I Saw You

Week of November 9

Met at the symphony We talked at the symphony. You had migrated from Oakland and I migrated the other way but come back quite often. we were about to exchange information when we were interrupted. It would be fun to see each other at the symphony again.

You and Me... I met you at work. I never would have thought you would have an interest in me. When I got that chance to talk to you I was blown away by the energy. We talked about art, tattooing, psycadelics, consciousness and physics. I feel certain there is something huge between us, and that you have felt it also. Since, I have loved every day I get to see your beautiful face, hear your voice, see your work. I am inspired by you. You are an incredible young Goddess, that has me fully locked under your spell. I believe in fate. If it is fate, you will read this and we will connect, and have a fiery, passionate, art filled adventure of a lifetime.

After the evening service Sunday night, 11/05, at church on the South Hill after the 5:30 service. You: Waiting by the door, hesitantly scanning the lobby, perhaps for friends. Me: Exiting through the lobby just as you decided to leave. You held the door for me and we sort of silently walked together to our separate cars. I wish I'd asked your name. Care to meet sometime? Email me at sawyouinthelobby@gmail.com

We need more friends I was your Lyft driver on Saturday the 4th. You got in the car with your and suggested getting my number because you need more friends. I agreed, but for some reason I remember thinking I'd need a piece of paper to give it to you. Immediately after you got it of the car I remembered that paper kills trees and that's why we use the contacts page on our cell phones. I felt like a dork. Anyway, if you're still interested you can email me at fuzzbrain93@gmail.com. Tell me what your name is, so I will know it's you. Hope you find this. Holla!

Perfection says it all... I saw you... in Perfection Tire's waiting room. We both were getting our snow tires on for the winter. YOU: Tall gentleman wearing a stocking cap, reading the paper and listening to Mantovani on the music channel. ME: Short lady hauling my laptop and an assortment of things on my "to-do" list. You offered me the newspaper since you had just finished it, I mentioned something about Mantovani, and that was the end of my "to-do" list! We chatted for well over an hour about everything imaginable. The service guy came in to let me know my car was done, and as I was packing up my stuff to leave, you totally took me off guard by asking for my phone number! Well, we've chatted quite a bit since then. How about we put a meeting on our joint "to-do" list in the same waiting room next week to celebrate a year of FUN?

Saw Me @ Seafood You saw me blushing each time you caught my eye at the Red Lobster on Sunday. I nervously sipped my Corona when you flashed that million dollar smile. I saw that you got a rum and Coke. Can I get you one sometime?

Cheers to my tall savior! Me: short woman at Walmart on 10/30 trying to reach a pair of MLP headphones for my kid. I couldn't because they were on the top shelf. You: tall stranger who took the time to grab them for me and chat a little afterward. Cheers to you for the help and the conversation!! I hope you found the night light you were looking for. The world could use more people like you :)

Lost ID I lost my ID by Garland theater; thank you Sarah for finding it and sending it to me in the mail. Was literally about to drive to the DMV, good thing I checked the mailbox right before. You are an awesome human being.

Wheel Sport in Spokane Valley Wheel Sport in Spokane Valley is filled with the biggest real life heroes in civilian clothing. They did something for me and my son that is nothing short of an absolute miracle. They have proven tried and true that there really ARE good people in this world. I want to encourage anyone out there interested in biking to please stop in and see them. Christmas is coming and you know what every little one wants, so go to Wheel Sport in Spokane Valley. Nominate them for the BBB Torch award. I know that once you meet them, you will leave feeling a little piece of faith in humanity restored. I cannot thank them enough for what they did for us, so to show my appreciation I'm asking you to please go to them for all your biking needs. Thank you.

Good People Out There I let you cut in front of me at the Deer Park McDonalds and you paid for me and my sister. You made our day and we just wanted to express our gratitude. Good people still exist.

Homeless Yo City Council, all the peeps working at UGM, Snap, House of Charity, and every citizen who really wants to help the homeless, cheers to you all. I got a suggestion though. Recently, flyers were circulated to explain the orange meters. Could, we circulate some literature that would explain where to direct homeless people so they can get the help they need? Does every know we have coordinated entry? Does everyone know that we have twenty-four hour shelters where you can get a bed sober or not? I mean Spokane is doing some great stuff but frankly I don't even know where to direct people and I was at the council meeting a few weeks ago. Thanks again Spokane.

Dream Guy Holding your hand in the snow-fall, those.hugs from behind, catching your glances during dinner, holding hands in the car, kisses in the rain, poetic words and stolen glances not to mention shared loves, interests, wants and passions. You are my dream guy, the man I pictures as a teen and never thought I would find. I Love you in All your cynicism, snarkiness and chuckles ... tour cockiness and alternating self-deprecating ...your dimpled smile and eloquent and wellworded, nerdy nature. You are everything I could ever want.

Jeers to humanities shrinking attention span. Twenty-six people got up on Sunday and dressed for church. They brought Bibles and jackets, cell phones and plans for the rest of the day, the week, their lives. They got into their cars and drove to church to sit in worship with friends and loved ones in contemplation, sharing God and community. It would be the last thing they ever did in life. Man, plus gun, plus who knows what mental defect, selfish bent, irrational world view also got up and went to church that morning with the intent of slaughtering fellow human beings. It got less than two minutes on the news. Twenty-six lives snuffed out. Long term goals, hopes, irritations, doctors' appointments, car trouble, shopping lists, family, busy schedules, jobs, homes, bills, 2017 holiday plans, all over as bullets tore into their bodies and ended their lives, because some man was dissatisfied with his? Or angry at someone in the church, or maybe he knew he was a loser and wanted something written beside his name next to "born-died." I guess the days of acquired infamy for murdering large numbers of Americans is over. Here it only received forty-eight seconds on the news, spliced between oil change reminders, celebrity scandals, and hamburger ads. Actually, I think the burger ad may have gotten more air time. No answers here, I guess you can't win an argument with a gun, but you sure as heck can end one... Now what were we arguing about? ♦

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