I Saw You

Week of January 4

People Like to Ruin things. Hey, remember the time that someone commented about my 'I saw you' and I stopped writing them and/or showing affection in my cute way? Yea, me neither. Thank you for being you. For being my reason to brag, notice someone (you) from across the room or write loving and doting messages. I am so lucky to have you in my life. I love you.

Calm in the Christmas CHaos I saw you from across the room on Christmas Eve. I have never seen someone look so good in dark gray. You exuded calm and strength as everyone seemed to be drowning in chaos. You helped everyone with a smile. I hope I can learn to be as positive, level and kind as you.

Are you Edie? It was a baseball game and we locked eyes for a moment. It's been years and I didn't make the connection. Boathouse Tom is in the Spokane phone book. Would like to see how you are.

Around 2:45am northern quest casino Saturday dec. 30. 2017 You were quite easily the hottest girl in the place alt./punk I had noticed you right away once or twice painfully brief earlier inside but at that point was on the verge of a panic attack and tend to be horribly shy and to make matters worse had sat somewhere foul and the smell had transferred to my clothes and so when you had come out and sat solitary upon the cold metal bench and though I wanted to approach you at least for a chance to chit chat or at the very least make you more aware of how completely beautiful I found you to be. But instead I paced back and forth like a curious Ferrell cat or some creep or at the very least weirdo unable to qwite approach..until you seemed to get fed up with the whole thing and returned into quest...min.s later you and I assume your boyfriend but possibly just a friend. whom also had class and style or what I consider to be. got into a red SUV with Idaho plates and drove away I feel our whole near interaction is most definitely fodder for this I saw you and at the small chance to even befriend you and if by circumstance your friend/boyfriend obviously he has taste hes hanging out with you...whomever you are..

At Buffalo Wild Wings in the valley You, blonde stting at short table in the bar with a brunette and two guys. I was the older gentleman with his back to you they kept staring. You were out smoking a cigarette when I left, I should have stopped and said hi. I'll be back for several Zag games if you're interested hope to see you and buy you a drink

iPhone Rescuer A simple "thank you" does not adequately express my gratitude to the young man who found my iPhone and returned it went out of his way to return it. My husband offered him a gift card as thanks and he refused it. This young man's integrity has helped restore my faith in the goodness of people.

You are the one I tell those close to me that I love you, and even they say that you are not good for me. Honestly, it tells me more about their hearts than it does make me doubt our love. Religion is for those who are afraid to go to hell, spirituality is for those who have already been there. No one knows the depths of despair I have had to go through to realize that divine love comes when you let everything go, and thats when I knew you were the one. Perfect love casts out fear, and where there is fear there is no love. Our love has transcended fear.

Huckleberry's Kindness on NYE Thank you so much to the thoughtful person who left a card at Huckleberries to be passed on as a New Year's gift, and to the nice cashier who kindly chose to pass it along to me at the register. I'm an AmeriCorps volunteer working with a hunger relief non-profit, and as a low-income community member, getting by on the small stipend can be tough. Your surprise gift absolutely made my day, and the ingredients you helped purchase will be shared with love.

To MY SOULMATE We have been pushing through this journey of what is called life for the better part of 6 yrs now and I couldn't be happier! A child, an addiction, a number of different homes. You and me have had our bad times but on the other side of things we also have one of the most B.E.A UTIFUL RELATIONSHIPS there could ever be! Thank you so much for all that you do for our little family and especially for me. I love you, I love us! Cheers BOOBALOO I'LL ALL WAYS LOVE YOU AND BE EVER THANKFUL AND GREATFUL YOUR YOU AND YOU CHOSE ME!

Driving in Snow and Ice When and after it snows and the roads become icy, here is a general rule for the stupid people. You slow down! By doing so, you reduce the risk of sliding through intersections. Duh! Also, for you same dumbos, they have these signs in Spokane that have one straight line and one non-straight line. Dumbos, that means that two lanes converge into just one lane. If you can follow the math, one lane is fewer than two lanes. When a road sign indicates that, it doesn't mean that you suddenly shift into the right lane, speed through the intersection with your shitty looking auto and cut off the person who has the right of way in the left lane. The DMV has these wonderful books and other resources that stupid people can read to learn how to drive over snow and ice safely. I suggest you look them up. You can find them at the web address "learnhowtodriveduringthewinterasshole.gov". Hopefully, when you don't have enough intelligence or courtesy to learn how to drive safely, your eventual auto accident will be a solo one and only you are the one who gets injured. Asshole!

Snowplow Drivers Needed City of Spokane snowplow drivers needed. Must be willing to work all hours and in inclement weather to clear roads. May lead to full time work for the right person if they are willing to also fill potholes.

Tinder Two-Timer Jeers to all these "decent" men who claim to be single, when in fact it's quite the opposite. They think they're so sly, with their charm and wit. They also believe that they're smart and that us women will never find out about the blonde they have back home. Well you know what, I found out. And I just hope you remember that karma is a bitch. Have a nice life, asshole. ♦

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