I Saw You

Week of October 26

edge of the Red Line While I don't believe I know you, I do know one thing. If you have a truth (and clearly you have a beautiful one), you must share it. We aren't guaranteed anything in telling our truths, but once spoken, no matter how it all turns out — you will have done what you were put here to do. "That's the nature of personhood — to extract truth."

No Li Beauty in Orange dress You...leaving the No Li Brewery on Monday afternoon, Oct 16. Believe you might have been at the Salon competition? Held the door for you on the way out and was mesmerized by your great smile and sense of style with the boots and great orange/yellow dress. Would love a chance to chat and maybe meet over a cocktail or coffee? Reply here...make plans from there...

5 Mile Numerica Monday the 23rd, Numerica CU 5-Mile. You — Red/black plaid yoga pants. You know who you are. Me — Appreciating your eyes and smile. naissanceman@gmail.com

To the "Edge of the Red Line" poet: You should say how you really feel.

Thanks for being Fabulous Let me start off with a confession. I don't read much anymore. So when I say I read a book, it is a huge deal. When I say this same book has started a fire in my heart to ravenously consume all written media. That is a ringing endorsement. Alysun Sanders wrote a book. That book changed my perspective on reading. I am quickly burning through the pages of The Damned Goddess at a rate I thought was impossible. May this girl tinder a flame in your soul as well. Perhaps enough to turn off the television, and turn on your imagination. — your dashing rogue

Roses at Manito Cheers to the kind gardeners who were pruning the rose bushes on 10/19 and gave me and my friends each a beautiful rose as we walked through Manito Park. Your hard work and loving care for those roses brings joy to our city, and this sweet extra gesture brightened our morning! Thank you so much!

Honest Soul A big thank you to the honest soul shopping at Rosauers at Five Mile on Tuesday, October 17th. Unbeknownst to me a gust of wind blew away $200 in Visa gift cards I had just purchased. Eek! I'm so grateful to the wonderful person who found them in the parking lot and turned them in to Customer Service. You made my week! God bless you!

2 OF THE BEST STA DRIVERS Sitting here w/painful gout in my ankles but I must take a minute to expound on the services of 2 STA drivers, Pete & Sheri who gave their passengers thoughtfulness, kindness & more patience than they are getting paid for, today Sat. 10/21, Pete showed thoughtfulness in taking a passenger w/breathing problems to her stop first. This afternoon when I thought I had missed my p/up from Wal-Mart Airway heights the STA van pulled up w/Sheri driving. She had no problem taking me up on the ? (can't think what it is called lol) then she safely secured my walker with all the grocery bags hanging from it. Both were safe drivers & showed so much intelligence. Thank you STA for your wisdom when hiring good people such as Pete & Sheri.

How rude! It makes me absolutely sick, seeing the way people treat employees in fast food or anywhere now a days! Seriously what's the hurry you have to be so rude????? Like I work in fast food for example in Mead. And we try our hardest to make every order as best as we can and you rude people think you have the right to treat us like were nothing? News flash! We make mistakes just like you! And we working young folks would really appreciate some respect! We don't spend 5-8 hrs a day just going to work to dred it ! Its ridiculous the things people complain about and then some customers go over the top to make us feel bad . Like the other day a customer rudely came up to the counter and slammed a cup down and said "This isn't coffee! This is battery acid!" while his wife just laughed. You people make me sick! You're rude! We're not starbucks! And they're plenty of coffee shops around! But seriously people you need to respect the people who serve you! — Sincerely a citizen like YOU!

Pipe Down Mr. Prez It's past time for Trump to quit runnin' his mouth and start runnin' the country!

Answers Jeers to Inlander! I enjoy doing the crosswords, and when I get stuck go to the answers for a nudge. In the October 19 issue, the answers key on the I Saw You page is TOTALLY BLANK. How dare you?

Re: Local grocery store You are upset you were asked to leave the store. Were you the one playing for money 5 feet from the no loitering sign? The one that pretended to not know what loitering was? The one who walked off the property with your guitar, left it in the grass and then went and got in your car? So that the people you were trying to hustle for money wouldn't see that you had a car? Good riddance.

Mental Illness Stigma People, you have no right to call a person who is suffering from mental illness: psycho, insane, crazy, stupid, retarded, dumb, nuts etc. These are curses and lies and they hurt. They make the problem of mental illness worse. Just because you do not understand the behavior of someone with a mental disorder does not mean you need to judge and condemn them or even be afraid of them. Statistically people with mental illness are more likely to be victims of crime than to commit any violent crime. You judge what you do not understand, and what you do not understand you are afraid of. A person who guns down 58 people and a person who suffers from schizophrenia are not to be labeled in the same category as "psycho." Your words bring death. Speak life instead. Shalom.

Hey, Spokane City Council... You asked for citizen input for the 2018 budget. How about completely defunding the Traffic Engineering Department so they won't be able to implement their plan to convert all arterial streets in Spokane to single lane traffic. The certainty of half mile long traffic jams, fatal delays of emergency vehicles, and rash of people being fired for being constantly tied up in traffic behind buses, etc. should help make your decision.

Respect the Street Performer A huge jeers to the A-holes who have some crazy notion in their empty heads that it's somehow OK to assault, berate, steal from, and spit at street musicians or street performers, etc... or any human being for that matter. Most of us simply are trying to spread a little joy and laughter to the world on a sidewalk that is NOT private property. I liken it to everyone re-learning what we learned in Kindergarten. 1) Keep your hands to yourself 2) Respect your neighbor 3) Get a nappy time 4) Say something nice to random people and foremost 5) STAY COOL!! You would be amazed what you can learn by chattin' with these creative street artists. It takes guts to put yourself out there. So I end this rant and welcome anyone who has ever wanted to play your song to jump right in and get out there and give it a go. ♦

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