I Saw You

Week of November 23

Baby Wearing Beauty "The Davenport gift shop, filled with wonders and trinkets. Outside the window I peered, unblinking to not miss it. A beautiful woman with a baby in tow. I smiled as I gazed, for these two I know. You're the best mother in town and one hell of a wife. I'm incredibly lucky that you're in my life. After five minutes of waiting, I made my way in. Our son looking at me with his mischievous grin. You showed me a candle with the biggest of smiles. The happiness we share stretches for years, for decades, for miles."

Empty Growler Remember when I used to drop you off at work in the morning, sweet girl? I miss that. But you were probably lying then. About who you were before you met a guy at a bar. Or one with a kid who shared you at the same time I did. The same time you said you loved me. I was wrong, you're just like your sisters. And I was dumb enough to let you make me think I was special. Rage is a better motivator than heartbreak.

Plugging Up the Turn Lane, And Then :) I read your "rant" regarding peeps that opt to run in the "right" lane of a two lane, and omg, "plugging" up the opportunity for peeps to turn right on a red light. You intimated that lane is more for those turning. Hmmm. Actually I thought speed had something to do with the choice of lanes too. But then, you are in an aweful hurry to get...wherever, and I suppose you had to rant about SOMETHING. :)

Garth Brooks Concert I am re-submitting this Cheers because the previous one had the wrong day mentioned, and I would like the person who found my wallet to know how thankful I am. Unbeknownst to me, I dropped my wallet on the way to the Garth Brooks magical concert on Sunday afternoon. Someone found it and gave it to a police officer. When I returned home from the concert, I had a voicemail from Officer Christensen telling me he had my wallet, which held my money, my driver's license, and a credit card. My sons picked up my wallet from the officer for me. Here is a shout-out to the kind and honest person who found it and gave it to the officer, to Officer Christensen for the call, and to my sons for picking it up. Thank you all so much!!!

A grateful BC visitor A heartfelt thank you to the several drivers who gave me the space to navigate around downtown without having an accident early Friday afternoon. I was not familiar with where I was going and getting direction a little late in the process. I arrived at the Davenport without accident due to several drivers' generosity. Thank you so very much. Your generous attitude makes me want to return to you beautiful city again.

Unconditional Love I am so stubborn, and I walk a thin line between sane and insane, it is only because I have been to the place that separates heaven from hell. I am swimming in the bleeding of my soul, and am frozen here in this daily depression. Only the warmth of your smile gives me hope for this broken heart to beat again. Through my smile I cry, and underneath my rage is a girl who has been treated with scorn and contempt, thrown away and left for dead. Wild and free forever. The wrath of God could be my heart that never stops loving you. I need you. Only true love can resurrect me.

Big beer, duck beer Jeers to WSU for force feeding us an Oregon beer at Cougar home games. I'm sure it's all about the money, since this "craft" brewery is owned by the second largest brewer in the world. They write huge checks to make sure that you drink their "craft" beer. This beer is from the Eugene/Springfield area and some of the founders are Ducks themselves. I realize it's just beer, but damn have some standards WSU! Serve more local craft selections. Keep the money in our own region and keep Oregon out of the of the Cougar Field House.

Stealing from the poor To the person who broke into my vehicle in front of my child's daycare on 11/14/17 @ 4:30pm: I am sorry that you think this is your only option. Maybe you saw my vehicle and thought that person has money but after taking my bag you discovered about .43 cents in my wallet and a value village frequent shoppers card. I am just a social worker who makes $13 an hour. I have an older apple phone so that my son can FaceTime with his relatives that live out of state. In my bag you have discovered more than just my name, if I can help you call SNAP and ask for me. I could direct you towards some community resources. I would be surprised if you reached out to me for help but please think about what you're doing you could be so much more.

Imaginary turn lane To genius creators of the 'imaginary turn lane:' Do you find yourself becoming agitated when drivers wont move over to let you slide in and make a turn? Notice there's no line designating two lanes? That's because there isn't one; it's a single lane. Just because there's room for two cars and you're impatient to the point of seeing two lanes doesn't make it so. But I do enjoy watching you break the law (and block visibility at stop signs) in creating your own unofficial turn lane and griping in Jeers about those of us who at least skimmed the rules of the road instead of just making them up.

Manheim Steamroller Concert goer To the woman in row U, seat 17. You were playing with your phone throughout the concert. Checking the weather. Playing solitaire. Holding up your phone to snap photos. Blinding the people sitting behind you with the light on the screen, creating a huge distraction from the beauty on the stage. Your behavior was rude and unacceptable. Happy holidays to you, too.

Fence Vandals To the blood-drinking zombie worshippers who park next to my house: I sympathize that your landlord doesn't give you enough parking space behind your apartments, but last week's antics are truly the final straw. I've put up with 12 years of other moody twixters: beer cans in my green bin, panties in the shrubs, and that bimbo at midnight shrieking, " this one time? ... at Bible study?...", but stabbing a metal object into my fence is uncalled for. You need to know that your sacred symbol is actually a torture device, and that attaching it to my fence isn't evangelism...it's just vandalism. I was truly relieved to hear that your sorry excuse of a college is closing down, and I look forward to having some conscientious and moral new neighbors. ♦

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