I Saw You

Week of February 8

Chivalry is not a flirtatious attempt To the young, blonde and not unattractive young lady who thought my "good deed" of opening the door for you at the Barnes & Noble was an attempt to hit on you. I could tell by the look on your face afterwards that you or cautiously concerned that this would lead up to further conversation or possibly sharing coffee together... It turns out it was simply opening the door for someone because chivalry is not dead. And it is also not a constant attempt to hit on you. Perhaps getting over yourself would help?

Let's Continue ... SFG, You have been my light at the end of a dark tunnel. You bring me such JOY and HAPPINESS. You are Yang to my Yin. Let's continue this journey we began and not let it end. Everyday my love grows deeper and I cherish our life together. I Love You Babe

Response to Trump Hypocracy Lol don't go blowin your stack on Trump, then using his name and Christianity in the same sentence. From how you described this self-proclaimed messiah, the bible promises that people will be saying "peace and security" when the end of this world finally comes. So, although I consider his ego too enlarged for the christian faith, it appears he may indeed fulfill prophecy. Take heart :)

To the One I Love: I've known you for many years, I can hardly remember being without you. Our trip to Waikiki showed us the beauty of God's creation. (It also reminded me of the beauty of you) You've always been a strength to me, there is peace in your arms. Thank you for showing me what true love and friendship means. I don't know where we'd be without the Lord in our lives, so I thank Him for what He has done in both of us. So many blessings! I wrote this poem for you. Happy Valentine's Day! Whether we are walking on the beach, Or walking through the snow, My heart will not be out of reach, Wherever you may go.

Canadian Bacon I would cross any border for you. Your blue eyes are rare like unicorns. I want to eat street tacos with you until we grow old together. We will laugh together, and you might make me pee. I want to reel in this fish-because you caught me with that beard.

15, 10, Here's to 20 more, Beautiful Sixteen years ago I saw you really for the first time when you told me who the fourth Beatle was while you were trying to hide a cramp in your hip. You held my Mickey glove at Groovy Shoes and everyday since that day I have Loved you more everyday. Ten years ago this week I said I do, and I look forward to another ten, and ten more tens after that. I Love you, Beautiful.

Slurpee Super Hero On Super Bowl Sunday, I saw you picking up slurpees, soup and treats for some especially sick kiddos. You not only made the night easier for everyone but you looked cute doing so. You really know how to save the day. Superman curl and all.

My Valentine I saw you...first, on campus, in the lecture hall, and at the library. Our eyes always met. That was the start of something magical. Soon after, I saw you in my peripheral vision, riding shotgun in the Dodge filled with our camping gear as we traversed the country, visiting the National Parks. We've explored dozens together. Then, I saw you as my beautiful bride, in your approach up the aisle that hot August afternoon. Our traveling adventures continued, and I saw you in the mirrors of a rented Penske truck, following in the Dodge – our small convoy toward our new home in the West. Soon after we planted new roots, I saw you, my travel mate, backpacking Europe for the summer. Years later, I saw you in pain, quickly converted to bliss, as you brought our daughter into the world, and two years later, our son. I saw your strength and pride. And now I still see you as I first saw you at UIC, but now as my beautiful wife, and loving mother of our children. Love might be blind...but I'm lucky that I saw you. I love you Sheila.

My wife, my best friend, my soulmate Cheers to my beautiful ginger wife. I cannot imagine life without you. We have had our share of ups and downs and thankfully the ups significantly outweigh the downs. I could not have asked for a better wife or a better friend or a more perfect soulmate. I love the two wild and crazy children we've created and I love our family life together. Thanking you for saying yes all those years ago in that park in Paris. I'm so happy that we're growing old together and that we can laugh with each other and hold hands all the way to the end. I love you. I respect you. Thank you for our life together.

Thank You The day i almost died, and my life flashed before my eyes, the crazy idea that i could spend my life with you was the reason i saved my own life, at deaths door all i could see was your face, and all i could hear was your name. And to this day you still call me crazy for loving you, but it was you who saved my life that day and you never even knew, so thank you.

#how long will this fly? So the car racing world is stepping up to the plate and dropping the Sexist Degraded "Babes" (no longer of course PC) that hold umbrellas over the drivers heads as they sit in the car waiting for the race. BTW F1 has FAR more viewers than probably ALL the sports in the US combined--kind of like European Football (worldwide). Well might as well wake up Spokane and get set to face the grim reality that ALL sexist similar organized groups will get demanded to disband! ANY form of female scantily clade exhibits will NO Longer Be Tolerated. Think of the degradation of our daughters prancing in front of men of Any age! The day of the elephant in the circus is Over! You can't have it Both ways! You can't throw men out of their jobs without trial for transgressions and demand equal respect/pay for women then hang on to such antiquated degrading sexist rituals! Now the fact that women in Spokane were completely silent on the female police officer that was "raped" (look up the legal threshold in the law) at a party put on by other police officers and completely mistreated by the courts has me a bit confused as to whether this city's women are even at the level of the 19th century in terms of enlightenment. Go back and study the suffragettes who paid Heavy prices for their gains! And yet I didn't see one group or individual step up and defend this woman! The disbanding of sport's cheerleaders can't be far off in this country at ALL levels as the # women of America will Not stand for it! What position will the women of Spokane take? Or the people of Spokane in general? Where is Your Voice? Why is a male writing about this rather than a woman? Yes I know there is Nothing that upsets the people of Spokane more than someone that brings this kind of issue up. It's like incest. We all know it happens but have the decency to Not bring it up. Is it time to join the 21st century here in Spokane?

My wonderful Husband I want to say cheers to my amazing husband Baron! We have been married almost a month now and wanted to share with everyone how happy I am and how much of a good man he is! Happy valentine's day I love you!

Thirty Nine Counties I think I'm in love! Tod Marshal's essay, THIRTY NINE COUNTIES (WITH INTERLUDES)is pure poetry. It makes my heart sing.

War and Peace I know you love me, but why do speak to me like someone you might hate? Stop lying to my face. Stop listening to racist hate rhetoric. Stop believing the lies these traitors are telling you about me. You have eyes but you can not see, and ears but you can not hear. You do not know the whole story. You have to choose between this gang of ignorant hate mongers or the woman you love. Choose wisely. You know i love you more than anyone. You have to be accountable with me and the Almighty with these false accusations you have made of me. Do you think God is blind and deaf?

Jeers To Timeless Cognitive Disonance Semantics?: Why is it that when a group of "white people" move into an area inhabited by "un-white-people" and take over it is a Discovery that leads to Manifest Destiny but when a group of "not-white-people" move in later it is an affront and an "illegal immigration"? I guess it depends on who is writing the history book.

"HOW INCREDIBLY SAD" IS WRONG! Yes, a young man died by suicide. But is it really important to chastise or criticize people who don't understand his actions and try to seek a why? The real issue here is how do we address the mental health crisis in our community? ♦

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