I Saw You

Week of Nov. 16

Bruchis You with the red hair and luxury car for dinner looked superb.

Gonzaga Headphones Girl I see you walking through campus like every single day. You wear either green or pink ear buds and you belt your heart out every time you walk by. I have a class around 4 that gets out around when you walk by and I look forward fro seeing you every single day.

I saw you, I saw you, I'd be lucky to see you again I saw you for the first time at the Satellite. You walked in with your singlets, dimples and blue eyes and my life has never been the same. I truly thought it would never end. I hope it hasn't. I will love you (more) for the rest of my days. I just hope that you give me that privilege.

Perfection Tire We both were getting our snow tires on for the winter. YOU: Tall gentleman wearing a stocking cap, reading the paper and listening to Mantovani on the music channel. ME: Short lady hauling my laptop and an assortment of things on my "to-do" list. You offered me the newspaper since you had just finished it, I mentioned something about Mantovani, and that was the end of my "to-do" list! We chatted for well over an hour about everything imaginable. The service guy came in to let me know my car was done, and as I was packing up my stuff to leave, you totally took me off guard by asking for my phone number! Well, we've chatted quite a bit since then. How about we put a meeting on our joint "to-do" list in the same waiting room next week to celebrate a year of FUN?

Third Eye "Mine" "Can we talk about tomorrow? And the promise that it brings?" I was the blonde in the leather vest that ordered the whiskey at the T3B concert on Friday. I was belting out every single lyric. You didn't seem annoyed by my excitement one bit. In fact, at one point, you even sang along with me. "I'll show you how it ends, good" if you give a chance to take you out sometime?!

Downtown Brews Bros Cheers to the noontime barista at the Brews Bros coffee shop near the Plaza. You handled a negative, grumpy customer gracefully and with positive energy. She was telling you how much she didn't like her flavored drink from the previous day and you were so patient with alternate suggestions. When you asked her if she'd like whipped cream and she responded, "Yeah, put it on top." I was groaning to myself about my tight schedule while this person held up the line and thinking, "No lady, this place has a policy of whipped cream at the bottom of the cup. Deal with it." You let her know before she left when the coconut flavoring that she wanted would be in stock as you handed her her drink and didn't miss a beat taking my order. Nicely done. Thanks for the lesson in slowing down and being patient.

Whitworth Jazz Cheers to Dr. Dan Keberle and Whitworth University Jazz for an uplifting and outstanding concert featuring Ellis Marsalis on November 4th. The concert was fantastic! It was nice to see such a classy man as Mr. Marsalis play with the band and to hear the accolades. Rather than accepting applause for himself, he always referred to individual and collective members of Whitworth Jazz and asked the audience to applaud for them. At one point, he said he'd been at the University of New Orleans for 12 years, but had "never heard a band like this one." Total class all the way! Thank you Dr. Keberle and Whitworth University Jazz for a great concert! Please keep the concerts coming each fall.

Riverside State Park To who ever put an end to the illegitimate parking at 7 mile. You have to pay to play. These freeloaders don't understand $30/year for access to all the great state parks in WA is a bargain. I consider it another part of my gear. By the looks of the gear that was rolling out of that lot it won't break the bank and they might just feel a bit better about supporting the lands they recreate on.

Cheers to the play place mom! To the mom of the "good" Theo at the mall play place on 11/10 at 11am: THANK YOU! Thanks for saying something to the mom of the "bad" kid. If you hadn't, I would've stepped in and probably gotten myself kicked out, since I was already having an off day. You phrased it perfectly; hopefully the other mom got the message. I almost started clapping and cheering for you, btw. I'm not a fan of parents that don't intervene when their kid is being aggressive towards others. Also, I was very concerned that a smaller kid would choke or be allergic to the trail of peanut butter crackers the kid left behind. If you see her again, please mention that for me. Haha. Anyways, thank you for speaking up so I didn't have to! From the mom of the boy who got slapped and pulled down to the ground by that kid.

Catchy cartoonist Cheers to Jen Sorenson for her witty, brutally honest portrayal of many of the rapings of social justice that occur in society. Get 'em girl!

Midnight Decency Cheers to the police and first responders for your humanity with an agitated man. You came to the Cliff Cannon neighborhood Saturday 11/11 around midnight after I called. I stayed out of worry he might be body slammed, handcuffed, or any number of other terrible things (you know, just everyday news). You all were gems! You talked to him like a person and got him the help he requested in getting to the hospital. Thank you for being good humans. Thank you for proving my fears pointless. Thank you for exemplifying what policing should look like.

Strumbellas Dude I frequently cruise the Inlander in search of new bands than I have not heard before. I love music, all kinds, from Slayer to Beethoven, and I have discovered some of my favorite bands reading the Inlander, from Shovels and Rope to Benjamin Booker. In last week's, "Comment" section, when Nick Hamm was asked by the Inlander, "what musical artist would you like to see come and play Spokane?" his answer was, "The Strumbellas." I dog-eared the page so I could check out the band and wow; what an amazing group! Check out these awesome lyrics... I put a banjo up into the sky, it keeps us moving, it keeps us moving...got a head full of darkness and darkness is good, cause if we all die young, then we don't get hurt. Thank you real music lovers out there and for sharing your knowledge of real musicians with the rest of us. P.S. even though she's not a new artist, my answer to who I would like to see play in Spokane is PJ Harvey. Come on Bartlett, can you make this happen?

garth brooks concert Unbeknownst to me, I dropped my wallet on the way to Garth Brooks' magical concert on Sat. afternoon. Someone found it and gave it to a police officer. When I returned home from the concert, I had a voicemail from Officer Christensen telling me he had my wallet, which held my money, my driver's license and a credit card. My sons picked up my wallet from the officer for me. Here is a shout-out to the kind and honest person who found it and gave it to the officer, to Officer Christensen for the call and to my sons for picking it up. Thank you all so much!!!

Winters Coming, Brush it off Winter has come early. Why is it people think they can drive their cars around with the tail lights and back windows covered in snow. We can't see you and how in the heck do you see us? If you are in good enough physical condition to drive, I would think you would be able to brush the snow off your vehicle. Or I forgot, the inconsiderate people just don't give a rip. Better hope you don't run into my car because you can't see out of yours.

Plugging up Turn Lane Are you driving on a road in which there are two lanes that you can chose to drive in? Are you approaching a red light knowing that you are going to go straight through the intersection once the light turns green? Is there ample opportunity for you to switch lanes so that all the people behind you needing to TURN at the red light can do so? Then please, have some common sense and decency to move over to the other lane so the rest of us can get home. ♦

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