I Saw You

Week of March 1

movie angel i was the guy with the blue eyes, you were at the northtown mall with your friend. i got the courage to walk up and ask you what you were doing. but you took it a step further, you and your friend asked me if i wanted to see maze runner with you. i will never forget your beautiful face. thank you for making my day jasmine. we should go out for a movie some time if you want.

Vintage Vines You were on crutches, having a drink with a girlfriend. We smiled at each other a couple of times. You and your friend have the greatest laughs. I wish I would have said hello. Maybe I'll see you there again.

Beautiful girl I saw u we had sex spontaneously that might last year it was amazing hope to see u soon sexy kel

Sweet treat with your sweeties I saw you in Sunday the 25th with three little kiddps, enjoying an ice cream at Ben and Jerry's downtown. You had a pretzel cone and kept all three of those babies smiling with ease. Your smile was contagious too. What a fantastic father!

The Prayer Vigil for Dreamers I saw you at the Spokane First Presbyterian Church on Thursday, February 22nd. We both were going in at the same time and quickly spoke to each other. You had the Our Lady of Guadeloupe candle and offered it to me. Please send me an email @ gltelford@gmail.com Blessings, Louise

Indian Eyes This is for my beautiful Indian eyes just remember by golly you're worth it and that we love you and respect and adore you ,you're a very special woman my beautiful Indian eyes, kiss the Irish

Bulk bag enthusiast Cheers to the cashier at Yokes on North foothills. I came through your line with reusable bulk bags and I have never met someone so excited. Your enthusiasm made my day!

Hope I know we both struggle with depression and PTSD, maybe that's why we need each other, so we can help each other feel loved. Maybe the healing we both need is true love. I know you feel like you don't measure up to this worlds standards, but you mean the world to me, and you are that revolutionary man i have always known who always had a vision. I see who you really are, and i know you feel like an outcast, but so do i, and i love you because you aren't like everyone else, your true colors are beautiful like a rainbow, let them shine through.

Found, at last... Thank you for finding me this past summer, for afternoons afloat under bridges and strolls along the river. Thank you for standing at my side, as we grew to love each other and for showing me I was stronger than I ever imagined. You are my Buttercup, I love you.

Thank you To the gentleman at Walmart in Airway Heights. I bought 2 chairs that didn't fit in my car. He saw I was struggling and that the chairs wouldn't fit. He offered to go out of his way, to take my chairs to my home in his SUV, which he did. When I offered him money, he refused. His kindness without want for return has continued my hope for humanity. I, in return will pay it forward. Thank you sir. You are an inspiration.

PACK IS BACK THANK YOU to the person or persons who found my backpack at the KPBX Record Sale on Saturday and turned it in. My phone and other items I would not want to lose were inside. My panic soon turned to great relief and gratitude, though, because of your honesty and kindness. I asked God to bless you, and I trust that He has and will continue to.

ER SuperHero You were so amazing last week. I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am for your help with the kids while I was ill and how you advocated for me in the ER. All of your love, care and adoration has been just the medicine I need. Xox

jeers to the NRA and their republican minions Jeers to the NRA and their Republican minions who are trying to convince us that the solution to gun violence in our schools is even MORE guns in schools. And Cheers to the students and millennials and democrats for being brave enough to stand up to the gun manufacturers to demand sensible gun laws.

Re: Prolifers Don't stop with slaughtered children in schools. What about immediately after birth? Where are the Prolifers then? Are they stepping up to raise all the unwanted babies? I doubt it, considering the media is overrun with parents who do horrible things to their children: neglect, torture, starvation, enslavement, filthy living conditions, foster homes, murders and sexual abuse just to name a few. How much worse would our world would be if every unwanted baby was born? Read Freakanomics if you have any doubt. I became ProChoice when I reached adulthood & decided that no one has the right to tell anyone what to do with their body. This was also shortly after I gave birth to my 1st child, a job I wanted and fully accepted. Not everyone has or wants that privilege. So put your money where your mouth is. Go adopt tons of kids, volunteer with at risk youths, or become a foster parent. The placards of dead fetuses are tacky & only show how close minded you are.

STA Freeze So I am regular STA bus rider, taking it to work and back home very late at night and never seems to fail, it's always frozen on the bus. You would think with the money that STA brings in they can run their heaters so riders can't be somewhat comfortable... Why the price hike on all routes when they obviously didnt expand very much and all passengers have to frozen to the seats. Come on STA get your crap together and if the heaters are broken..THEN FIX 'EM!!!! That's what our tax dollars are supposed to be doing... Right??!!

Rebuttal to Traitors Jeers of Last Week Is there something wrong with you to compare ISIS to the NRA? First of all, your comment is constitutional protected under freedom of speech, as is the right to bear arms. You do not get to use only the constitutional rights that suit you, unless of course you have ISIS inspirations. I'm all for background checks, 21 years old to purchase ANY firearm, & mental health check. In fact,why not have any persons wishing to purchase a firearm be required to apply for a gun permit, not just concealed, but a general permit. This requires fingerprint, proper ID & background check. In fact I wouldn't object to a DNA sample as part of any permit to own a firearm. Keep in mind NRA members are law abiding US citizens, "good guys with guns" who follow the law, possibly protecting your life.This requirement would still uphold the 2nd amendment. I do agree rapid fire rifles should be banned. Finally, as a matter of mention, alcohol is illegal for younger citizens, they acquire it anyway, drugs are illegal, they manage to get it, also tobacco, the underage folks can get it, therefore we all know that the criminal element will get guns to rob, steal, rape and kill. NRA members and/or law abiding citizens protected by the constitutional 2nd amendment will protect all citizens under threat with deadly force if confronted with evil. I can only hope if evil comes your way a NRA member is near to save you. Perhaps then you will appreciate how firearms can protect all citizens. You should be ashamed to call US citizens traitors. Learn your history. In 1939 a country confiscated all firearms from its citizens. A few years later millions died. His name was Adolf Hitler. ♦

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