I Saw You

Week of December 14

Produce Progress I'm almost positive you won't see this, but until I muster up the gumption to form a coherent sentence when we speak this will have to do. I have seen you more than a few times over the last year, diligently working away in the produce isle. We smile, we express what our desires are through short averted glances. Hell, we even spoke for the first time just last week, of course word salad was all you got from me as I am utterly taken by you more and more each time. In case you are reading this, and if you think but aren't quite sure, know this, it is me, and I didn't drop the cat food on purpose to garner your attention, that was probably the most embarrassing moment of my entire week. One day, I will ask your name, promise.

South Hill Hardware Hottie You're the amazingly pretty assistant with a pup and the primary reason I shop at Miller's. You explained what a dear-head is and we both agreed they're more handsome. Do you remember me? I was holding a caulk. I'd love to meet for coffee if/when you're available.

Cheers My family wants to give a big cheers to the Cheney Police Department, especially officer Hillman, for going out of his way to get my daughter's bike back to her. Thank you so much :)

Fred Meyer Valley Angel I was hugely stressed while running errands and FORGOT to take my cash back — a decent amount — from the self-checker after bagging my purchases. I was sick, thought the money was gone. But when I called, someone had turned it in! May you receive much kindness and joy for your integrity and know you are the good in this world.

Single moms Cheers to all the single moms in the world. The holiday season can be rough. Thanks for making it happen, no matter the cost.

CHEERS Good thoughts to first children of Spokane's Famous Auto Racing/Builder father (now deceased). These kids continue to navigate a complex legal system with their Dad's integrity and patience. Definitely "not about the money" as they are spending their own-about the legacy of a great fellow!

The Most Happy Sitting next to you, I cannot help but think ... I have never known this kind of happiness. No one has ever been so kind, doting, loving, accepting... no one has listened to me like you do. Thank you for accepting my nerdiness and nerding out with me. I love you, endlessly.

"Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses" A year ago my daughter and I were walking under a freeway overpass near downtown Spokane, as we often do. We were ill-prepared for the weather, and my daughter kept waving her hands, screaming "They're cold!" A man who was in a group of people, cold, huddled under the overpass, gave me a brand to pair of gloves for my daughter. I felt he needed them, but he knew my child did too. We have never had any issues or concerns of safety walking past this group, and have only benefited by their presence. In an effort to pay it forward, I had planned to bring back pairs of gloves. In the citiy's recent effort to "clean-up" the homeless though, this group disappeared. Hopefully this story can do more than donating a few pairs of gloves would, for a group of people who are part of our community.

All Gonzaga All the Time I honestly don't know if journalism exists outside of stories in the Spokesman Review regarding Gonzaga basketball. No sour grapes here other than to say I would like some reporting on the ratio of "Gonzaga basketball" to <i>any</i> other stories. P.S. Can I use HTML tags? lol

Newly elected Spokane School board Jeers to the School Board members who made 25 Kindergarten students wait well PAST their bedtime to present at the last meeting. So glad you could pick your seats while sweet kids were waiting as patiently as a 5 year old can in the hall. Next time show support of students by amending your agenda so it's kids first... not 9th!!

Abusive boss To the manager of a national laundry/linen delivery company: YOU ARE A BULLY! I cannot count the times I have seen you scream at, belittle and intimidate your employees, especially the older women and immigrants. You don't stop at your employees, either. I have overheard you on the phone with customers threatening them with lawsuits because they needed to cancel service due to business closure. And, you wonder why you have the most lost business in the company? I want you to know that I called the company and "Blew the whistle" on your abusiveness. They said they would investigate. Luckily, I recorded your bullying on one of the elderly Asian ladies. So you know, you jerk, she has terminal Cancer. There is a special place in Hell for you!

Scumbags Once upon a time there was a city called Spokane that was one of the world's best kept secrets. Now it's still a pretty city in some places with lots of ugly places. Thank you to the worthless scumbags who paint up the city with their inferior garbage graffiti at various places around the city. It's too bad there is so little talent among these dirtbags that they can't even paint something appealingly. Instead they produce their silly scrawl under bridges and on abondanded buildings at night when people are asleep. Perhaps if they went to sleep at night they'd be able to wake up and work foe a living and actually do something productive besides drawing all over the concrete with their 5-year old talent. Of course they won't read this because their not smart enough to do so. After all, the mental maggots can't even color between the lines. Duh! Duh! Duh! Duh! Such stupid children.

Slowpoke/Re:Catchy Cartoonist Jen Sorrinson, i respect that you say how you feel but every time i read your comic it comes of somewhat as a hyperbole. they come of as regurgitated and bland statements that left speakers have said time and time again, and a majority of the time this information you are talking about isn't even researched. you just go and say what you think the facts are. your art style is unique and very pleasing to the eyes, unfortunately your writing is not as impressive. lets try for a little more effort in the future.

Oil trains and Airway Height water The future coyotes of earth will need to scavenge the increasingly scarce remnants of man's waste. These opportunists will have to fight off abandoned young, deserted old, and ever present rats, for their existence. The world will need to draw further and further from the natural places, placing them in the nostalgic category of life. As the next generation reflects on what could have been they will be confronted with the past's decisions. Bengal tigers extinct, so 80 year old men can get stiff dicks -- no blue fin tuna, because they are rare and epicureans love any endangered species, as food -- no more wild forests, we had to have cheap K-mart furniture and CD holders -- no more salmon, we must consume it all. If it can be screwed into the dirt man's your choice for the job. We, as a species, threaten the natural aspects of the planet as we did the Africans, Irish, Orientals, Indians, and all other subjugates, like worthless trash. We have no idea of another's right to the same rights as man. All of the rest of the planet exists for the sake of man, we are the crowning glory of 4 billion years of fine tuning the planet. There has never been nor shall there ever be another more stellar example of life as totally complete as man. We are the epitome of perfection. Evolution can stop, her masterpiece has arisen. Yes, man is it. There could never be a more perfect example of egocentric, egomaniacal, self-gratifying, omnivorous pestilence than man. We are the last of the bipedal destroyers. By the time man is through there will be no more habitat for large mammals. Oh, the planet will recover and spawn new and different diversities than currently exist, but man will not be among them. Man will be found in the yesterday's news file under fossilized scat. ♦

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