Customer Service Counter a few minutes later, I never expected to see it again. They said that you had returned it. My faith in humanity was restored. The Wal-Mart employees were so happy to bring your kindness to my loss. More important than your return of my IDs, money and personal papers was the return of my belief that the goodness and kindness are all around us. So many tragic events happened in the world that week, one even in that very same Shadle Wal-Mart parking lot. But you shined a light of hope that good can win! Thank you to you and all the helpful, hard-working employees at the Shadle Wal-Mart.

Loser on Win Dave's Money You may have lost the game on Friday the 13th, but you definitely won my heart and, if I'm so bold, the heart of the avid listeners of the show. I hope Ken, Dave, and Molly feature you more often!

Super Marching Band Competition After years of hearing about the Marching Band Competition too late, I finally made it out to Albi Saturday and was totally amazed at the quality of this entertainment. Fortunately, I had just seen the posting in the Inlander's Events Calendar. Next year spring for some advertising and fill up the stands....you're worth it! Great show!

Cheers babe I'm excited for us Mike you are the best thing that ever happened to me your my soul mate..... I'm very excited we accomplish buying our brand new house together.... I love you more then you will ever know..... you are the best dad your son could ever have in his life...... so glad to call you my hubby ..... you are a soul provider and a strong will man...... I am beyond grateful to love and cherish you growing together as a family..... cheers to another year ..... cheers to falling in love 5 1/2 Years I love you with all my heart and soul

Constant Comfort THANK YOU for saving me on Friday. Thank YOU for supporting me, comforting me and helping me. Thank you for the chocolate and cuddles. I dont know where I would be without you.

Dave, I'll Always Love You You are in my heart year after year after year. There's just no getting over you. Ever. In spite of everything. I ache for you and I always will.

Stop Using Women! You take advantage of women you have girlfriends & you look for more you pretend to be someone your not. Your crooked your a con. You break hearts like thats ok. You move on so easily until they see what you are. I am sorry for you & your low down behavior you should be ashamed of yourself. Michelle & Susan & John already know. Get a life stop using woman! Its not very manly! Your a romance scammer watch out ladies!

Our Elderly Being Used Abused & Denigrated Alright I'm a liberal, have always supported human rights, but never thought I would have to stand up for our senior citizens, I thought everyone respected them for what they have done for our country. So I watched in shock Sat. night when a highly respected comedy show depicted an elderly woman, with a disgusting expression on her face, sitting in a slovenly position being described as the so called whore (my word) of the nursing home. To see the elderly denigrated, abused and used, to get some laughs from the audience was heartbreaking. I have written to this network to remind them of their ignorance, hope many others will too. Most of us will be old someday, stand up for yourselves!

Noise Pollution in Spokane City of Spokane, it's not disturbing nor painful enough that our nerves, ears & stomachs are suffering from the constant, every 10 minutes, moving of diesel trucks, carrying thousands of pounds of gravel transported by our windows @ Riverside & Jefferson throughout the day, the city now sends street cleaning machines also throughout the day. Irritation is putting it mildly, more like "jumping off the balcony irritating." Agree, the streets, do need cleaning to pick up the excess gravel, but knowing the neighborhood as I do, twice a day street cleaning would certainly do the job. Please have mercy for the seniors experiencing, living through this construction nightmare. Thank you.

No Dateline Saturday nights, no KHQ For over a month I've been stewing in my juices because the Guide of TV shows that I go to says, Dateline is on Sat. night @8:00 pm. When another Sat. came around, tonight, Dateline again was listed & all over Facebook people are talking about tonight's show, so I get comfortable, sit down to watch a good suspense show & what pops up, like a bad dream the moronic Will&Grace, a repeat, mind you, from earlier in the week. So upset, I call KHQ, spoke w/lovely Patrick, who politely let me know that the change in programming is made by NBC, & not by KHQ, Spokane's local NBC station. So I ask other Spokane residents if you're not seeing programs that are advertised on TV all day long but are preempted by flimsy shows, please let KHQ & other local stations know, using Facebook, Twitter or by contacting them personally. Frankly l believe my intelligence is being ignored by, well you fill in the blank. ♦

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