I Saw You

Week of February 1

Flower of the West I was walking down Sherman after an appointment at a medical group and decided not to wait for a bus. You were walking south bound on Sherman. I've seen you before on the bus. As I was walking I kept my gaze from looking you over trying to be respectable. But you showed me kindness and greeted me with a good morning. Thank you for that. If you ever see me again and would like to meet for a coffee don't be shy. I will be a little more talkative if you would like. Don't be offended but I find your eyes as striking as the Rose of Sharon in the Holy Land after a parched summer.

DID YOU WITNESS THIS ACCIDENT... On JAN 9th at 4:35pm I was sitting in the middle lane at Division & Third & A HUGE WHITE LINCOLN NAVIGATOR in the left lane coming off the freeway decided to just come over in my lane & HIT ME, there was traffic all around & a car rt behind her SOMEONE HAD TO HAVE SEEN HER HIT ME!! MAYBE you SAW ME get out of my car & walk up to HER WINDOW & BANG ON IT to let her know she hit me & didn't realize what you were witnessing. THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE IS NOW SAYING I HIT HER & even though I was just sitting at the red light doing nothing its now her word against mine & I need to find ANYONE that may have seen ANYTHING that can help me!! PLEASE IF YOU THINK YOU MAY HAVE BEEN BY THE PROVIDENCE UR CARE AT DIVISION & THIRD LIGHT RT WHERE PEOPLE COME OFF THE FREEWAY. PLEASE MSG ME

How incredibly sad! How sad when a talented young person thinks that the only way out is to kill themselves! Very recently a high profile football player didn't think he had Anything to live for---Really? When does the reason for these thoughts become important for the public to know? Absolutely the privacy component is vital. However how many people hearing of this think they don't have a reason to live if this guy doesn't. Would knowing the issue help someone? Many? Am I just being nosey? I understand he lost a big game in December---Really a "Big Game" was the reason? I also understand that the general public hasn't been very nice about his passing. Saying the usual anonymous postings about how "He should have killed himself" over the loss. WOW! If that was the issue once again the publics perception is WAY skewed! If it wasn't a person that high profile's reason might help someone who is struggling? BTW the post is in "Cheers" because there wasn't a place for "Tragedy".

Lost and Found Triple Cheers and thanks to the South Hill Trader Joe's for rescuing my lost items over the years - my wallet, about five years ago before I started walking it on a leash, my insulated coffee tumbler that I'm in a relationship with and, just last week, my vintage flip Tracfone that had a few hundred minutes and half a year of service left on it. It's great to live in a community where folks look out for each other.

Kudos to a Stranger Thank you to the gentleman that was picking up garbage outside near the courthouse on Monday, 1/22. I have an office window and frequently see individuals throw trash on the ground without a second thought. It was a refreshing site to see someone picking up the garbage and doing it all with a smile. You made my day!

Just, Thank you for everything I just need to say a big warm thank you to all the people who make my life a little more pleasant. I do bike delivery downtown and I see a lot of people. But, I need to call out a few of you by name. Thanks to Allen and Robert and everyone who takes care of the Chase building. The place always looks good and on top of that you're good company. Thank you all. Thomas, Mick and everyone at Bike Hub you are excellent mechanics and just a really nice guys. I could go on but I'm sure other people have things to get out. Thanks again.

Pretty Eyes and Nacho Fries There isn't anyone in this world I would rather be passing back fries to pouty munchkins with on a Saturday night. We get excited about the same silly things. You make me smile from ear to ear and you make me a better person, mother and friend. I don't know where I would be without you and our three little cuties. Your pretty blue/green eyes will have me captivated forever-- even if their gaze oft makes me nervous. I love you, babe.

Meth What's the difference between a Public Defender high on METH and a plumber that floods your house? You can sue the plumber for bad workmanship. Is there a more arrogant group of people than the people in the local court system in ALL levels? If you REALLY want to experience America--all you flag wavers just get yourself mixed up where you end up in court! Sure you say: "If you didn't do anything bad you wouldn't be there". Oh contraire! There are all kinds of ways to be pushed into that cesspool---just ask me! A year of watching one's mother get jerked for making a decision about her own estate. Took months off her life and tens of thousands out of her pockets! But she finally got an attorney that reversed the overreaching unlawful judgments. Reading about Public Defenders that are high on the job cutting deals instead of doing their jobs just makes me sick to my stomach. And what will the public say--who pay for this? Well---Nothing Of Course! You can't ask the people of Spokane to stand up for themselves! They're too busy licking boots..........

THE LADY DRIVING THE WHITE NAVIGATOR On Jan 9th I was SITTING at a RED LIGHT & you decided to come over in my lane WHERE THERE WASNT EVEN ENOUGH SPACE FOR YOUR BIG@$$ SUV, AND YOU HIT MY CAR... YOU KNOW YOU HIT MY CAR YOUR PASANGER KNOWS YOU HIT MY CAR & now you think all you have to do is say I hit you & you're going to get away with damaging a car that I JUST bought & worked MY ass off saving to be able to buy it. I am going to do everything in my power to PROVE you hit me (BECAUSE YOU DID)& if Karma really does come around to people that do shit like what YOU DID,I hope it bites you in the a$$ & you get exactly what you deserve

Trump Hypocrisy Is Donald Trump a true Christian? Or is he a hypocrite? And why is evangelical America hailing him as a pseudo "messiah" that will bring this country back to God and "make america great again"? This all seems to me to be a false security based on false promises, that certainly even Jesus probably wouldn't stand for. Jesus was a poor carpenter, who was turned into the Roman government to be crucified by false allegations from his own people. So how are Jesus and Trump alike again? Oh wait they aren't. ♦

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