I Saw You

Week of November 30

Hows Your Tuesday? Downtown Mcdonalds: Always looking cute as a button. Always coming through with my coupons. Are you single? Don't make me ask for your # next time.

Garth ID Checker I saw you at the kiosk by entry H checking IDs at the Sunday show. You: 40s (maybe more LOL) with goatee and your friends egging you on. I said "I'm off by 10 pm" if you're interested and available email me: kellyabrite@aol.com

90s Movie Heart-throb You were at the Garland's showing of Space Jam and even though the film was (as always) entertaining ... I couldn't keep my eyes off of you. You were endlessly helpful and kind to those around you and your smile and laugh was contagious. You looked great in that black jacket too. I would love to take you to another one of the throwback films sometime. Popcorn on me?

Suzanne Come Back! We've all been there, right? You find a hairdresser who does a super job at a nearby far-south-side salon and bang, the next time you stop by she's gone. Anticipating this, I gave Suzanne my card with my email so that she could tell me where she was going next. If you're still in the area, please write. I need a good haircut.

You Make Me So Happy It's been a wild ride, and I know we haven't hit a resting point yet, but I can promise you that for the rest of my days, I will do everything within my power to make sure you are loved, cared for, respected and wanted — and to make sure that you know it, too! You make me happy, you make me smile, and with you I know I am the most loved and accepted I have ever been or ever will be. I love you, with all my heart - I love you more!

A Good Friend You Sir, have been nothing short of the best friend any one could ever ask for. When I was in a time of complete darkness, you were a light. You are perpetually the 'side-kick' or 'best friend' character in the film but I hope it's time that you can shine. You are a fantastic father, an amazing friend and the beer connoisseur the world needs ;) -- SO keep hoping, keep trucking, keep reviewing and keep rocking those chops :) -- Your time is near, Fine Sir. <3

Railroad Roadside Assistance Thank You, Thank You, to the two gentlemen who came to my assistance on 11/20! After stopping for a train that stopped on the tracks for 20 minutes, followed by waiting for the train to continue, my car wouldn't start. You were both so helpful in coming to my aid on a busy street and helped get my car jumped and up and running again. I send my thanks to you both, it was so very appreciative!! But jeers to some of the other motorists that honked at me angrily for breaking down after you had to wait 20 min. and then had to go around me. How did you know I broke down just make you mad *sarcasm*

Every Rose Has It's Thorn I am so sorry for harassing you with mean and inappropriate internet/phone texts. Sorry for being a troll. I've been so hurt by this society and I am sorry iI let it all out on you, only to push you away again. I didn't mean any of those things I "said." I fight the monsters in my head daily, if only you could understand that i am not the "savage monster" society tells you i am. Please forgive me.

Praise for Meals on Wheels After my neighbors had all received their Thanksgiving dinner and I hadn't, I thought ok, they just missed me. Then 45 mins later, 4 or 5 Meals on Wheels volunteers showed up at my door with a hot meal AND pumpkin pie. Goodness these people, including volunteers are so giving and filled with humanity. Many thanks to all @Meals on Wheels.

Paraprofessional of the Year Winner It is our privilege to announce Diana P., HHA, of Interim HealthCare of Spokane as the Interim HealthCare National Paraprofessional of the Year 2017. Out of over 300 offices nationwide, her hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed. Diana has been with our office since February 2012. During this time, the office, her co-workers, and her clients have come to rely on her commitment, dependability, communication skills, and her solid decision making when providing services to her clients. She may be one of the quieter staff members, but that does not make her go unnoticed with her team or her clients. She shows constant reliability and a determination to ensure clients are well-cared for and safe. Diana has a thirst for education and completed an average of 12-15 hours of continuing education each year to keep her skills and knowledge ready to best serve her clients and our office.

Re: Plugging Up Turn Lane It's completely legal to use any lane to go straight through a light, unless a solid white line demarcates it as a turn lane only. Some people have to make a turn as soon as they get through an intersection. Something like 1 in 10 car accidents occur during lane changes, so maybe instead of expecting everyone to zip around between lanes unnecessarily for your convenience, you could take a deep breath and wait one extra minute to make your turn? The light will turn green, I promise.

Cutting Lady Zags basketball coverage Jeers for KJRB (94.1 FM/790 AM) for providing poor signal coverage of the Lady Zags basketball games with a lot of static and cutting off most of the game. Hopefully the Lady Zags will move to a different radio station, where they'll have better radio coverage, like the Men's Zags or go to 1280 AM/99.3 FM.

Dripping needles To the scumball who left your uncapped & used syringes in my front lawn- You are the worst kind of person. You are the kind of person who lets their badness affect the world around them and the lives of others. You put my life, my child's life, and the life of everyone who walked along the road that day at risk. Re-think your life. Stop making this world worse than it already is. Contain your damn nastiness! There is no excuse for leaving uncovered needles in public places. There is no excuse for putting others safety in jeopardy for your own messed up vices.

What's in my wallet Being a longtime customer of a much-publicized credit card offering "double miles" for every dollar spent, I had over 5 years amassed 210,000+ miles. That being enough "miles" too circle the globe 8 times over. To my dismay, I was informed that the value of each mile was half of a penny. Even at double miles this is a penny for each dollar spent making it the smallest reward of any major card. Looking forward to my bus trip to Walla Walla. ♦

Makoto Fujimura: Silence – Mysterion @ Jundt Art Museum

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