I Saw You

Week of February 15

Lady looker You were the one with the dark brown hair and those beautiful blue eyes. I think your name was Susie.I caught staring at me a few times just smiling that beautiful smile. Maybe we can get a coffee sometime. My gmail is Peanutbutterunicorn21@gmail.com

Monroe St. Hottie Last Monday I saw you taking the trash out of your Monroe St. apartment building near Charlie's. You: tall, bearded + bald, broad-shouldered wearing a VCU basketball sweatshirt. As you walked past and said 'hello,' your voice was deep and smooth I almost had to stop and ask you out on the spot, but I was too mesmerized. Let's catch a pint and a basketball game soon? PS: talking out the trash looks good on you.

Lets have coffee I saw you at Caruso's the Saturday before Christmas, Very Attractive Lady, you had a sandwich and a Blue Moon beer, you were there with your daughter, as you were leaving you stopped and turned around and waived back at me, I wish I would have went outside and talked to you !! If you are interested please respond

Pizza Woman You: attractive blond woman in a blue coat out with a group of friends (and having a great time) on February 10 at Fire Pizza. Me: red baseball hat waiting for a pizza to go. Interested in sharing a pie?

To Northern Quest Resort and Casino For hiring the best team member ever! Camas Club Representative Jacob. From the very first moment he assisted us, we have had nothing but the most superlative customer service from him. He has continously treated us with courtesy, dignity and respect. No matter how difficult or busy the day, he is always there to assist us with a warm smile and friendly greeting. This young man has a great eye for detail. Had it not been for him, we would have never known anything about our comp dollars or point play. We were very delighted when we heard that he was a 2017 Kali Award Honoree; something of which he was very deserving. There are many reasons we return to NQ time and again but above all, this young man is #1 on that list. ABSOLUTELY NUMBER ONE. So thanks, NQ, for hiring an amazing team member! Thank you, Jacob, for your commitment to Kalispel Hospitality and always making us feel special! Because of YOU, we will ALWAYS remain loyal to NQ.

Happy Valentine's Day I hope your day is filled with lots of heartfelt good wishes and chocolate covered kisses. Tay! Sogni d'oro sweetie.

Extraordinary Instructor So glad 3 years ago I went to the wrong class and met you. So many FUN adventures we have had outside my comfort zone. Don't know what I would do without you. I am off to scout NOLA for our next adventure!

Happy Valentine's Day ... 12 years later! "To the man who single-handedly saved me from the purgatory that is the online personals..." I toast to you once again... and can't look at pink champagne without thinking of you... Twelve long years have passed since our odyssey of love, travel, music, movies and poetry -- and making love, that last time, in the forest... I miss you every day, I will always be in love with you, and pray that someday we can speak again ... and I can tell you "I'm sorry..." Remember the tanzanites we saw in the jewelry store? Remember our birthdays are three weeks apart? Remember talking on the phone every day? I haven't fallen for anyone else, all these years -- I'm still in love with you...!

Happy Valentine's Day My Mountain Man My Mountain Man you have proved to be a VALENTINE KEEPER. We're both in our 70's and life began for us last April 2018 with a passionate love we both had never known could ever exist. My love has continued to grow this past year with each word you speak, each touch you make, and each truth you unfold. Our surnames, Mountain Man and Moonlight Madness, tells not only the world but most importantly us that a story of true love between ourselves will last to the moon and back to earth, in a rhapsody of unspoken rapture. You are my everything forever more. Cheers to us and our love infinity.

Hey hey DJ I knew I was dancing with the devil the entire time. He doesn't scare me. Making amends isn't all it's cracked up to be, alas, I forgive you.

I love you dearly I absolutely adore you. All I want for you is to be happy again, and to see your smile again. Whatever it takes for you to be happy, just do it. Don't worry about time, money, or what anyone else says or thinks. Just follow your bliss and love yourself. You are a wonderful human being and you have already accomplished so much good in this world, there is still time and hope for you. Just be you and don't worry about "keeping up with the jonses." Let love, grace, peace, and light flow into your heart like a river to heal you and rejoice in the fact that you are Gods' beautiful masterpiece.

"How incredibly Sad" "Is Wrong"--Is Wrong Mental health in any age group is important for a community to keep as healthy as possible. Any of us over the teenage years can remember the angst that most of us had at times during our youth (and even now). The more information about what is going on in people's minds can/may help others struggling with the same issues. How many times has the feedback from the general public been positive when someone known has an issue in their life that seems insurmountable been made public--think Betty Ford. Now substance abuse clinics abound--before Mrs. Ford? Not so much! The point of knowing why the young man at WSU took his life wasn't a salacious interest but factual! The more knowledge the better to bring the public into line with the need. And clearly there IS a need locally here in Spokane. In the not long past I understand there have been 5 (or more?) youth commit suicide. That means it's past time to get on with sincere programs--ones that Don't have stigmas attached! The suicide rates in the military, as an example, are horrific! Recently THAT has finally gained real traction as a priority-trying to help WITHOUT the stigma or loss of rank possibilities. Knowledge is a powerful tool. Blindly going at it without knowing what the issues are doesn't make sense. Would the 5 youth be alive if information that concerns local age groups have helped them? There is information out there and it can be consistent. But knowing what happens locally seems reasonable. Otherwise it is repeating the same sadness and That IS incredibly Sad!

Assume Nothing Jeers to the man behind me in the early morning hours at 5mile Zip Trip... It didn't dawn on me until after I left the store that the snarky comment you made about "people being on drugs" was directed toward me. Had I caught it right when you said it, I could've defended myself right then. Lucky for you however, due to my naivety, your words went over the top of my head. Little did you know that I just got off work. I stop at that store after work for odds and ends like a newspaper for my hubs, vitamin water and sometimes treats for my kids, hubs and me. I have gotten to know the night clerks by stopping on my way home regularly. Little do you know that I am respected by my colleagues, friends and acquaintances. Little do you know that I am energetic and work very hard at my job, to spite that I have also been fighting Graves disease for over a year which made me quite ill. I am proud to say, that I have gained 15 pounds since my diagnosis, but I am still quite thin. My hands tremble at times. I suffered severe myopathy, vision loss, bone density loss and hepatic issues. It is possible (not yet confirmed) that my heart is enlarged due to the Grave's. I experience irregular heart rhythms and atrial fibrillation. My appearance has made me self concious because of the nature of the comments I hear by shallow individuals like yourself. That being said, next time you see someone thin from now on, maybe practice empathy and kindness. Keep the rude comments to yourself... You should hope karma doesn't decide to kick your condescending, hot-shot, millenial ass for your nasty comments. Your arrogance is disgusting.

Big Duh Jeers to the big red car @ N-Town 2-10-18 2:30 ish PM. I WAS IN THE CROSS WALK!!! You almost hit me. It might help if you two morons weren't stoned out of your minds. It was the middle of the day and I'm freakin' HUGE as in fat. How could you not see me. The best part was when your passenger laughed (ITS NOT FUNNY!!!). I saw he had a pipe of sorts pot or crack? VZ ♦

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