I Saw You

Week of February 22

Hottie with the Hot Sauce I saw you at the new joint Incrediburger on Sunday the 18th. You had a burger and poutine and were wandering back to your table with a bottle of sriracha. Your big smile and gorgeous brown curls made me smile. I also really respect your Lisa Brown for congress shirt. I love seeing people our age who are politically active AND foodies! Maybe I can take you out for another burger sometime? I was in the EWU sweatshirt, nomming on their "PigMac" and ill-placed at the table in front of the TV.

Birthday Babe Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day to the cutest dimpled, loving father, cunning writer and compassionate leader that I know. I love you, Sean. XOX

A big ball of positive energy Your energy is electric. Without even trying, you make every person around you smile from ear to ear and feel like the most important person in the world. Even when you're feeling down or tired or sick, you still exude the most positive, soul lifting, mind blowing aura and energy that radiates out of you and lifts spirits everywhere. Thank you for being you. You're real, passionate, excited and make me believe there is truly good in this world. Thanks Kid for being simply the most amazing person I've ever met.

Best Neighbors Candy and Lisa-I hope you read this...I am your new neighbor and I want to thank you SO MUCH for being great "snow angels"!!! I feel so blessed to have landed on N. Howard!! Very grateful-ly yours!!!! L

Miranda and Friends Hospitality is tough but gratuity helps make the ends meet. The basis for the glances, the teasing smiles, the shoulder rubs. Confusing at times for someone who thinks those gestures should mean something. But they work and it's what the job calls for. Play the game as it's laid out for us. And get played, pieces of someone else's game. It's not a bad thing, just the reality of the world we live in. Thanks for keeping me centered and aware of where I fit in the generations.

Life saving doctors I just want to say thank you to the doctors and staff at Sacred Heart Hospital that saved my mothers life twice. She found out she had stage 1 lung cancer a few months ago and they were able to do surgery and take it out in time before it spread. They did an amazing job. And thank you to the nurses and doctors in the CICU whose quick response noticed the heart attack she was having while in recovery from surgery. I can't stop thanking you guys every night before I go to bed for letting me continue to share moments and memories with my amazing mother.. My father, Sister, Grandparents and family can not thank you enough for what you guys did. She was well taken care of during her whole stay and she is at home happy and recovering great. Thank you so much.

War is Over Circa 1968 We wish John Lennon had been correct in his hopeful message. In this century, 'Climate Change is Over' must become a reality. It's going to take 50 years for solar and wind power to mitigate this mess. Meanwhile, climate intervention/geo-engineering/climate engineering....call it what you will; needs to happen by 2020 or Mother Earth is going to kick our asses. Pray that some enlightened country with an effective government will do something.

Random Act of Kindness A big "THANK YOU !!" to the gentleman who showed great generosity to me at Starbucks on Ruby at Sharp. I was buying a pound of coffee with a Christmas gift card; but since I needed more money to supplement it, I started digging to find my Starbucks card. Quickly and quietly a man walked by and waived his credit card past the scanner, finishing the purchase! WOW! I have been very inspired by stories of the creative trend of "Random Acts Of Kindness." Soon, I hope to have opportunity to share the same Kindness with someone else. Also I have been reading a book, called THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT, which suggests that all Individual Actions have powerful Longterm Effects. I was "blown away" with the gentleman's generous gesture, and believe me --- I will be inspired by him every time I make a pot of coffee!!

When I think of you I melt. You make me so happy, everything about you makes me smile. I have lost so much in this battle called life, but I would give it all away any day just to be with you. You are my hope and a refuge of love and warmth, you are my rock and my anchor. No one can replace the love I have for you, I only have eyes for you. My heart is in your hands.

a certain deli Jeers to a certain downtown sandwich shop for continuing to employ a certain tall blonde sandwhich maker who is constantly screaming at staff and customers and drinking while working. I will never go there again. It was completely unprofessional and an all around disgusting environment. I am appalled.

An 8th is 3.5g Do me a favor and let 'GLW' know that if they mark something as 3.5g and you guys are gonna sell it as an 8th, there better be 3.5g in it. Then I come home and throw it on the scale and its 3.35g?? You realize that adds up right? C'mon guys, play it honest...

Fine, let the waitresses cook My husband just got home, Valentines night, after a ten hour shift working at the restaurant where he is a cook. Not surprisingly he got no breaks and NO tips. If he gets tipped one time by one waitress out of the month he's lucky. The waitresses make more money, work less, and the employer takes home a fat mandatory gratuity percentage from large party reservations. I'd love to see how much these scum of the earth "ladies" would get tipped if they weren't serving the food that the back of the house cooks. In fact, I think for the service you'd get without food involved you'd be better of going to a strip club. Oddly enough the nicer the restaurant the more blatantly greedy the front of house staff seems to be (and they'll be the first to tell you they aren't legally obligated to tip out coworkers). I am so tired of seeing my husband taken advantage of. If you want your cook to get tipped, or the dishwasher then please specify. If you have any respect for skilled labor and your food fit the bill then please tip your cooks.

You got it all wrong! A wise man said "The insight of a man certainly slows down his anger, and it is beauty on his part to overlook an offense." Humans, It would be a good idea to try to understand people before you judge them. Rather than hurry to take offense at someone's actions, why not try to understand them? You will find that once you understand them, it is easier to forgive. Most people are not looking to injure you, they just are wrapped up in their own problems. So stop being so selfish and try to understand.

Prolifers???? To local, supposedly religious, protesters that gather at every Women's March, Bloomsday, and Pride) their placards & megaphone pronouncements, next time please get upset about the slaughter of children in schools (19 ?!?! since Jan. 1, 2018) before you throw another placard of a dead fetus in my face.

Traitors Jeers to the NRA — a much bigger threat to our country and children than ISIS. The terrorists could do us more harm by just joining the NRA so there dues can assure plenty of mass killings.

District 81 Carelessness Jeers to District 81 School Administration on Valentine's Day. Record snowfall, every school in Eastern Washington & North Idaho is either delayed opening by 2 hours or closed. The decision makers certainly showed they care less for student safety & the general public. I personally witnessed 2 bus accidents, told of students waiting over an hour for buses which never came. What were you thinking? What was gained by the simple minded decision of not delaying start time? You would still receive federal dollars for a 2 hour delay. Responsible persons should be relieved of these particular duties. Furthermore, my understanding is if school is delayed, all staff members are charged sick time if there are late. Did all administrative staff arrive on time? Per district 81 policy, required to take sick time. doubt it. Student, parent, staff safety FIRST. It's not difficult for those who care. ♦

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